Monday, December 8, 2014

Finally, a REAL Hike!

So after the last two werking-back-up-to-hiking hikes, I did anudder one fur 6.1 miles.  Then we had icky rainy days then yesterday big time sunbeams!  When mom asked if'n I felt up to hiking in the mountains with seeniks, heck yes, I is so there!  I was whimpering with excitements when I seened mom put on hiking clothes.
So when we started out I hads my winter coat on coz the weather peeps sayed it be in the 20's with wind chillin' in the teens.  So not!  It do be 35 with no winds and I was panting, panting, panting...
So mom taked my snazzy, sporty winter coat off ...
... and my paws sizzled when I got in the icy cold creek.  Ahhh, that felt so good!
We climbed up to the top.  No coat = no panting.
There was more climbing on rawks like straight up and I sayed, no way!
See me ofur there on the left?  I was finding me an alternate route and mom followed coz my way be the easier better way.
See, I found the trail again where there was a pawt where I could climb up easier.
This kind of climbing be fine coz it do not be straight up.
Me and mom hiking.
Me and mom hiking again.
I found some snow.
I see some seeniks coming up.
We has to go through rawks ...
... and tunnels ...
... and by a Surprise Lake ...
... and up more rawks...
... to get to more seeniks!
Chickun jerky break time at the seenik!
The seenik.
Heading back.
Some more paw cooling oppawtoonities.
I do not unnerstand why mom will not get her feets wet.  Mebbe becoz the last time we did this hike many years ago, mom falled in on her behind and got ALL wet in the icy cold winter water, BOL!
Such a bootiful hiking day.
We hads done a harder-fur-me-on-a-good-day hike fur 6.7 miles!  So at night mom was feeling rilly bad coz I could not gets out of bed without her helping me and I was all stiff and wonky.  Mom was, too.  It do be like the blind leading the blind with both of us all gimpy.  I tell you furrends, it do not be a pritty sight, us two old geezers.  I hads to eat dinner in bed.  Mom gibbed me some meddysins, I sleeped all nite and today I bees good as new.  Well, as good as new as I can bees at my age.  Mom, she still be gimpy today, BOL.  She should has some of my meddysins I think.  But we hads fun times yesterday and I is glad we went.


  1. OMD OMD OMD Shawnee.... that TREE TUNNEL is AMAZING... and the ROCKS and Mini Falling Waters are super too... you know we have mad love fur THOSE..
    This is just the best post ever... you are back to your beloved HIKING. THAT makes us Totally HAPPY CAMPERS.
    BRAVO to YOU, Shawnee.

  2. I just can't tells you how hap-pee me is to see you hiking again. Just don't hike too much.


  3. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I'm so super happy for you and your Mom! HIKING AGAIN! Yipeee. What a pretty time you had and your seeniks were especially nice. Love that lake. Congrats on feeling so much better.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  4. So fun to be tagging along on one of your wonderful hikes!!! Sorry you were feeling tired that night. Looking forward to more hikes and beautiful pictures!

  5. Hi Shawnee - I wuz happy to read anudder hikin' repawt; that wuz sum hike you took! Be-Yoo-ti-ful sneeniks as usual. You looked so happy, too. I'm shur Yur Mom wuz happy too, even tho' all we could see wuz the back of her BOL!
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  6. I'm so happy you are back to hiking, Shawnee! Yay! Even our young pups get stiff occasionally after hiking.

    Monty and Harlow

  7. Hooray for getting to do a real hike! Your head is on totally straight too.

  8. Impressive hiking, S. I'm sorry you and Mom got wonky afterwards. I liked the scenicks the best. Plus the chicken jerky...

    Love and licks,

  9. Yous gone done a proper hike YIPPEE we's so happy for you. Love the seeniks. And you found SNOW. Sorry you felt all gimpy afterwards though and hope your mom recovers in time for your next hike.

  10. What a fun hike on a beautiful trail. It looks a lot like my trails though the bluffs here aren't quite that high.
    Lily the GSD...:)

  11. We are sorry you got stiff and wonky, but the hike looked gorgeous. We thinks we might like to see snow, maybe.

  12. I am champing at the bit to get in another hiking day, so this was a breath of fresh air for us! I'm glad you had fun and hopefully you and your mom are both recovered by now!


  13. Great to see you out there again!