Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Hike

OK, I owes you all my Thanksgibbing Day hike plus one from before that.  OMD, I is being such a slacker again.  We do the Thanksgibbing Day one furst then later, this year hopefully, I gibs you the other hike.

So on Thanksgibbing Day we went back to that Harriman State Park in Noo York where that murdering guy be hiding out only they be thinking if'n he was not yet deaded, that Hurry-Cane Sandy prolly deaded him.  If'n he was not yet deaded when Sandy commed a callin' he was prolly thinking hims daughter-in-law who he shoosted dead was coming back to haunt him and seek REVENGE!

So all the WANTED posters fur that murdering guy was gone from the park but there be WANTED posters fur a dog wot went missing :(
Check out this big tree wot that Hurry-Cane Sandy knocked down,  There be lots of them around here.
Poor tree.
This one be rooted up.
But those chainsaw massacre peeples has come through and cleared the way...
... so I could make it to the seenik!
Mom brought some of those punkin cranberry cookies along and I nommed them right up.  I did not even spit them out and demand chickun jerky even though mom brought chickun jerky too. 
See - nom, nom, nom, nom...
You has to turn your head sideways here to see the trail blazes wot show us which way to go.
It do be like a war zone here with all these brokened trees.
We made it to the pritty lake...
... where I taked a nap in the sunbeams ...
... and got some belleh rubs.  Sorry, I is totally shameless when mom be gibbing out the belleh rubs.
Bootiful day at the lake.
Even tho it woz furry cold and frosty (brrrrrr) in the early morning, it warmed up nicely so I gots to get my furs wet.
Then I had to climb up rawks...
... to more seeniks.
And more seeniks.
So then coming down the mountain from that last seenik we had to go steep down where that arrow be ofur there.  There was lots of leaves on the ground and they was furry slickery.  I think you all know where I is going with this...  Yes, indeed, mom went SPLAT.  Well, more like THUD and was leaking blood and guts all ofur the place.  I shall spare you the gory visuals of that but I think it be enuff to show you...
... the aftermath.  And wot did I do while mom woz doing surgery on herself?
No worries, mom be OK.  There was more blood and guts than there be holes in her hands so it all be good.  She will live to hike anudder day.


  1. So, it was just a flesh wound?

    PeeEssWoo: What great pikhs - and what a pawesome hike!

  2. I'm glad your mom is not too bd hurt. So sorry someone lost their dog up there. How very scary. You look so peaceful when you are resting.

    Hey, My Vickie wants to know if you have ticks up there this time of year?


  3. Poor Mom, if it had been ours, she would have had a few broken bones too and she might have had to hitch a ride on our backs:) What a beautiful day it was for your hike - and pawesome scenics too. We hope that missing pup has been found by now.

    Have a great week, Shawnee.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. You do a most excellent job of relaxing on command, Shawnee!! Thanks fur showing us those beautiful seeniks!

    Bart and Ruby

  5. Poor lost doggie. Hurricane Sandy sure trashed those trees. She was very mean wasn't she. Your mommy should do what my Mommy does when she has to go down steep hills. She goes down on her butt end on purpose!

  6. Sorry your mom lost a bunch of blood and guts but glad to hear she's OK.

    I like your bandana. Is it new? Maybe I missed you talking about it. You never have to apologize for enjoying belly rubs! The pictures of you lying on your side in the sun kind of remind me of me. Love the last one of you in the leaves. It's so beautiful there with the lake and all the seeniks.

  7. Ouch, that sounds like something my assistant would do. Glad your mom is OK.

    I do hope they find that missing dog and I am sorry about all those poor trees ...

    Your pal, Pip

  8. I'm glad your mom will be okay! We are envious of your great hike. We would much rather have been doing that than waiting for Mom and Dad to come home on Thanksgiving!


  9. Your poor Mom! Those broken trees are amazing - did you look in the roots to see if any treasure came up?


  10. Hey it looks like you had a really fun day. Me and the boss have never seen a hurricane here iN Mineesota. Take care now,

  11. Whew! Glad your mom is okay. I love your seeniks. I wish we had some like that around here. Happy trails!

  12. Oh, poor Mom!

    You know, I'm just like you when it comes to the belly rubs. I'm shameless. Whenever my Mom gets home from somewhere, the first thing she sees is my RUB MY BEEELLY pose. *snickers*

  13. Howdy Shawnee, sorry your mum went splat on the ground. Did she say some HBO words too, hehe. We hope the little doggie gets found and the murder man got squashed by a big tree. See ya all later. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. Harrooo Shawnee! Swell hike, sorry the mom unit got squished, hopefully woo got some nice turkey when woo got home. play bows,


  15. Ahem...I haz seen you....on the B&B blog....EATIN VEGGUBLES!!! You are BUSTED my pal

  16. Hope your mom is on the mend, Shawnee! That sure was a beautiful lake!

  17. You're SOOOO lucky to have those sunbeams to snooze in here we just have rain, rain and more rain with a bit of wind to make it interesting, (nothing like Sandy though. Hope that lost dog finds it's way home.

  18. Maybe your mom was just impersonating the Sandy Trees...they went Boom too! But they didn't have no first aided kits, just chainsaws, so your mom came out good, no?

  19. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, that rotten Sandy was really hard on the trees! Gosh, that's to bad since they are so pretty and take so long to grow. Great seeniks on this trip and sorry about your peep falling down. Hope she's okay now.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  20. Hi There Shawnee!
    I loved your "Thanksgibbing" Day Hike, all those fallen and broken trees look very scary! I'm sad to hear your Momma fell and hurt herself but I'm sure you made her feel better! As always some amazing photos of your beautiful self (you look so cute sleeping) along with wonderful Seeniks!
    I love that you are "shameless when mom be gibbing belleh rubs" thats a great photo of you, you look super happy! I love the belleh rubs too, its one of my favorite things!!
    Love, licks and Tummy Rubs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxx

    PS. I found your moms blog for your Doggy Bed and Breakfast and had to show my Mum, she loved it!!!

  21. OUCH. I bet that hurt! I'm so glad you were able to sleep through it Shawnee.

    We hated to hear about a lost doggie. I sure hope he got found.
    And speaking of found..your sure found some nice water to sink your furs into!