Monday, August 27, 2012

Hiking Post Slacker

So sorry I has been slacking on my bloggie and on visiting with all of you. You see, I has been bizzy, bizzy, bizzy.  Me and mom is running this B and B (Bed and Barkfest) right now and we has been OFURBOOKED and it has been CRAZY!  I is the director of entertainment and let me tell you, playing nonstop bitey face is exhausting!  See...

And I had to take a guest dog on a little hike to show him a deer.
When the deer runned away it was not coz of us dogs, it was coz of mom coz she TALKED to the deer and got all SQUEEEEE and the deer sayed "OMD (Oh My Deer), crazy laydee!"  

Then there was stuffie squeaking...
Well, I think you get the point as to how bizzy I has been.  There woz 3 guests here until yesterday when efurrybuddy went home.  We has an incoming guest tomorrow (Max the beagle boy who has stayed here afore) and a little poodle and a big poodle on Furiday.  It will be bizzy again.

So anyways, a few pics of my hike this past weekend.  Yes furrends, I do make time fur hiking still - that do has priority!
I hiked by a pond.
And I hiked by a big rawk.
All the way to the reservoir.
Of course I had to go in.
Wot the...  That do be a junker car with LITTER inside of it.  There was broked glass all ofur so mom had to step on the glass and guide me around so I did not cut my paws.
Enuff uglies.  Lets go back to the...
... reservoir!
My froggie furrend do live in the reservoir.
Then we passed this swamp with lots of birds but they would not STAY when mom told them to so she could take their pictures.
But the chip monkies always STAY when mom tells them to.  She be the chip monkey whisperer, BOL.
Trains used to go here in the olden days.  Now it be a path in the woods back to our car.
So I has to go rest up now afore the next crew gets here.  You can find me in my hidey spot.


  1. Hey Shawnee! So good to hear from you! Is that a real car? I can barely recognize it. Your froggie and chipmunk friends are very cute.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. We have only one question for you, Shawnee - can we come to your Bed and Breakfast Camp too? It sure looks like a lot of fun.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Knowing Shepherds like I do, I think you were enjoying those rounds of bitey face quite a bit! Morgan and Kuster never seem to get tired of it. I'm glad you had such a scenic hike!


  4. Shawnee we'd love to come over and chase chipmunks. Have a great Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Good golly I was wonderin' wheres you was cuz I has missed you nd I was beginning to goes into a deep depression.
    What a neat B and B ya'll be runnin'...I bets ya'll has good foodables theres cuz all B and B's has good foods.


  6. oh chip monkies an froggeez! That wuz a pawsome hike! Benny wants to know if he can come play, he sayz us kitties iz nawt az fun az dawgs. Thats nawt troo!

  7. The chip monk has really cool stripes on his back. Awesome pic!

    Mom's been following your B&B blog. She loves it!

  8. You have been busy takin cares of every buddy! Nice hikey though. If dat lake was in Florida, dere would be gaters all over da place!

  9. You have been busy! That Rambo looks like he really looks up to you.

  10. Hiya Shawnee!!!!
    You sure is one bizzy pup. :) Does look like rafur a lot of fun wif all them nooo furiends to play wif.

    That is a pretty place dat you & mom went hiking. And dat chippermunk is kind ob cute.

    Tail wags,

  11. Howdy Shawnee, wowza, no wonder we haven't heard from you. You have been so busy. Thanks for taking us on a hike again with you. We love your hikes. When you were playing squeak games, we got all excited cause we thought you were here at our house, hehehe. Have a lovely weekend beautiful girl. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. Being Director of Entertainment certainly has it's perks, but I bet it's exhausting. I spent one hour doing that yesterday and I was poooooped. Well, for a few minutes anyway.

    Your benefit package sounds pretty good though-a weekly hike or two and getting your furs wet. That would be enough compensation for me. Do you have an opening for an assistant?

  13. Golly gee whiz have you been busy! Your B&B looks like a terrific place to stay! :D

    That deer let you get real close!

    Really cool that your Mom is a chipmunk whisperer. Rare talent that :)

    Glad you've managed to get out to the reservoir!

    Waggin at ya,

  14. Shawnee we have missed you. We have been bizzy too. Glad to see you back and lil Rambo does look a bit like me only his tail is shorter. Great hike as usual. We missed going with you but glad to see you are still gettin' out there to share with us. Frogs and chip monkies - wow... like that your Mom is the chip monkie whisperer :-)