Monday, April 28, 2014

Back to the Mountains

Hey efurrybuddy!  I comes slinking into Blogville with my tail between my legs coz I has been a bad, bad blogger again.  I thought to myself, "Self, let's go on a big mountain hike coz efurrybuddy in Blogville prolly be needed a seenik fix then they won't GRRRR and HISSSSS at me fur being gone so long."  Good idea, no?  I knows I be needing me some seeniks after this long, cold winter.  I still hiked through that icky winter but not in the mountains coz there be too much snow.

So I went to Noo York to the Shawangunk Ridge.
We hads to climb up to get to the seeniks.
I hiked on the Long Path and it do be long coz you can hikes from Noo Joisey all the way up into Noo York on it!  But I is not hiking all if it.  Just a small pawt.
It do be getting rawky up at the top.
I is sniffing out some seeniks.
You with me mom?
I is in my element here.  No Arthur Itis be holding me back today.
That mom, such a slow pokie, she is.  I always has to wait on her.
Now we bees getting to some serious seeniks.
There do be one big problem.  I is supposed to be seeing the Catskill Mountains from here but see those clouds way ofur yonder?  They do be hiding the Catskills from me, GRRRRRRR.
Here do be what we could see of the Catskills biggified.
Break time!
Mom gibs me a Deramaxx at night afore hiking and when we is done with the hardest pawt of the hike I gets two Tramadol pills in case I is hasing any pain from that Arthur Itis.  Mom takes the Advils coz she IS hasing pains, LOL.
All rested and reddy to move along.
Wowser, a big rawk.
Pawing my way through Spring in the valley.
Of course, it would not be a proper hike without fur wetting, ahhhhhhhh.


  1. Oh Shawnee - it sure is good to see you again. I've missed you pal. Gorgeous pictures. We always enjoy your hikes.

  2. I'm glad to see you hiking again and you look great in the lifting harness. Mommy always gives me my Tramadol before bed on hike days, but has never thought of giving me one mid-hike. We might try that next time!

  3. Hey Shawnee, so good to see you again. You seem to be doing well hiking there with Mom. Phantom gets deramaxx and tramadol too, but he can only have 1/4 of a deramaxx tablet because his liver numbers aren't very good. Has your Mom heard about the adequan shots for arthritis? Phantom gets those too, and they do seem to help him. Hope you have more hikes to share.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. It's to good to see you out hiking again! Mom and I walked through the creek on our hike last weekend, but it was still a bit to brisk to be laying down in it. I hope you keep hiking and sharing it with us!


  5. Iz makin my art sing too see yoo hikin Shawnee my pal….glad yoo an mum be doin well an da winters did not steel all yore funs….mebbe the suns will be good for yore arfur-itis too...

  6. SHAWNEE.... SHAWNEE... WE are so thrilled and excited to see and hear from you. THAT, of course, was a fabulous hike and the seeniks were superb... and the Rocks and the mini Falling waters in your cooling waters picture just LIGHT US UP!! BUTT the thingy that sets us to Happy Dancing is seeing YOU after about 87 years of horrible bad winter weather. We were thinking you were buried under all the snow.
    You look super...

  7. Mom and I needed those sceniks today too. It is spring here but we are having some nasty flower growing weather (hopefully no bad wind storms) so those beautiful mountain views were just what the Doctor ordered!

  8. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, it's so great to see you, my furiend! Pawesome seeniks on this trip. OMD you got to soak in the water...too cold here to suit me, but I can't wait to do it. Great pix and you're looking gorgeous in red!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  9. Good to see you post, Shawnee! My momma has been checking out your mom's blog regularly to see the hiking you've been up too! It's great to see you come back and let us know all about it, too!

  10. Shawneeeeeeee! Howdy sweet girl. Good to see ya and thank goodness you came back just in time cause mum has been gorging on easter chocolate and really needed a hike hehe. Doesn't matter how long since we saw ya, we'll always greet ya with a big slobbery hello. Loved the photos and we'll keep paws crossed that stinky old Arthur Itis doesn't give you too much bother. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Hi Shawnee - we bin checkin' out yur blog it seems like furever and wuz so happy to see you post! So glad you be enjoyin' yur hike and are still great at snooterin' out sum sneeniks.
    I bin hasing 2 wonky back legs fur sum time now but I just started limping on my front legs. We is goin' to the Dogtor this week to has him check out why. Mebbe I need sum different meds. I get to ride in style in my stroller more now! Mom wuz thinkin' about getting me a lifting harness but sez since I only weigh 7 1/2 pounds she just scoops me up BOL! Hope to see more posts frum you~ Lexi da Shih Tzu

  12. SHAWNEE so good to hear from you again we was missing you and your hikes. Don't let that Arthur Itis get you down.
    Love the scenics. Your mountains are so much more MOUNTAINY than ours in Wales.