Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On the Road Chewy Review! #chewyinfluencer

I am late, late, late with my April Chewy review because I wanted to take this along on my road trip at the end of April so I could thoroughly review this product in different places across the country, sent to me free of charge by Chewy.com in exchange for my honest opinion.  Would it taste the same in every state?  Let's see...
I got to try True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts in the steak flavor!
As you can see it has all of the good stuff in it that the moms and dads like and they are made in the USA!  And the package has a picture of a dog in a car on the road just like me doing my taste testing.  So let's hit the road!
The mom did have to dole them out slowly or I would have eaten them all in the first 5 minutes, BOL.  And I had to have a few for each hike for snacks.
It tasted very good at Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland.
It tasted absolutely pawsome in Morgan Monroe State Forest in Indiana.
Still tasty in Don Robinson State Park in Missouri.
In Hawn State Park in Missouri, DROOL!
Heading back home and savoring a jerky at Lake Shelbyville in Illinois.
And I finished them off at our last hike at Wayne National Forest in Ohio.
So folks, the final verdict - I made sure not to leave a single crumb behind in any state because these were soooooo delish.  They lasted through 6 hikes in 5 states for 58.5 miles of hiking.  Highly recommended for your travels or at home.  Now I need more for at home, BOL.


  1. I can't decide which picture of you eating those amazing looking True Chews (I think I can smell then over the innerwebs), but I certainly want my mom to buy them!

  2. You think they'd taste just as good up here in Canada? purrs