Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hiking After Hurricane Sandy

So furrends, there be no place to hike in Noo Joisey coz the pawlice has all the parks locked up and CLOSED!  Yes, even the park by my house, see:
I had to make mom turn around and I walked her back home :(  So where to hike?  Well, we figgered that we would go see how the trails be doing in Pencilvania coz the boy and the girl was in Pencilvania and they sayed all looked OK there and there was plenty of gas fur the hikemobile there without waiting in line fur hours and hours like here in New Joisey.  So we went to the Appalachian Trail in Pencilvania coz rilly, can they close that?
According to the pee-mail, the Appalachian Trail in Pencilvania be open fur bizziness, COME ON IN!
Wowser, look at all these rawks!  But they taked us up to...
... like the graffiti say, Bake Oven Knob with...
... seeniks!
Wot a shame with all the graffitis but that be coz this be so close to the parking lot and it be a pawty spot, boo.
Oops.  Looks like that Hurry-Cane Sandy woz here.
And here.
Ummmm, mom, you know I do not do blow downs coz the branches grab my furs and I get stucked.
Good thinking, mom, bringing the snippers...
Ta da!  Mom cleared the way fur me.  Thanks, mom!
Looks like that Sandy did not nom up these powah lines like she did in Noo Joisey and Noo York.  There still be peeples with no powahs by us!
That Appalachian Trail be pretty cushy unner my paws here but I has a feeling that is not going to last.  They do not call this Rocksylvania fur nuttin, you know.
Ummmm, seriously?  Mom, wot do that sign ofur there say?
Oh. My. Dog.
But these rawks taked us to more seeniks even though it tooked us 1 1/2 hours to go 1 mile!
Owie!  I is a hiking casualty.  A rawk jumped up and put the bitey on me and made my bloods and guts leak out! (Seriously, Allred, I is not trying to one up you!)  But it woz too cold and windy on the rawks to stop and fix it so I had to forge onward.
Forging onward.
Furget the owie, I see more seeniks!
Like this!
Finally we woz out of the rawk field and yikes!  Looks like mom be planning on doing surgery.  I cannot look!
The only way I made it through surgeries was...
... by chomping down on a piece of chickun jerky.
A water chaser and I is good as new.
I made it all the way back to the car with no more owies. 


  1. Oooh..dat look sore! Good ting Mom is a good dogter! Slippin and sliddin on da rocks just isn't me cup of pee!

  2. Wow Shawnee, that was a mess of rocks you guys went over. I know My Vickie would be tired and sore after going over all them rocks. Me, i'd be like you....go go go.
    Sorry about the owie, it is good your human had a bandage to keep it from being too exposed.
    Heal up quick.

  3. You was so brave with your surgeries. Hope it heals quickly.


  4. Furry brave my chum, furry brave. You is like dat Baumgartner guy who jumped off of the top of space...

  5. Wow, Shawnee. Your Mom comes prepared for everything! That's a pretty amazing cleanup job she did on both your owie and that blow-down. Loved the photo of the farm...Mom says it makes her miss that part of the US.

  6. Your mom made you go up those skeery slippery rocks and you got a trauma wound! She should have carried your highness up them instead of taking videos! I'd milk it for all it's worth...like "oohhh....soooo sore from you making me go up those rocks, I need some noms..." or "I would love to get on the couch and relax this sore leg that you caused..." Yep, time for you to be pampered! But at least there were no cereal killers in these wooods!

  7. Oh owie owie owie! I would have stopped right there and told Mommy that I needed to be carried home. How come Sandy erased all those trees and stuff, but didn't erase the graffiti?

  8. Oh, wow -- that was a LOT of rocks to have to climb!!! Sorry one bit you.

  9. Paw you,hope your owie heals up quickly. Those rawks look very scary.

  10. Too bad about all the trails in NJ being closed, but you and Mom found a good place in PA just the same. We probably would not have gotten our human to go climbing over all those rocks. We are sure she would have about 87 gazillion broken bones.

    We hope your boo boo is OK now, Shawnee.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. I'm glad you found a place where you can hike. The views were worth all the trouble to get there if you ask me! Those first aid kits sure come in handy, but I usually use mine to patch up Mom.


  12. Oh My Dog, Shawnee, your guts was coming out? You are the bravest girl. Those rocks made us feel tired just watching you scramble up them. HOpe your ouchie is all better. Lucky your mum had the First Aid kit or you mighta bleeded to death! We loved this hike even though the rocks bit you. Thanks for taking us hiking sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. Don't worry Shawnee, mom is going to send some chain saw people from Furrginia State Parks to help clear the trails in the Noo Joisey parks. Some are leaving here Sunday to go for four days. Then we will send some more after Turkey Day. I know they won't be able to fix everything but they want to help!

  14. Shawnee, dat be real sad abowt all your parks. I expects it might be a while afore sume ob dem be open again too. :(
    Dat Pawsylvania does be sume kind ob ROCKY place. I don't fink I wud like to go walkies there. Wooo is fery tough climbing ofur all dem rockies.
    I hope your owie is getting all better now? Does you be hafing guests at da moment? I finks meybe not cause der be no peeps wanting to go on vackashions when efuryfing is all messed up by dat nasty Sandy.

    Tail wags,
    Your pal

  15. Shawnee, that owie looked not so good. Glad yor M had bandages to keep it clean and getting a treat made it worthwhile to go thru the doctoring... Looks like a rugged hike. You are my heroine...Thanks for stopping by to visit. We been gone a long time it seems. Hope we get back on track soon...
    Ernie and the pack