Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Hike

Hi furrends!  I did the most pawsome Memorial Day weekend hike in Noo York full of rawks and falling waters and seeniks so I just has to show you.
Comes along and let's get started.
This was a furry pretty forest with lots of rawks and the trail went up and up and up and up....
So we hads to take lots of breaks.  Mom was a huffin' and a puffin', BOL!
I can jumps the logs early on but later in the hike when I gets tired mom has to help me with my lifting harness or I falls flat on my snooter :(
Look how steep down it do be to the falling waters way down there.
We finally got close enuff to the waters fur me to wet my furs.  Ahhhhhh.
OK now you has to close your eyeballs coz mom be doing the hiker striptease.  She got really hot with all the climbing and I dunno why she do not get in the waters with  me.  Instead she be taking her long britches off and putting shorts on.  OK, she be done, you can open you eyeballs now.
Time fur anudder break.  (Note the skeery white legs we can now all see for the furst time this year. Skeery.)  Anyways, as you can see, I is clearly asking fur my chickun jerkey while avoiding the glare of the skeery white legs.
Wah lah.
We can takes our break in the middle of the trail coz there be nobuddy else around.
Now let's get going again.
At the top after climbing fur THREE miles I had to put mom on the walking string coz we be coming to the seeniks where there be lots of peeps coz they can drive their cars up.
See, cars and peeps and dogs all ofur the place.
Check out this rawk!
And here we has the seeniks.  Wowser!
Hey!  Peeps be crashing my seeniks!  Let's move on to anudder place.
Me and mom has been here before so we knows seekrit places and there be nobuddy here at this seenik.
We leaved them all behind ofur there, BOL.
The peeps is still there as we be heading back down.
More peeps and more dogs going up.
We stopped at the visitor center fur a last break and fur mom to put some litter in that green recycling bin ofur there.  We picked it up at the seeniks GRRRRRRR.
And sumbuddy did not pick up their dog poo.  GRRRRR  We cleaned it up coz udderwise they stop allowing dogs at these places and it be all the peeps fault.  They should stop allowing litter bugs and peeps what cannot pick up their dog poos.
Ahhh, back into the woods where there be no crowds of peeps and litterbugs.
I be feeling the need fur some fur wetting again.  See, I is getting tired.  It be a lot of hiking fur a 13-year-old Shawnee!  At least it all be downhill now back to the hikemobile.
I do beleef the waters be sizzling as I get my furs wet.
I could see the Catskill Mountains from the trail going back down.
Almost back at the car.  What a pawsome hike we had!

Sam's Point Reserve, NY - South Gully Trail at EveryTrail


  1. Miss Shawnee, those waters look super cooling and refreshing!! Hope you aren't too sore today!


  2. Another really pawsome hike, Shawnee! I'm so glad you had some place to cool your furs. It's the best--I know. 35

  3. Yeah for getting to cool off in the falling waters!!!


  4. That was a great hike with lots of good swims too.

  5. A furry nice Hike Shawnee my pal….yoo is still like da spring chikkin wiv all da walkin an stuffs...

  6. OMD OMD What a MARVELOUS hike THAT was... There were TONS and TONS of RAWKS and SO MANY Falling waters. You KNOW how we just ADORE seeing those.
    We are thrilled that you got to cool down in the waters... and we are wondering why your mom didn't do the same. Can't believe that she took her Leg Covers off like that. Peeps just Astound us with their NUTTYNESS .
    THANK YOU fur sharing your Rawks and Falling waters with US.
    PeeS. ALSO thank you fur picking up somebuddy ELSES Poops. Shame on them fur not doing it like they Should. YOU are a Super Citizen.

  7. What a wonderful hike. Those photos were so great we feel as if we walked it with you. In fact, I think we need to take a nap now.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  8. Hi Shawnee - We are just catchin' up on yur blog and happy to see you posted about yur pawsome hike!
    Yur photographer, I mean Mom, takes bee-yoo-ti-full pikshurs of seeniks and you.
    I am 12 1/2 years old and I think you are doin' better than me, still able to hike! My Mom bought me a little dog sling to carry me in (kind of like a baby sling :-) Yur helpin' harness sure is spiffy as well as helpful. Lexi da Shih Tzu

  9. Howdy Shawnee. Fabo hike once again mate. We always love your photos. You look so cool in the water and yes, we were nearly blinded by ya mum's legs butt our mum's are even worse cause they are nearly as hairy as ours (gasp!). Thanks for taking us along and thanks heaps for all your cleaning up after the lazy peeps who have walked before you. Take care sweetie pie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory