Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I and Love and You 30-Day Chewy.com Challenge - Report #1

So that Chewy.com did contact me to ask if'n I would do a 30-day challenge of a foodable that they would send me.  Of course mom hads to research it furstly.  DogFoodAdvisor.com did gibs it the 5 star rating.

With mom's thumb up, I did picks me the Poultry Palooza.
And today it did come by special delivery of the Urgent Package fur Shawnee (UPS) brown truck.
My sidekick Al be checking it out with me.
Hurry, mom, open it up before I use my teefs!
I did gets me so excited when mom taked the packing paper out that I tried to nom the packing paper, BOL!

So this foodable do look like it has all the stuffs in it a dog needs.  We be giving it a taste test now.
Sorry, Mom, I did not means to nom your hand but it was a furry gentle bitey.  Well, you dids not hear her scream, did you?  And did you gets a load of that Al?  He will not eat hims kibble if'n it not be slathered with canned foodables but he nommed this right down.
So we is going to start transitioning me ofur fur my 30-day trial.
How could I not like these noms?  Look how much chickun and turkey be in it!
When mom put my old foodables (big canister) next to the new foodables (little canister) to dish out my dinner, look what I did!  I started chowing down on the "I and Love and You" before mom measured it out in my bowl! 
We cannot switch Al ofur coz he do not be our dog, but he can has a few of the ♥ kibbles coz he do be liking them lots.
So far, on day 1, I be ♥ing the "I and Love and You" kibbles!


  1. Well, that sounds like a great food. We like our kibble to be chicken and/or turkey too, but Mom has been adding in a bit of a fish based kibble too. Thanks for telling us about this I and Love and You product. We may have to give it a taste test too.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Shawnee, you are so cute! That's great that you liked the food so much. And sweet little Al, it's so nice that you and your Mom have him over for his visits. I know he must really appreciate that.

  3. OMD Shawnee.... we could TELL that you really liked the flavor...beclaws you made DROOLS on your mom's hand!!!
    Holy Gwalk a Moley Girrrrrl... it has fabulous ingreedyants fur SURE... no wonder you nommed it right down...
    We are really glad to see you.

  4. That must be some really yummy stuff there, Shawnee! Lucky you for getting to try it out for a whole month!

  5. OMG, S! You eat and crunch and munch like you mean business! I love that! Al eats like a delicate little flower while you are chowing down like a doggity dog! SO cute!

  6. Hi Shawnee - Your snooter sure wuz werkin' overtime with dat box and kibbles! I think you wur furry gentle taking the noms frum yur Mom's hand! Glad yur enjoying the new foodables!
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  7. Wow you got yummy kibbles to nom,i's drooling just thinkin bout it.
    happy nomming

  8. Ello Shawnee my pal....i been neglektin I blog reedin dooties and do pollygizse fur dat...good to see yoo nom min on dat good stuff an Al doin da same....must be kwalitee noms....appy Crimbo fur yoo....glad yoo still motorin on my pal...

  9. Interesting! Can't wait to see your full review. Good thing you don't have to share with Al. :)