Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hiking in the Fog

So furrends, last Sunday we went hiking in Pencilvania coz the trails in Noo Joisey is STILL closed coz of that Hurry-Cane Sandy.
I went looking fur some falling waters fur Frankie Furter since I think he mite be hasing falling water withdrawals (and snowman overload) since his innerwebs was not werking.
This be wot it looked like driving home.  It was like that in the morning too but in the dark.
Come along with me in search of falling waters.
It do be kind of cold out early in the morning and there was still snow on the ground but even tho mom yelled fur me to get out of the water coz it be too cold, I had to go in fur a closer look.  Nope, these do not be the falling waters I is looking fur.
Scouting fur falling waters from a rawk.  (See the snow on the rawk?)
Getting closer but this do not be it either.
My radar ears do be hearing the falling waters...
Ta da!  Found them!  This be Hawk Falls.
And here be Hawk Falls from the top.
Then it do be on to the Boulder Field.
Thru an old orchard...
... by a tree Hurry-Cane Sandy deaded.  The park peeples cut it up to clear the trail.  We counted the rings.  There do be about 100 of them.
Thru the woods...
Break time!  Mom borrowed a tree to hang her backpack on coz the ground was all wet from the melting snow.
Mom gibbed me one of the cookies she cooked that is so nommy but I spit it out.  BLECH.  Mom is like "Wassup with that?!?!?!"
So mom gibbed me a chickun jerkey and I nommed both the chickun jerkey AND the cookie, BOL!  I gots me a twofer!
I think we is getting close to that boulder field.  I do be seeing more rawks on the trail.
OMD!  They rilly did mean a field of boulders.  You want ME to go cross ofur THAT?!?!?!?
I looked fur an alternate route but did not find one so I had no choice...
Not amused.
At the udder side there do be this sign.
Wowser, I walked on rawks wot be there fur 20,000 years!  Those rawks is older than mom!
So while walking on the park road where the snow woz melting and it be all sludgy...
... I got my furs all mucked up.
I had no choice but to go in the water again. (hehehehehe)
Common mom, stop playing around.  I is wet.
Finally, the hikemobile.  Mom turned on the heats to dry my furs.  Nice!
So, I has to ask you all a question.  While we was hiking, along about 1 mile of the trail, we did find this stuff scattered on the trail, lots of it kinda like breadcrumbs along the way.
bloo stuffs
white stuffs
I think this is wot it be from.  Wot do you think?


  1. Those are some furry furry pawsome (but pawouchie) boulders!!!

    Wow - woo found the Smurf Forest!

    Did woo see The Keebler Elves too?


  2. Bahahaha, you is so smart going BLECH and getting TWO noms!! But I bet she won't fall for that again...boo! And all those rocks!?!? Holy crap! I was worried you might fall and get some blood and guts, but you prevailed! Maybe that stuffs is stuffy stuffing or even ensulation from a house that got blowed away from Sandee?

  3. Good job at conning your mom into two treats! You deserved it what with those rocks you had to walk on later. I would NOT have walked on those rocks. So do you think it was smurf poop or the remains of a smurf slaughter?

  4. OMC u finded ma sekret stash of SMURFS! U better not tells nobuddy.

    Mehbe u could come n do da ringing rocks in Bucks county sumtime since u an expert at climbin rock fields now. Just remember a hammer iffen u do.

  5. Was this the SMURforest???

    OMD OMD you are SUCH a super FUREND. We REALLY needed to see those Falling Waters and Rawks after all these Snowmen and WHITE SCREENS that we have been seeing here on my hill. THANK YOU Deer FUREND.

    I was afraid we might go BLIND from all this WHITE STUFFS... butt at LEAST We know we can still view the Rawks and Falling Waters with you. WHEW.

  6. Boy Shawanee your forests are still so beautiful Ours are all kinda grey an brown now. That was one beautiful waterfall too. I know I would live hiking with you guys.

    That boulder field really made My Vickie flinch. She said that walking on rocks for some humans is kinda hard. She said with their big feet that they can twist an ankle real easy.

    So glad to see your post today. It is a "no Hiking or playing day for me" so it was fun to go along wiht you.


  7. Hm, I think you need to go back and find those smurfs!

  8. You were in PA! This was a cool hike. Also, I saw Boris Kitty's comment about Bucks County. That's where we used to live (and may live again...stranger things have happened). I'm glad you were safe because driving in fog can be scary.

    Eeek! That was my thought seeing you in the cold waters on a cold day. Hawk Falls is so pretty. So are those trails. Sad about the deaded old tree. :(

    You are so brilliant the way you worked getting both treats! Those boulders were crazy!! What troopers you and your mom are! I bet the heat in the car felt good.

    Not sure what to think about the smurfs, mol.

  9. WOW - what a beautiful park that was.
    You sure do live in a beautiful part of the country with all those fabulous parks within driving distance.

  10. Oh my goodness. This made my mom laugh so loud I had to cover my ears with my paws - "Those rawks is older than mom!" I'mma have to try that biskie/jerky trick. I like to go "pleh" and spit things out and eat them off the floor sometimes. Wonders if that'll werk with biskies. I betcha it will. Great seniks again. Dad's gonna take me in the woods soon now that I have my flea juice. I'll bloggie about it. Barowf!

  11. Smurf poo? EWWWWW!!!

    Wasn't the water cold? How did you dry off?


  12. Hmmm, maybe those Smurfs found a way around that field of boulders and left a trail so they could find their way back? That must not have been fun walking on all those boulders. You are very brave, Shawnee.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. I think you need to go back and see if you can capture a picture of a Smurf in the wild! That would be so cool! I remember when you went looking for the fairies and the fairy rocks and I still wish we could find a fairy on one of our hikes. You go to the best places!


  14. Hmmmm....who would be collectin rawks like dat eh? Very strange....i fink they should spread em out a bit more....it be prettier like dat....just woofin....

  15. Shawnee,

    Ifs you want to go on a Smurf hunt, Max and me will be happy to join you!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    PeeS Anudder wunderful hike!

  16. Oh Shawnee puuuuuulease tells me nobuddy deaded da Smurfs. I mean it do look like Smurf guts to me.
    Um, I has to ask if your mom had green beans in them cookies. I bet hers did and dat be why you spitted 'em out. Her was tryin' to pull da wool over you.

    And, I will ALWAYS cherish your most beautiful virtual card. I could just cry, it was so sentimentals.


  17. OMD those poor Smurfs. IS that why we didn't see them on TV last Chrissymouse. Please don't say they are all deaded.
    You really earned those two treats having to walk over those rocks.

  18. Hello there, i'm Milo!

    Wow what lovely pictures!! That must have been a pawsome walk!!

    Milo :)

  19. BOL you found the smurf forest Hardy Har Har :D

    That was the coolest boulder field Shawnee. I don't think I would have had fun crossin it either and Mom probably would have broke her ankle ;P

    Luved all the fallin waters you found! Beautiful! :D

    Waggin at ya,