Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Road Trip Hike #3: Twin Lakes State Park, VA

So the night before mom dragged my Aerobed out on the porch.  Sweet!
We chilled on the deck and I watched a Great Blue Heron down at the lake.
Mom served me up some of that chicken jerky Yoda the Dog sent fur me.  Thanks, Yoda!
Resting up fur my next hike...
...  and here I is the next day at Twin Lakes State Park.
They hads some nice trail that was easy on my wheels.
I gots my paws wet crossing a creek.
This be Prince Edward Lake.
Hi turtle furrend out in the lake.
Time fur a break.  No worries, I is not deaded.
He he he.  Just funning with you.
Just hanging lakeside with a nice cold beverage.
OMD!  Check out all of the turtle furrends I see in the lake now!
So we hiked 4.1 miles around the lake.  That makes almost 15 miles fur me in 3 days!  This old geezer girl can go!
I do has a sneaking suspicion that when I waked up from my nap mom had been gone hiking without me again.  Was I dreaming?


  1. Hey there hiker-dog!! A lovely outing as always. Take care:)


  2. Looks like another fun hike, S. I love all the turtle friends along the way. It's like they're looking for you and waiting for you to come by. I'm happy you got lots of rest and snacks.

    Love and licks,

  3. Shawnee! What a great vacation you're having. I read your past posts. It's so green and beautiful where you are and the paths look very accommodating for your wheels. You look so comfortable on your Aerobed on the porch. It was nice of your mom to do that.

    It's really great to see you enjoying your hikes!

  4. What a beautiful hike, thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you and your mom had such a good time!

  5. Been away for a while, it's good to see you still enjoying your hikes, you go to such beautiful places.