Monday, January 7, 2013

The Hikemobile, RIP

I is so sorry I has been slacking on blogging.  We was rilly bizzy ofur the howlidays with the B&B and had lots of guests here but I had to take sick days and stay in my bed coz my back went wonky.  I think the steps on the deck did it to me.  Bad steps.  The chiroV-E-T put my bones back where they belong and I is OK now.  So me and mom was going hiking yesterday and I was all reddy to has good times to bloggie about.  So it was early in the morning and we is driving along...
Six in the morning and it was still dark outside.  La di da, driving along on the highway...  (This be a reenactment of actual events, not the actual pictures of the actual events.)
... when going into Pencilvania through the tollbooths mom is like "OMG!  What happened to the dashboard lights?  Where are the headlights?!?!?!?!
All the lights went furry dim and mom got off the highway just in time fur the dashboard to light up and blinkie like a Christmas tree then efurrything went black and the hikemobile was deaded.  What to do?  It was dark out and we was an hour away from home!  Well, it was a miracle coz mom tried a couple of times to start the hikemobile and it came back to life like nuttin efur happened.  But mom was skeered to go on to the hike so we turned around and headed back home.  No hike :(  The hikemobile did get deaded like that two more times on the way home but we made it.
Bad, bad hikemobile.
Mom took Vacula out there (be skeered hikemobile, be furry skeered) and stoled all my furs back.  I had been saving up my furs along with assorted trail dirt.  Seriously, the hikemobile gets cleaned all the time but I has lots of furs to save.
So in the morning I sent mom to the store to get us a new hikemobile.  I wanted one like this:

That be the store I sent mom to, the Zoobaroo store, coz I like their commercials and they is furry animal furriendly.  They even has adoption events at the store I sent mom to.  And my furrend Sarge has a Zoobaroo and likes his lots.  My furrend Yoda, his mom drived one and rilly liked it.  Well, half way to the Zoobaroo store, the hikemobile went deaded again and would not start at all.  Deaded.  Gone.  To the junkyard in the sky.
This be how mom and the hikemobile got to the Zoobaroo store.
So..... a long, long, long time later I heard a strange car pull up at my house and I went to investigate.
Meet the Hikemobile II.  Shawnee approved.
It be a 2012 certified preowned hikemobile with 4500 miles on it so mom saved lots of green papers.  It be smaller than the Hikemobile I, RIP, but it do not nom much gasoline and that means MORE HIKES!!!!!  And it has all paw drive so we can go in the snow and has an easier time on dirt roads going to hikes!   And it be a hikemobile where no dog as gone afore so I get to put MY furs in it!  It be needing some nose artwerk on the winders to snazz it up a bit.   I can't wait to add my pawsonal touches to it! 


  1. Oh dat be so sad da Hikemobile gotted dead but really who cares cuz you gotted a new one...YAY! But I does wanna know when we is gonna gets to take it campin' likes they did in dat commercial. I knows your legs be long nuff to drive. I brings da marshy mellows....and canned drinks (wink).
    Okays gets to work on them windows.


  2. OMD Your beloved Hikemobile got deaded and yet he managed to get you home furst and ALMOST to the ZooBaRoo Place even. He must have LOVED you a LOT to do all that fur you.

    WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you got a NEW ZooBaRoo Hikemobile and a REALLY Pretty one too.

    Sarge will be THRILLED. He and his peeps just LOVE their ZooBaRoo.
    Congratulations to you Shawnee.
    And Happy New Year...
    Hey girrrrl you are back JUST IN TIME... Saturday is Mayoress Elect Madi's big Swearing Ceremony... and there is going to be a HOOOOOGE PAWTY. See you there.

  3. WooHoo....A new (well almost new)-born Hikemobile! You's a luckee pup! (Butt Me Nose you Really peed on da wiring to make da old one deaded) HeHeHeHe

  4. Furry nice ride!

    Of khourse, I'd be glad to send some Siberian Fiber fur making it feel especially khomfy!

    PeeEssWoo: Hope woo keep feeling better!

  5. Oh my gosh we were getting worried about you guys! Wow, a new car! That is great, but sorry about the old one and that your mom got stranded a few times. That part is terrible. That looks like a great new car if it can go in snow and dirt. Have fun gettin' your nose on the winders and your furs all over the seats!

  6. Well I was very dissappointed that I didnt get to go on another hike with you today, but I suppose if the car wont go, it wont' go.

    But My Vickie has laughed and laughed out loud about the video with the doggies going camping.

    So happy about your new car and can't wait to see your next hike....


  7. RIP, Hikemobile! Glad you found a new hikemobile. Our 16 year old car just died a couple of months ago. It was never a hikemobile because well, I don't really hike, but I was still sad to see it go.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. First, I'm glad that YOU are feeling better! Darn those steps!

    That new Hikemobile looks awesome! You are one lucky dog, Shawnee!


  9. What a pawsome new hikemobile. I hope you get to go on lots of new adventures in it. Make sure you keep going to the chirov-e-t so you can stay in shape for hiking.

  10. Too bad the Hikemobile ruined your planned hike, but we like your new one. Be sure to toot and maybe puke in the upholstery too so it gets all your smells.

  11. Mom wants to know how many miles the hikemobile had on her. And she also said I should mention that we assume your pawsonal touches will not include eating the back seat this time. (Seriously, she made me say that, since I don't live in a glass house, I would never have thrown that rock myself).

  12. Mom meant the OLD hikemobile on the mileage question.

  13. Howdy Shawnee, sorry about your back being wonky. You're lucky to have a good back person to fix it up. Did your mum say HBO words when the hikemobile deaded? Your new one looks heaps cool. HOpe your have many happy hikes with it. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. Hawwooo Shawnee! Say that's a pretty nice new hikemobile woos got. Enjoy gettin your furs in it BOL!!


  15. Wow, Shawnee - you could knit a sweater with all of your furs :)
    Congrats on your new hikemobile!
    Stay well!

  16. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I've been missing you bunches! Sorry about your back and the death of the hikemobile, but I'm so very glad you're better and I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR NEW RU!! My pack is in mad-love with the RU and we like the color too! You'll have tons of fun getting your scent and fur all over the new one and I can't wait to see new hike pix. Thanks for showing the Ru commercial too...BOL funny!!
    Congrats on the sweet ride!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, ZooBaRoo Lover

  17. RIP was loved...but I'm glad you guys were able to get home before the death wiggles became full fledged no wiggles. I can't wait to see all your new noseartwork!!

    Mom and dad is talking of getting a new Anna Diva-mobile before our trip in September (we'll be back in NCarrylina...wink wink) cause we need more room for BP and Anna stuffs...

  18. *sniffle*...poor Hike Mobile....i shall watch for her comin over the Bridge....we free together...

  19. Those Hikemobiles get tired after a while, don't they? But it looks like you got a fun new one, Shawnee, with a lot of new hikes built in!

  20. BOL! You went car shoppin in a tow truck?!!! OMD! Hilarious!

    Zoobaroo's are cool :D

    Waggin at ya,