Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hiking With a New Friend

I is so furry furry sorry I as been away fur so long.  We has been booked solid ofur here at the B&B and I nefur seem to has enuff time to hop ofur to Blogville fur a visit any more.  I think about you all always though and really, really try to get back and well, here I is!  I has decided why do double werks that I has no time fur?  When I has a furriend at the B&B that can go hiking with me, we do a video to show the fambly how much fun times their dog is hasing (WAY more fun than their fambly is hasing, I can woof you that!) so I will share that video with you all, too, as my blog postie.  It be like nomming two treats at one time.

So a quick intro...
My new furrend, Tucker.
Tucker be staying here at the B&B fur 3 weeks.  He do be 4 years old and was just adopted in January.  I knowed I liked him the minit I met him and I told mom he was going to be a good hiking dog.  Well you all just see fur yourselves!

So you think his fambly be green with jellyness that Tucker be hasing fun times like this?  Did you see we had chickun jerky flavored water to drink?  Oh yes, green with jellyness they is fur sure!

I needs to come back and do a review fur a collah I was asked to try and I is furry, furry late with that so be back soonly.


  1. I loved, loved, loved that video! Yes, for sure Tucker's family will be green with jellyness! What a beautiful place (Joe's Trail?). Shawnee, you had a big smile on your face at the end when you were in your mom's hikemobile.

    Daniela, thank you so much for your note about Lucy. It means a lot. I had a feeling you guys have been busy with your B&B. I checked on you guys a while back. I have really been struggling with missing Lucy. It's been very tough. Blogger/Google was bugging me about joining Google+ so finally did it and decided at that time (just a few days ago) to change the ID over to Annie. It just seemed that's what I should do because leaving comments with Lucy's name didn't feel right. Anyway, I've been actually blogging more lately to try to get my mind off Lucy but I also do have more time now.

  2. So good to see you, Shawnee. We have truly missed you. We loved the video and your new pal Tucker looks like a fun friend.

    Thanks for stopping by to wish Thunder a happy birthday - we really appreciate it.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Hi Shawnee,so good to see you blogging and hiking with your furiend Tucker, a neat video of your hike. Pretty awesome to hike with furiends.

  4. IT is true, we have missed you and your hiking posts. so glad your back......

  5. Oooooh Tucker is gawjuss! I bets his peeps wished they could has just stayed at your B and B....dat would be da erfect vacation.

    Nows, girl I has missed you like tons and tons and knew you had changed your email and wasn't sures hows to contact you. Dang am I evers happy to hears from you finally!


  6. SHAWNEE... that Video is grrrreat !!

    WE have missed you 87 Bazillion TONS worth..
    Butt we are glad that you are havin super good times at your B & B.

    PeeS the super secret no robot word said TRAVELING... like when you travel to go hiking!! THAT was cool drool.

  7. We like your new friend Tucker! Hopefully he gets to come back and visit!


  8. I sure wish I could go hiking with you guys. It sure looks like fun and I know you enjoyed having another doggie pal hiking with you. I would love to be friends with Tucker too!

  9. Shawnee, you do have the best adventures. Your new pal Tucker looked like he was having a pawsome time hiking with you. I don't know about his family, but I'm sure green with jellyness!

    Mom's gotta learn how to the the photo/video thing like you did. That's furry cool.

  10. Hawoooo Shawnee! Woo were right- like nommin two treats ate once BOL!! That B&B wooos run is pretty nice...sure wish there was a Shawnee B&B here!


  11. Hi Shawnee - I convinced Mom to come out of "Lurkdom" BOL! We wur happy to see a post up frum you; we bin missin' yur funny writings! We's been catchin' up on all da different blogs your Mom (and you) rite. The video wuz rilly good, but I miss yur co-men-turies! Wags,
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  12. Me and Tuiren are green with jellys, we would love to go hiking with you. ~your pal, Fenris

  13. Shawneeeeeeeeeee...ello for you my pal....we is checkkin in regular wiv yore blog and we sure are glad to see you back....well done for takin Tukker on his walks and for stayin wiv him even tho he always be on hims walkin string...and did I see him gib you a smock? Just woofin

  14. That was a fun hike! Tucker sure looked happy to be going. I think you should keep him and not let him go back to his people.

    Oh, and it is good your bowl is hot pink!

  15. Helloooooo Shawnee. We've missed you sweetie pie. We LOVED your video and your friend Tucker is so sweet and reminds us of our cousin Tyler who is a little cracker hehe. We are green with jelly ourselves that we can't come for a holiday at your place, sigh. Thanks for taking us hiking!
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. We loved Tucker's tail wagging in the water!

  16. Tucker's a cutie and is keeping up with you and your Mom really well! I know Tucker's humans have to be sooooo happy.