Tuesday, February 18, 2014

45 Miles of Hiking

Oh. Hai.  I comes slinking into Blogville with my ears back and my tail between my legs coz I has been a bad, bad, bad Blogville resident.  I has not falled off a cliff or nuttin.  We just gets so bizzy around here and when it comes time to do my bloggie, we is just too tuckered out.  And now I see I was last here in the beginning of December.  Last year!  O. M. D.

So you all has prolly heard we is buried in snow ofur here in the Northeast and it be true, we is.  Snow and ice.  Snow with ice.  Snow what is now ice.  Fur the first time efur in my life mom had to chisel me at path and a potty patch coz I could not gets through the frozened snow what is now my yard.  Mom tried to make me a spot closer to the house but I sayed no, I want MY potty spot out in the BACK of my yard so start digging or I be holding it furefur.  And she did.
My potty patch and path.  Skooze me now,  I has to use it.
So, we has actually been able to find places to hike in between snow storms.  When the snow be deeper down south, we go north.  When the snow be deeper up north, we go south.  We always managed to get our hike in the day before a big snow storm and you all knows, we has had many of those snow storms.  I put togedder a video with some pictures of the hikes I did since I was last here.  Can you beleef I has hiked over 45 miles since then?  Yup, Arthur Itis and all, I can still do it.  And I be turning 13 any day now but we isn't sure which day.  So here it do be, 45 miles of hiking.


  1. I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you're just busy and it was nothing bad. *hugs*

    Love your snazzy red coat.

  2. I's so glad you didn't bounce off da cliff! I loves you red coat. Can see ya comin a mile away! Everything looks so.....cold! Think I'll stick to my warm sunny Florida weather. Weenies don't do cold...or snow, especially deep snow over 2 inches..


  3. Happy Birthday, Shawnee! It is SO good to hear from you! We have been a little worried and I'm glad you've been busy having fun. We just got to hike this weekend, but Morgan and I hadn't been out since New Year's Day before that because of the wretched weather. I love your jacket and that spiffy new harness!


  4. Happy 13th Birthday Shawnee!
    I forgive you for not posting very much, I have not been good with the posting and commenting either recently! I cant believe that your Momma had to chisel a path to your potty patch so you could pee and poop without being tummy deep in snow! I haven't had any snow here but we have had so much rain its been terrible flooding, I was lucky though, it hasn't flooded my home but it has flooded down the track where I walk!
    I love the video with all of the wonderful hike photos, I really love to watch you on your walks, it looks so beautiful no matter what time of year it is and Shawnee you always beautiful!
    Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxx
    PeeS, I'm now off my heartburn tablets and I haven't had any tummy trouble all week, I have been out walking lots with my Mum and Auntie Ashley because it is finally drying out and the rains have stopped, I will look like one skinny puggy soon, the food is working wonderfully and is yummy as well so that's good!

    OMD OMD OMD WE are THRILLED to see you and to know that you are not TOTALLY Covered OVER with The Snow.. Your Potty Path is really super... We have those TOO... We have not seen GRASS in 22 DAYS.
    THAT was a super video of your Winter Hikes.. We could have done WITHOUT seeing that SnowFREAK... butt you redeemed yourself by showing us the FROZEN Waters..

  6. We were wondering how you were and figured the snow was stopping you from having adventures. Now I can see that it hasn't!

    Monty and Harlow

  7. Happy Birthday, Shawnee, we have missed you and all your hiking fun. If you need help clearing a spot in that yard full of snow, just let us at it - we will do zoomies all through it and make you some great pathways!!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Barooooo! So good to see you, Shawnee. I mostly been growin and going for long walks with mom. She tells me I helped her train for an 8K that she walked with her new knees. I just has fun, sayin hi to all the peoples and making sure mom goes farther each time. You get to have 13 candles on your biskie cake this year? Keep on hikin. We missed you!

  9. Wow that is a lot of hiking and we thinks it is very brave of you to hike in that white stuff.

  10. Shawnee! Oh my gosh, is that really you?? I am soooo happy to see you. The lady and I think of you and your mom every so often and we're so glad all is well with you guys. That is amazing that you found places to hike during this crazy winter. Your new harness looks pretty sharp. I love the shots of you eating your treats. :)

  11. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I'm so glad to see you! I have tons of snow/ice too and I'm totally sick of it. Snow zoomies are great, but this is too much. BOL Great hiking!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  12. Hi Shawnee!! Glad you're ok. We've missed you and your bunnderful pics!! Stay warm! sorry your pottieplace is full of snow >.<
    Look forward to more adventures! *snuggles* - @zackrabbit

  13. I'm totes jelly of your pawesome hikes!

    As fur THAT age, surely woo jest -

    Woo are still just a pup!

    As fur bad blogger, I'm woefully behind in visiting too many of my furiends - but Mom just won't leave the ThinkPad on when she goes to The GKP fur hours and hours -

    PeeEssWoo: SNOW IS THE BEST!!!

  14. Iz gud to ave you bak my pal….yoo haz been bizee as da beebers….nice snazee red cote too…woof

  15. Shawneeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We're happy to see you sweetie pie. Happy 13th Birthday. We was worried and thought you weren't able to go hiking anymore cause of the Arthur Itis. My dog, we LOVE your hikes. We've never seen the frozen waters before, brrrrr it must be really cold! Love your new harness thingy. We're just so happy to see you. Thank dog mum looked back at some old posts cause we nearly missed you. Take care mates.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  16. Hi Shawnee Shepherd! Glad to see yur checkin' in again. My Mom and I haz bin watching the bloggie fur you. Not the past week tho becuz my brudder haz bin visitin' frum the Philly area; he's had enuf snow! Loos like he went back to more! Today we looked and there you were :-P
    I have a helpin' harness too cuz of my wonky knees but I'm so small my Mom can pick me up and carry me like a pocketbook BOL.
    Happy Bwoofday to you 🎂
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  17. Hi Shawnee we've been a bit worried not hearing from you glad you're keeping that nasty Arthur Ritis in his place and still doing fantastic hikes. Love your new harness. Happy birthday. 13 Wow!!!!

  18. Oh Wow Shawnee! Mommy and I missed this post. That was a lot of hikes you did in the winter. You look very good in your new lifting harness. Isn't it helpful?

  19. And you see how long it took me to see what was up with you! Lots going on in our neck of the woods too. We think of you often, and am glad the hikes continue.