Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sweet Sixteen

Hey furriends!  I cannot beleef it has been so long since I posted.  Takes a super duper old geezer like me furefur to get ofur to Blogville sometimes.  Anyways, because we thinks my birthday is about this time of year (I is not telling anybuddy when it really is coz that way the celebrations last longer) we did my Sweet Sixteen Birthday Hike last weekend.
Mom got me balloons to bling out my wheels with and baked me a CHICKUN birthday cake with sweet tater and STRING CHEEEZE frosting.  DROOOOOOL.
The boy, the girl and cuzzin Sebastian camed along to celebrate.
We climbed up a mountain the back way on a service road cuz the udder way on the Appalachian Trail be too hard fur me now.  But right at the top, a seenik alreddy.
Then we followed this woods road all the way across the mountain.  It was easy peasy fur my wheels and cushy on my paws.
Here we has reached Mount Minsi where the pawty was happening.
OMD, time fur my CHICKUN birthday cake!  Sebastian about drooled hisself.  I tried to bitey the candles off, BOL.
CHICKUN birthday cake at a seenik.  Do it gets any better than that?
Cuzzin Sebastian was making silly nomming faces, too.  We could not gets enuff of that cake.
Pawty Animal
Then this group of college students commed by and asked what the celebrations be all about and mom told them it be my sixteenth birthday.  They was all treating me like a rawk star, BOL.  They sayed that nuttin on their hike could top meeting me on my sixteenth birthday.  And they gibbed good butt skritches, too.
Then we hads to do our fambly pawtrait.
Look at all the times I has been here afore.
Beverages is being served so cuzzin Sebastian and I bellied up to the water bowl.
Then we stashed my wheels in the bushes and hoofed it ofur to anudder seenik.  It do not be that far away, about 1/4 mile, but it be way too rawky fur my wheels.
Here we is at the seenik.  That be Mount Tammany in Noo Joisey ofur there.  We be standing on Mount Minsi in Pencilvania.
And here I is at the same spot before.
Then I needed the boy to help me back up the rawks.
There be my wheels stashed in the bushes.
And I is rolling again.
It do be a pawfect Sweet Sixteen day.
I hads a new Shawnee Cam on me and I let cuzzin Sebastian try his paw at it so we gots some pictures too.