Saturday, December 15, 2012

Urban Hiking

We needed to say kinda close to home yesterday and the trails is still messed up from Sandy here in Noo Joisey, so we did not has much to choose from.  We had not been to this pawticular park yet coz we thought it would be too citified.  Well, yes and no.  I show you.
We started out at this park.
Then we stopped by here before going home coz it be just around the corner from our hiking.  Hold on to your collah fur this, Frankie Furter!
I think somebuddy be watching me...
Oh, hai.
When the deer crossed ofur the walkway (see them on the right?) I sniffed on the left where they had been.  Good sniffs!  I do this with horses, too.  I let them pass, then I sniff behind them, BOL.
No need to look so worried, Ms. Deer.  I will not chase you coz I is a guest in YOUR home.  Mom teached me nefur to chase the hosts.  It be bad manners.
So this park is atop a mountain so we has to climb up first.  Sandy broke the trail here.
Look wot is at the top!
Wowzer, that be lots of houses and stuffs down there.
See, we is up here in the wilderness and can see the cities from up here.
We commed around to this pond.
The gooses was hasing fun in the pond splashing water all around.
This silly looking ducks is called Buffleheads.
Hey!  This blog be fur fambly viewing.

I did not do this.
Hmmmm, mystery solved.
Mom tied me to her BACKPACK like a common dog while she went to use the portable peeple powdah room.  So embarrassing!  But seriously, did she think that would slow me down any if'n I tried to make a break fur it?  Well, seeing as I is not in the market to upgrade my home, I had no place to go so I stayed and pawtended like it was weighing me down.
Here we is coming up on more seeniks.
That be New York City ofur there on the horizon.
OK, so now we has to climb back down, get in the hikemobile and drive around to...
... the streets we seened from up high.
We crossed ofur the pawdestrian bridge to...
HOLY SMOKED CHICKEN JERKY!  Look at these falling waters!
OK, just a minit, I show you the pictures without the fence and graffiti and litter in the way.
That water spraying up was hitting me in the snooter!
It be like a mini Niagra Falls!
I do not want to wet my furs in that water!
From the falling waters we could see the mountain we was on earlier.  It woz THAT close!


  1. Hawooo Shawnee! Woo made us laugh pretty hard in that picture with the horse dooty! Very pretty pictures, hope woo got extra chikun jerky for being so well behaved,


  2. OK... I had to HURRY so that We really COULD stay FURST In ShawneeWorld... and guess what our super secret NO ROBOT thingy said...
    16 Legear. LEG EAR... can you believe that... and we DID see Your Leg and Ear in some of the pictures butt I don't know if we saw them 16 times or not. OH WELL, On with our NORMAL COMMENT..
    WOW HOLY GWALK A MOLEY... We could NOT believe our EYES.. that DEER was RIGHT THERE.. RIGHT BEHIND your BEHIND. That is amazing. So proud of you fur NOT chasing them... You are such an A+ Visitor.
    Now SPEAKIN of BEHINDS... When that DUCK DUCKED... We fur SURE saw HIS BEHIND. BaaaaaaWaaaaah
    All of THAT and you had FALLING WATERS with RAWK embellishments.
    SHAWNEE.. this was the Hike of MY Dreams!!! Yes fur SURE it was.

  3. What a fantastic hike! You just never know where you'll find the most amazing things. I'm glad you and your mom went there and showed it all to us. I can't believe she tied you to her backpack like a common dog, though! Sheesh!


  4. Outstanding photography sweetie. Love those geese/ducks (whatever) in action too. Your mom sure is getting good at that picture stuff.

  5. Such a fun hike you took your mom on.


  6. Sometimes close to home hikes are purity speshel, too!!

    Bart and Ruby

  7. I enjoyed seeing those deer watching you. The falling waters were cool.

    Mom showed me a picture on Facebook yesterday. This guy was hunting :( and killed a giant elk :( and set his camera to take a picture while he ran back and got in it. The next day he looked at the picture and behind him was a mountain lion watching him!

  8. Those falling waters are GORGEOUS!!!

    So embarrassing being tied to the backpack. Way to humor your mom by staying put.

  9. Mommy sometimes takes me into those portapotty things. It is a tight squeeze let me tell you! Nice hike even if it was kind of urban.

  10. Sometimes we get so wound up in the faraway places we don't appreciate the nearby ones, lovely walk Shawnee you were very impressive not chasing those deer..I'm still practicing not chasing horses!

  11. Hmmmmm, why do our humans have to pick up our poop but the horses' humans don't?

    Nice hike, we actually enjoyed that duck view:) Glad you decided not to get wet in those waterfalls, they looked a bit on the wild side. And maybe cold?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Howdy Shawnee, another fabo hike. We love how you are in the wilderness and see the city too! We loved the deer, they are so beautiful. Glad you made your mum happy by pretending to stay while she went about her business. Hey, imagine if you had to clean up after your mum, ahahahaha. Sorry, it was a funny thought, hehe. Anyhoo, thanks for taking us hiking. Rory has a sore leggie so hasn't been walking much for a few days so this cheered him up. See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. Wowza you seen deers!! That looks like one great hike, you look very mighty looking down at the streets! You're very nice keeping your mum happy by pretending the bag weighed you down BOL!!!

    Milo :)

  14. You are so good to not chase the deer! The city view is incredible! Love the duck bum, MOL! These are beautiful pictures of the falling waters. I always love your hikes!

  15. Amazing my pal findin good hikin right in da city like dat. Urban Deer, Municipal geese and City Horses sure got all types in da USA. Is that why they call it the melting pot?

  16. Wow! So much to see on your 'urban' walkie! Luv the funny headed duckies and the one that went after a ball or somethin under the water ;)
    Beautiful scenics my furiend! That mini Niagra was somethin!

    Waggin at ya,

  17. Thank goodness your bloggie is for fambly viewing! Just think what that duckie would have done. After all, I'm still a puppy! You and your mom had me chuckling along with my mom. We love your adventures. I hope when I get growed up that I can hike a bit too. I bet I can!

  18. Wow there sure was a lot of wildlife to sniff out there.