Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Road Trip - Going Home

So we packed up our stuffs from the cabin, loaded up the car and them mom say "Shawnee, you mind sharing your seat with the garbage that needs to go to the dumpster?"  Say what?!?!?!?
I guess there be no room anyplace else.  We is already looking like the Beverly Hillbillies.
Goodbye Cabin.  I hads some pawsome naps in there.
The dumpster do be just around the corner.
Bye garbage.  But I do be wondering why mom put all of our recycling IN the trash bag.  Unheard of!
Ooooo.  This do be why.
Off we go heading back to Noo Joisey.
But why is we stopping here in Merryland?
OMD OMD OMD!!!!  Mom did go inside and gets me a WHOPPER from Burger King!  Drool!
Nom Nom Nom
Nom Nom Nom
Then mom poured my beverage in the bowl so it tasted like Whopper, too.
Mom hads a veggie burger.  Blech.
So as soon as I gots home, I went right up my ramp and on MY bed.
Mom unpacked my stuff and I hads some of the chicken jerky from Yoda.
Then I got in my bed and lights out.  I had the bestest vacay but it do always be good to be back home.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Road Trip Hike #3: Twin Lakes State Park, VA

So the night before mom dragged my Aerobed out on the porch.  Sweet!
We chilled on the deck and I watched a Great Blue Heron down at the lake.
Mom served me up some of that chicken jerky Yoda the Dog sent fur me.  Thanks, Yoda!
Resting up fur my next hike...
...  and here I is the next day at Twin Lakes State Park.
They hads some nice trail that was easy on my wheels.
I gots my paws wet crossing a creek.
This be Prince Edward Lake.
Hi turtle furrend out in the lake.
Time fur a break.  No worries, I is not deaded.
He he he.  Just funning with you.
Just hanging lakeside with a nice cold beverage.
OMD!  Check out all of the turtle furrends I see in the lake now!
So we hiked 4.1 miles around the lake.  That makes almost 15 miles fur me in 3 days!  This old geezer girl can go!
I do has a sneaking suspicion that when I waked up from my nap mom had been gone hiking without me again.  Was I dreaming?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Road Trip Hike #2: High Bridge Trail State Park, VA

On this day we be going to High Bridge Trail State Park in Furginia.  It be an easy peasy trail fur dogs and peeps in wheelchairs.
Cruising along.
At the bridge there be an old timey picture of what the bridge looked like in the olden days.
I hads to check it out from the side.
It be looking good to me so off we go.
There is these rest areas off to the side.
Giving this a thorough sniff.
Say what?  Pee mail on the bridge?
I gets to see more seeniks than mom because I is shorter.  Mom hads to stand on her tippy toes to see.
Or use this eyeball extender contraption.
Hiking in the tree tops.
We was so high up in the trees that we be up with the birds.
On the other side of the bridge, more resting places.
We be heading back ofur the bridge the other way now.
That be the Appomattox River down there.
Me and mom's shadows.
There sure was a lot of birds up here in the tree tops.
Off the bridge now and on my way back to the car.
But furst sniffing me some pee mail on the old timey post.
So we drived back to my cabin, mom gived me my Arthur Itis medicines and some Tramadol fur aches and pains because I is overdoing it on this trip, turned on the air conditionings, closed the blinds and then I was out cold until hours later....
"Hey mom, was you out hiking without me?  You wouldn't do that, would you?  Did I dream it?
I has one more adventure to tells you about.  Only 3 hikes fur me this trip because I is not a young pup any more.