Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Second Chewy.com Review #chewyinfluencer

Lucky me, mom picked TWO things for me to review this month.  She felt I needed some extra practice.  So Chewy.com sent me another product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.
Today I will be reviewing Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers.
I already get Nature's Variety Instinct kibble and mom mixes in some lamb and lentil stuff.
That's all nice and everything but folks...
I don't do breakfast.
Seriously, not a morning eater.
But wait, what is this?  "Top your kibble with RAW?"  It is freeze-dried real chicken, chicken liver, vegetables and fruit.  And I have to tell you...
... it smells DELISH!
Nom nom nom nom nom.
Who me not a breakfast eater?  Whatever gave you that idea?
It was the breakfast of champions.  Drool.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My First Chewy.com Review #chewyinfluencer

I understand that part of my duties is reviewing goodies that Chewy.com sends free of charge for my honest opinion.
I think I am up to the task.
So common, let's see what's in here!
OMD!  It's Fruitables Whole Jerky Grilled Bison Strips.  Drool!
But we must take this on the road to find a good break spot for the taste testing.
This looks like a good trail.
Snootering around for a spot.
Ah.  Pawfect.
Mom but some in a baggie because the real bag was taking up too much room in her backpack.
Sorry for the blurriness but I was a little excited and moved.
That was so delish that I must be sure no crumbs are left behind.
Oh drool, I get another!
And a third!  My lucky day!
Now I can finish my hike ...
... and go home a happy dog.  I ♥ Fruitables Whole Jerky and what a pawsome hiking treat it makes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My First Hikes

Thank you all so much for making me feel so very welcome in Blogville.  I think I am going to like it here.

To kick off the hiking part of my new career (the other part of my career is B&B innkeeper-in-training) I had a weekend full of hikes,

I am off on my first adventure but I am not quite sure what that means yet.  Hopefully it is not back to the shelter.
It does not look like the shelter and the sniffs are certainly not those of the shelter.
So much snootering to do there.
I think this might be one of the "seeniks" I have heard about.
♥ I LOVE this ♥
I am at one with the woods.
Real man dogs drink of out pink cups.
Say what?  Snacks come with this hiking experience?
They say I look just like Shawnee in this picture.
Does Rocky like hiking?
Yip Yip Hurray!

We hiked 2.6 miles and I thought that was a lot but mom said something about working up to 10+ miles.

So back on the trail on Sunday and I did 4.6 miles with no problem!
I saw my first deer but I did not freak out or anything, I just watched.  Am I supposed to freak out?
Rocky - just like my name!
My mom has a collection of balloons she finds in the woods.  It used to make her mad to find them but now that she collects them she is all like "OMG!  Look!  A balloon!"  Embarrassing, I know, but I think I'll keep her anyway.  Just don't let your peeps let their balloons go, OK?  It freaks my mom out.
A nice break spot where I got more chicken jerky.
Look how nice I am walking on the leash.  I need a reminder not to pull because sometimes I forget but it doesn't happen very often.
Fun times on my first weekend.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

New Pup on the Block

Hello Blogville!  I am Rocky and I am new in town, hired on as Shawnee the Shepherd's successor.  I came from the same Newark, New Jersey animal shelter that Shawnee had come from.  I was actually in a run in the same section as she was but across the way.  Must be a lucky cell block.
My Mug Shot from the Big House in Newark, NJ
So on July 25, 2017 my peeps called the dog catcher to come get me because they did not want me any more.  I have no idea why.  But these are the rules when you live in Newark, NJ and that is the town I was living in.
So they hauled me off and took me to the Big House.  I was very, very sad.  Then on September 7, just just two days ago ...
Oh happy day, I am getting bailed out by my new mom!
I am told I was very luck to get out alive.  Not only am I black, but I am no young pup either.  The had me down as 7 years old.  I was doomed.

The first order of business after the *SHUDDER* shelter scum removing bath was meeting Al the Poodle, a regular B&B guest and that went very well.
So seriously I get to sleep in Shawnee's bed now as if it were my own?  It IS my own now?
Ahhhh, such a good night's sleep I had.  Like somebody said, nothing like a SAFE night of sleep.
This bed in the office is all mine, too?  OK, so I have to share with B&B guests.  Got it.
Then Al took me for a spin around my new hood.
We went three blocks to the end of the street where there is ...
... The Field 'O Sniffs.
We did this short walk morning, noon and evening because I was a little worried and mom wanted me to see that we always end up back at my new home.  Got it.
So I understand that Shawnee loved her frog stuffies more than anything and out of all of the toys in the toy box, she would always snooter out her frogs.  Well guess what?  I did not want to play with any toys other than THIS one!

So after practicing walkies yesterday around the hood (and I understand from mom that I did VERY well, just a little rough around the edges on my commands but she will help me polish those up) we went for a short hike today!  Did I love it?  Stay tuned and find out.  I will post about it soon.  Need a nap first.  Bye.