Friday, June 15, 2018

30 Day Challenge #1 - Only Natural Pet Freeze-Dried Food #chewyinfluencer sent me this Only Natural Pet Freeze-Dried Food to try free of charge for 30 days in exchange for my honest opinion.  As you can see,  am trying to get started but mom says I have to wait a bit.  Grrrrr.
So we picked the pasture raised beef and tripe.  Sounds delish, no?  You see, mom would never feed me a raw diet (boo) because she is vegan and dead meat is not allowed in our house.  But this freeze dried stuff, well it doesn't look or smell like raw so mom is down for it.  The beauty of it is, I still get my raw fix.  Yay!
I don't think I can wait much longer!
Hey, my mug could be on that package, no?
OK, so this stuff has (close your eyes, mom) raw beef and organs, fresh whole vegetables and fruit ( I LOVE me my fruit and veggies) and raw goat milk.  OK, this is new but I think I can dig it.  And it is all made in the USA!
We are going to be using it as a topper because with so many different opinions out there on what us dogs should eat, we like to go with a variety and a little raw in one's diet is probably a very good thing.  Well for me, not for mom.
Uh oh.  The rip off top is a major FAIL!  The bag won't open and mom has to go find the scissors.  NOOOOOOOO!  I was doing amazing feats of agility leaping in the air because I could wait no longer.

Finally, she found the scissors and cut it open.  Ahhhhh, the aroma.
OK, there was a heaping tablespoon until I jumped up and grabbed me some (and got yelled at, BOL).
The pre-dinner "WAIT" torture.

Al did not get any because he is not a part of this challenge but that did not stop him from looking to see if I left any.  Of course I did not leave one crumb.  If it wasn't for my slow-me-down bowl, I would have finished much, much sooner.
So I'll be barking at you in a couple of weeks with an update.


  1. Brodie, I hate to wait for treats too. It is indeed torture! Poor Al!

    Yes, we moved back home to CA because the lady’s parents are in their 80s, so we’re no longer kinda neighbors. They loved PA. We stopped blogging for two months because it got so crazy. It was great to hear from you!