Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food Chewy.com 30-Day Challenge #3

OK furrends, so I has completed my 30-day Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food Challenge fur Chewy.com and it be time fur some number crunching.
So after munching and crunching, I draws the following conclusions...
$59.99 divided by 30 pounds = $2.00 per pound

$55.01 divided by 25.3 pounds = $2.17 per pound or $2.07 fur autoship
So with all things being almost equal with my udder foodable (Instinct) and Dr. Tims, they even cost about the same with Dr. Tim's being a little less.  I has not noticed anything different - poops the same, furs the same, energies the same.  So I say Dr. Tims be a keeper and it be a furry good alternative to my former noms.  They say us dogs should change up the foodables efurry so often since they is not all created equal so this works fur me! 

Hey, I could holds my own with cuzzin Sebastian (7 years old) and sidekick Al (8 years old) on our hike last weekend.  We was all pooped out at the end but I (15 years old) was not more pooped than those young punks so mebbe Dr. Tim's helped seeing that it be a performance dog food!


  1. Great challenge results, Shawnee. We are going to keep Dr. Tim's in mind for the next time we look to change our kibble. Great hiking for a 15 year old - keep up the great work!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. OMD Shawnee you really did do some fangtastical Number and Noms Crunchin here girrrrrl. WE are glad to hear that this foodable is going to be your go to foodables.. and WE are in total agreement that it is good to change up the normal GOOD QUALITY noms with some OTHER GOOD QUALITY Nom... since there might be some little thingy that is missing in ONE of them and Included in the OTHER... We just need to remember to do the switch Gradually... Like YOU did.

    Bravo to YOU... WELL DONE REVIEW... CHEWY.COM ROCKS What a grand bunch they are.

  3. The 3 of you look awesome before and after hiking. Well done, kids.

    Love and licks,

  4. Jeez it's tough work testing out those noms! You look pretty good on it, but I reckons you might need to do more trials just to be on the safe side!

  5. I am MOL'ing on the "after" pic!

    Good job on your 30-day challenge. Looks like Dr. Tim's is a good choice. I think it's awesome that you do so well at 15 years old, Shawnee!

  6. Glad Dr. Tim's worked out for you. Very impressed with your calculator skills!

  7. Shawnee - You are a SUPER DOG! I don't fink there are many dogs (or peeps) of any age dat could hike 9.2 miles! Are you drinkin' frum the Fountain of Yoof?
    Lexi da Shih Tzu