Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Signs of Hiking

So me and mom went hiking at this place where the trail goes through sumbuddy's turf.  You know how we is about our turf.  Well, it seems peeples has bigger turf issues than us dogs do.
There was NO signs saying where the trail started so we walked up the road until we found it.  Appawrently, it woz not here coz, well, see the sign?
Wait a minit, let me set the mood fur you before I go on...

OK, now that we all has that song in our brains, let us pawcede.
I followed the arrow sign but oops, wrong way.
Yup, this be looking more like a hiking trail.
OK, we is on a roll now.
Ahhh, nice hiking trail.
Well, not pawlitically correct - should say " FOOT AND PAW TRAVEL ONLY" but I take no offense.
La di da di da, hiking along hasing a wonnerful time when...
... OMD!  Wot do all these signs say?
No problem!  I always stay on the trail like this, see?  Even when I seened a big sign way off the trail I asked mom to zoom in with her camera coz, you know, we is not allowed to leave the trail to go read it.  Mom zoomed in from the trail and this be wot the sign sayed...
Ha!  We didn't fall fur that trick.
Oh look, a pond!
But all I can do is look coz...
But I did see a chipmonkey...
... and pretty mushyrooms...
... and flowahs in the pond.

Oh, and so Roo asked if'n we drive an hour to go to hikes.  Well, this hike woz about 1 hour away from our house.  There is some nice hike about an hour away but we has alreddy done most of them so we usually drive about 2-3 hours in the hikemobile to go hiking and see new and eggsiting places.  Without so many signs.


  1. What a bizarre place to set up a hiking trail. Seems more like they don't really want any hikers. That chipmonkey was very cute.

    Happy Hiking Sunday to you and Mom.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Thats the purrfikt song, wat mean peepuls to try an hog owr commons all fur they selfishes. Mmm fishes. But I digresss, Iz sorry your hike wuz so...memrubul.

  3. So do they want you to hike there or not?.weird place. But you're looking' good as always!

    Bart and Ruby

  4. WE loves the chipmonk and the mushroom. My Vickie will wait forever to get good shots like those. When she shoots mushrooms, she is lying in the dirt, twisting upside down etc. to get the right shot and there you go, just leaning down and getting a perfect shot. Great hike.
    thanks for taking us along
    Bert and My Vickie

  5. Holee Molee Squirrel Poop! What a crazy place to try and hike with all those signs. Yes...the song is purrfect for this hike!

  6. We hope the storms haven't found woo -


  7. Holy Hillbillies! What a weird, freaky trail! I'm glad it wasn't Halloween time when you went on that trail. Who knows what might have popped out? I'm glad that you at least got to see some pretty sights along the way!


  8. Glad you and your mom made it out alive Shawnee. I bet you won't be going back there to hike any time soon.


  9. Oh Shawnee, that trail would have made me feel very uncomfortable, I felt on edge just reading it!
    It must have been scary hiking through somebody's turf!
    Soooo many signs there, I'm glad that you didnt fall for that VERY sneaky trick with the one sign! Sheesh! Some people are just rude!
    I like all your photos, the one of the chipmonk is very cute and the flowers in the pond are my favorite, we have a place called the lily ponds where we go for walks when we visit my Auntie and her my cousin Jasper!
    It looks like you had fun tho, great photos of you, you are so beautiful Shawnee!
    Hope you get to go on a safer hike soon!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Howdy Shawnee, what a lot of signs. It would take more time to read them than to hike. Loved the song too. Oldy but a goodie according to mum. See ya sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. To hike or not to hike..... we were confused. We love your nature pix. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. I am sooooooo confused...does they allow huntin' or sign says they do and anudder one say they don't...OH my brain.
    Anyways, dat lily pad just needs a little froggie on it. I bets I could find you one...hehehehe.


  13. wow those signs would of scared the crap out of me i would of probly turned back when i saw the first one, and if id spotted any saying about hunting i would of started running LOL!!! you are braver than me :) xxx

  14. There were a lot of NOs on that trail but you saw a great chipmonk and waterlillies so hey it was all good!

  15. Shawnee,

    Did you find dat chippymonk dat Max wuz lookin' fur? It sure do looks like him! So happy dat you did not fall fur dat sigh trick, some peeples can be very sneekie!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  16. Weird humins and their rools. I dussnt pay em no attenshun Shawnee but i fink you was rite not takin any riks wiv mum's liberty....

  17. That was a most unfriendly hike! Why can't humans just pee on the trees?

  18. OK, now, Shawnee, I want the truth now. Did your picture get plastered all over the Hudson Farm Club as a (egad) trespasser? Are you now on the way to the slammer? Just let me know, and I'll have a care-package in the mail right away. They don't treat our kind very well in those slammer places, you know....

  19. OMD. That was sneaky, posting the sign off the trail to see who goes to read it!

  20. Oh my goodness, that is one heck of alot of crazy signs. Glad you didn't fall for that old sign trick. The chippy is cute.