Friday, May 30, 2014

The V-E-T

Me and my sis Sydney was due fur our visit with the V-E-T (YIKES!) but with me being 13 years old and Sydney 13, mebbe 14, things do be starting to go wonky with us so it was not just a wellness visit but a lumpy bumpy (me) and gimpy owie (Syd) visit.
All excited thinking we is going to the chiropractor - NOT!  Honest mistake - Sydney has been going to my chiropractor with me coz she do be limping around all wonky now.
Hey, the V-E-T stole my sis!  BRING HER BACK!  I was furry upset ofur this unexpected occurence.
I waited and worried and did not let that door where Sydney disappeared out of my sight.
She do finally be back.  Her pictures showed that the Arthur Itis gotted her BIG TIME.  The V-E-T say it do not be pritty inside Sydney.  Sigh.  We is going to try Tramadol fur the pains coz Syndey cannot take Rimadyl or Deramaxx coz it do rip up her innards.  Sydney might get Adequan needles like me but we is seeing if Tramadol helps furstly.
Telling mom all about how they took pictures of the innards of her legs.  The vet tech told mom Sydney do be smooching them to death while they be taking pictures of her innards.  And I was so worried why?
And me, well the V-E-T sticked me with a BIG NEEDLE and stole part of the lumpy bumpy on my chest.  This do be a new lumpy bumpy that mom thought be an icky ticky at furst but it was not and in two weeks it got furry much bigger.  Turns out it do be a Mast cell tumor and I has to get cutted open so the V-E-T can steal it.  That be happening on June 9 so we will not know how bad this do be until after the lab peeps take a look at the lumpy bumpy.
In the meantime I be resting up coz going to the V-E-T do be exhausting.
Looks like getting pictures of your innards and smooching the techs to death be exhausting, too.


  1. oH Shawnee... we are so sorry that you and your sister had to go to the Dogtor. And really sorry about the Arthur Guy being in your sister. We are worried about the not tick bumpy thingy and will be glad when it is taken away. We will have our paws crossed VERY MUCH TIGHTLY and we are sending Both of you POTP.

  2. Hey girls!! Yup! We get the tramadol and the gabapentin for our ouchie Mr. Arthur, too. Hope it helps Sydney, and Shawnee, get that lumpy outta you!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. Mast cell tumor?! That's what I had on my hiney last summer! The surgery gave me my FrankenButt scar. Nasty tumors. We'll be thinking good thoughts for you, former foster sister!


  4. Awww sweetie, I so sorry you and your sisfur as having old age problems. M says it isn't fun, and she sympathizes with you. That old Arthur guy is a nasty fellow. I'm purring for you.

  5. Oh it isn't fun to think you are going to a good vet visit only to wind up at a needle sticking vet visit. :(

  6. That sounds like a big ol' OUCH to me, Shawnee. I've got all my paws crossed for both you and Sydney. This getting old business is no fun....

  7. It is never ever fun to go to the vet, but I have to admit they can help you feel batter afterward. I hope the medicine stuffs works well for Syd, and that things aren't to bad with the lumpy bumpy. And that when you go to get it taken off all goes well and quick!

  8. Hi Shawnee - I'm sorry that the Dogtor found Mr Arthur in yur Sisfur and Lumpy Bumpy that needs to be removed in you. I think things do start going all wonky when you turn a certain age. I have Mr Arthur in my legs AND a lumpy bumpy on my tummy.
    You have a Mom and Dogtors that do be takin' good care of you and Sydney, though. We'll be thinkin' about you and sendin' good woofs.
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  9. Hugs to both brave pups!

    Monty and Harlow

  10. Ack! My pal…is all furry worreein….I kpees da eyes on yoo and paws cross and be opine yoo an Sidernee be all OK….is no room up ere OTRB at da mo so dussnt be gettin no ideers bowt vizzytin

  11. Old age isn't for sissies! I hope your lump removal goes without any problems. I hope Sydney gets some relief, too!