Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My New Wheels

OK, furrends, I will keep you in suspension no longer.  Let us do some math...
Last week's Werdless Wednesday picture PLUS...
my Urgent Package fur Shawnee delivery EQUALS...
I can sniff with my wheels.
I can hike with my wheels.

I can swim with my wheels.
Hey!  Wait up fur me!
Shawnee?  Is that you with new WHEELS?
Yes, furrends, the day has commed when I need a little assistance to keep hiking.  I is a furry old geezer at 15 1/2 now and my bum leg is bumming big time.  I falled down on my last hike and the boy and the girl had to assist me back to the hikemobile coz I could not hike on my own.  Mom knew it be a matter of time before this happened so she had already ordered my new wheels and they came in time fur me to hike yesterday.  Now I feel like a yungun again.  Just see me in action.
Speed limit?  They is kidding, right, BOL.

So anyways, we is not seeing this as a sad thing but as a furry good thing coz it will let me hike longer and more comfortably.  I even gets hiking boots like mom's but fur dogs because I is knuckling with my bum leg.  The red one in the video just be temporary until I gets new fur real hiking boots.


  1. WOW!!! We are very impressed with your driving skills, Shawnee!!! And we are even more impressed that you have such a loving Mom who would get those wheels for you - kudos to Mom!!! We hope you get to go on many hikes this fall so we can see all the great trails and beautiful colors from the leaves. We are so happy for you.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. OMD....Dis is a very good thing....HKR Dog...HeHeHe You sure are a great driver! Can you carry along a little weenie passenger???

  3. way to go - time to do some wheelies in your wheels - our little buddy Sam also has wheels and has been using them for years now

  4. I think this is just awesome. I'm so glad you're still able to hike. How neat that you get a license plate for your wheels and that's the perfect plate for you! I sure hope you have many more hikes to come!

  5. Darn that bum leg, but you are walking AMAZING with your wheels. What a perfect fit. May those cool wheels carry you a million more happy hiking miles, S. 15MPH - HA!

    Love and licks,

  6. Howdy Shawnee. Yowza, we love your new wheels cause you can keep on hiking and we know how much you and your mum love that. We hope your new boots help too. Rory knuckles too and wears a boot all the time. Good luck sweetie pie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. Heya Shawnee! Woo are looking pretty good:) Keep on truckin' dude!


  8. Hi Shawnee - Those are sum spiffy wheels and you are already an eggspert! And you gots hikin' boots! When my Mom tried to boots on me fur my sore paws I did the marching boot dance and then refused to move. a 7 lb Shih Tzu can become a 87 lb anchor hehe. We're looking forward to following along on yur Fall hikes!
    Lexi da Shih Tzu at Rainbow Bridge

  9. Thanks for the link to this post so that we understood the wheels. We think it is great that they are so helpful.

  10. Hi Shawnee, only just seen you got wheels, my big bruvver Finn had wheels too. They be fantastic things. Keep hikin',Rogan

  11. This is so terrific and heard about your blog from Dr. Penny at Thrive. My shepherd has just turned 13 and we are looking to get him some fancy wheels fro our hikes. Can you tell us what kind this beautiful boy is rolling in? Thanks!!

  12. This is where we got the wheels on Dr. Penny's recommendation:

    Daniela, Shawnee's mom