Monday, November 12, 2012

Hiking After Nor'Easter Athena

Furstly, my mom and I would like to thank efurrybuddy fur their most nicest werds about my sis Dixie leaving us fur the Bridge.   It do be different here without her but we is slowly getting used to it.

So you prolly heard that just a week after Hurry-Cane Sandy, No-Easter Athena commed a callin' and dumped about 6 inches of SNOW on us, brrrrrr.  More trees commed down when we still had a mess from Sandy.  Yoda the Dog did say he be sending some chainsaw massacre gangs up to Noo Joisey from Furginia to help clear the trails and that do be so furry pawsome!  So we went hiking back on the Appalachian Trail in Pencilvania yesterday coz Athena did not leave them any snow so their hiking trails be open fur bizziness.
This be a different pawt of the Appalachian Trail in Pencilvania from last week.
We was headed to Pulpit Rawk.
We did has to go on rawks again but it woz not as bad as last time and no rawks put the bitey on me so I did not leak any blood and guts this time.
Now see this ofur here by the observatory?  Do you notice how there be no rawks?  I has to wonner if they dumped all their rawks ofur on the pawt of the trail we hiked last weekend?
Then, ta da!  Here I is at Pulpit Rawk.  But there was fogs down below so the seenik was fuzzy.
Then we turned by this big pile o' rawks coz it showed the way to more seeniks at the Pinnacle!  (I wonner how many sneks be spending the winter in there???)
Here I is at the Pinnacle but there still be fogs down there.
Ooooo!  Entry material fur Anna the GSD's SpectacularTongtacular Contest!
I think mebbe the fog be lifting some.  Let's wait a bit and take a break.
Well, the fog nefur did go away so I gibs you a picture takened on November 8, 2009 when I was here in the same place when there was no fogs.
Oops.  Sandy must has done that.
I went right thru it.  Mom, well, she got stuck, BOL.
So this trail do be all soft and grassy and mossy and stuffs and it was cushy on my paws.
And that trail taked us to a pritty reservoir butt...
When we got back to the car mom found this hitchhiker on her backpack!  It was a furry warm day (65 degrees) and the bugs waked back up and was flying around!
And now I leaves you with some Shawnee Cam shots!


  1. Hiya Shawnee! Glad woo are avoiding the snow. Love the Shawnee cam pics there mate! Play bows,


  2. I love that place where you went hiking! I can see why you like it, the scenery is beautiful. We're hoping that there will be a few hikes in the near future for us!


  3. Nice Shawnee Cam shots! If a duck lands in that water does it get arrested?

  4. No dogs in the water? WHAT?????

    At least you got to climb some rocks...

  5. Shawnee,

    We gots lucky again cuz Athena didn't stop by and visit us. You went on anudder wunderful hike, even wif da fog da seeniks wuz beOOtiful.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    PeeS Dat contest sounds fun, hopefully mom will let us enter it!

  6. Bummer on the no dogs in the water, but it looks like you found other ways to have a good hike. We are still amazed that you get your Mom to do all that climbing around on those rocks.

    Where will we go next week?

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. What a beautiful hike! I've sure missed reading about all your adventures.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Please send the snows to ME!!!!!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: furry nice Shawnee kham shots!

  9. Very glad you found some snow-free hiking dear pal. All da seeniks look da same wiv snow on em we find....

  10. At least "Athena" sounds like a storm worthy name compared to wimpy Sandy. Mom says the chainsaw folks are at Stokes State Forest this week. I'm afraid we could send all our people and it would barely make a dent.

  11. Ooohhh....a seenik tongue entry!! Cool beans! That mossy trail looks nice and soft...much better than the rawks of death you were on last hike!

  12. 6 inches of snow?! That's taller than my legs!

  13. What a beautiful day! MOL about the tongtacular contest. I think that's strictly for dogs. The view from the Pinnacle sure is great but definitely looks better without the fog. The reservoir is very pretty. Sorry about the no animals allowed. That mossy trail sounds great for the paws.