Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Alone While Hiking

Me and mom, we has emBARKed on a new bizziness venture.  We has been dog sitting in our house and we has two guests at the moment.  So wot to do with them when we go hiking?  Well one had to stay in the crate coz he do be young and silly sometimes and the udder do be older and wiser and was loose in the room with a baby gate keeping her from Dixie and Sydney just so efurrybuddy has their own private space.  Wot did they do home alone?  Well me and mom came up with a sneaky plan and I show you that after my hike, k?
It did turn out to be a pritty day yesterday with the humidities going away some.
Hmmm, waters.  It woz still early and I did not need to cool my furs yet but...
... I is not one to let a good river go to waste.
So here I is, walking along this quiet road, minding my own bizziness, when...
...OMD, day-zha-voo!  It be like last weekend with the signs!  (Hey Sage, I bet that Hudson Farm Club place alreddy has wanted posters with my mug on them plastered all ofur the place, BOL!)
Rogue hiking dog in the process of trespassing.  Well, we did has to, just fur a minit, coz the trail we needed to get to had to be gotted to by going on the trespass property fur just a teeny little bit.  We woz furry quiet and I did not even stop to check fur pee mail.
Part of the trail do be a jungle but I guided mom through.
Then we gotted to the BIG fire towah.
Mom told me to STAY (like there be a chance I be going up in that towah NOT) and she started to climb up the towah.  Is she crazee?  She be skeered of high places like me.  Moooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom went up 3 flights (coz her knees be shaking by then), got a picture of the seenik, then started back down.
Me, I be pacing with worriments until mom got down coz...
... I has to wonner if'n this snek was sumbuddy's dinner or did he climb the fire towah and fall down on the picnic table unnerneath?
So we finished our hike and raced home to see wot our guests did while we was away.  Me and mom had this brilliant idea.  You know my Shawnee Cam III?  We set it up to SPY on our guest dogs, yes we did.  And here it be, wot our guests did while they be home alone.(There is two of them but the little shih-tzu cammooflodged rilly well in the doggie bed sometimes.)


  1. Bol!! They sure were sneeky, just doin' bad stuff for 14 minutes at a time and then setteling back down to sleep!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. YOu have such great adventures. DId you hear about the GSD that got left in the mountains of Colorado?? He got sore feet and couldn't walk anymore, so his owners just left him. Some wonderful rescuers went up and got home and brought him to safety. Some peoples are crazy!!

  3. I don't believe in letting a good river go to waste either! I used to swim in rivers, but now I just like to dip my paws in.

    I won't tell anyone about the trespassing thing. Your secret is safe with me.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Your guests didn't do much all day! :o)

    Aren't you hap-pee you don't be hiking in the Florida Everglades! They found a 17-foot Python there.

  5. I won't mention the trust passing thingy.

    At FURST I thought that was one of those Center Peed thingys.. butt then you said it was SNAKE BONES. I don't know which might be worse.

  6. Your guests sure were lazy (or else the shih-tzu was being bad off camera) Did you see the GHOST that showed up at 8:30!! Eerie.

  7. Shawnee, we think we might be just like your house guests when the Momster is away. Well, we might have to leave out Lightning as you never know what he will do.

    Your Mom sure is brave going way up that tower. We must admit that we do enjoy seeing those beautiful scenics:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Morgan and I enjoy a good cooling off when we're out, too. I can't believe all those signs around your hiking area! That's crazy! I think it was worth sneaking across, though, because the scenics were pretty fantastic.


  9. Wow what a beautiful hike you had and it looks like your guests were very well behaived while you were gone.

    Nice job with the camera.

  10. OMD, i am glad we do not haz guest doggies at our house using up all the naps like that. Grrrrr. Naps is very ard to come by and i dussnt want anyone else usin em....

  11. Great hike but not sure about what was left of sneaky snake. Something had a god snack. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Hi Shawnee!

    I like that you have let other dogs stay in your house, thats very kind of you!
    OMD! I read what Merlin Wylt said..."Did you see the GHOST that showed up at 8:30!! Eerie!" Yeah I saw that Ghost too, that was really spooky!!!!

    I loved your hike, you are very naughty with all this trespassing that you have been doing recently! BOL! Dont worry I wont tell anyone!! Shhhhh...its our secret!
    I love the photos, the photo of you by the river, the photo of you prowling like a tiger through the "jungle" but I adore the gorgeous photo that your Mom took of you from the fire tower! You look so happy in the sun relaxing!
    I wouldnt have climed that coz I'm too small and My Mum couldnt either because she too is scared of high places! Your Mom was very brave, but it was worht it for the amazing scenery! Good job!
    Love, licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  13. OMD. Those snake bones were super creepy! Icky, icky, icky!

  14. BOL when I was a puppy the hoomans set a camera up on me for the first 2 hours (that is as long as the video camera could go). I slept the whole time!

    woof - Tucker

  15. Another fantastic adventure there!


    Dante, Daisy Boo and Sampson

  16. BOL! Your guests had themselves a real pawty while you were away --- NOT! Hardy Har Har. Too funny.

    Luv the photo of you blazin a trail through the jungle Shawnee :) And your Mom really went up that tower :O
    Great shot she got though :)

    Waggin at ya,

  17. We thought your house guests slept the whole day while you were having fun hiking BUT we thought about what Rottrover said - they were pretty sneaky making you think they slept ALL the time. Smart pups! What's with all the no trespassing signs lately? We Will keep your secret. Liked going with you on your hike :-)

  18. You are livin' life on the edge, Shawnee! I'm searching the 'puter for a website called "Trespassing Dogs" and I expect your mug shot will be plastered all over it!!

    And trust me, it's never too early to cool your furs. That river was just beckoning, wasn't it?