Monday, January 28, 2013

Hiking in Merryland

Wowser, do I has a pawtacular hike to tell you about!  You will not believe your eyeballs.  The boy and the girl was going to be at my house doing dirty laundry so me and mom could be gone all day long becoz they could let my sis Sydney out fur us.  So off we went.  Me and mom headed south to Merryland.
We was on the red trail becoz it matched my sporty red winter coat.
This trail went up crazy high ofur the Susquehanna River.  There was all kinds of seeniks.
Then we climbed down and walked on the old abandoned railroad tracks next to the river.  Sometimes the ground was gone but there was room fur my paws to walk around it.
We seened a great blue heron ofur on a rawk in the river.
And a red-bellied woodpeckah eating his breakfast.
Then I is all like la di da di da strolling along when mom hisses unner her bref "SHAWNEE! Behind me NOW!"  So fine, I go stand behind mom and look up and wot do I see?
Oh. My. Dawg.  It do be a bald eagle!  Mom wanted me behind her so I would not skeer him off.  He did stay fur a long time and we got like 87 pictures of him.
So then I is all like la di da di da back on the trail when we look up and see .....
A youngun bald eagle!  They do not get their white heads and tails until they is like 5 years old or sumpin, I furget exactly.
He flied away ...
... then came back to his same branch.
He wanted to show us his belleh.  Mom was all squeeeee ofur this.
Then I is back on the trail sniffing some pee mail when I look ofur at the river and I see ...
Mom and dad eagle, two eagle chillrens, grandma eagle and a black crow.  Say wha? A black crow?
So you see, gramma eagle ofur there was hasing herself some breakfast behind the rawk.  (Pee Ess - mom thinks all wildlife noms spaghetti so we lets her believe that, k?)  Anyways, right after this picture, that crow went and swipied some errrr, spaghetti from the eagle!
Such pawsomeness seeing these eagles all ofur the place enjoying a bootiful Sunday in the sun beams!
Scanning fur more eagles.
Hellooooooo! Any eagles at home here?
Can you stand just one more eagle picture?
Ta da!  Found some more!
OK, 'nuff with the eagles.  Here be some old timey stuffs.
Then back up the mountain to some more seeniks ofur the river.
And back to the hikemobile waiting fur me at the end.


  1. Wow!! EAGLES!! How gorgeous they are!

    mamma heartbeat

  2. Shawnee, why do dey call dem BALD when dey gots FUR?

    And...why isn't you turnin into a cube of ICE?

  3. OH Man Shawneed, that is such a very cool hike you were on. And the eagles were magnificent. You are so lucky to see so many and to see them so close up. What a great hike and we are so glad you took us along.

    Bert adn My Vickie

  4. Amazing, Shawnee. I needa learn that "behind me now" thing so I can go on more stringless walks. We have ducks, geese, and those wacky owls around here, and a buncha those woodpeckers. My mom's a bird nut. She woulda fainted a million billion times if she saw those eagles. By the way, sketti rules! Baroof!

    Lucky you for being able to go on such groovy hikes!

  5. Wow! All those eagles. They must have been having a family reunion. Mommy loves crows because they fearlessly do things like steal "spaghetti" from the big predators (or is that pasta eaters?) like eagles and coyotes and bobcats and stuff.

  6. That is a whole lot of eagles! I'm glad you got to go out and see so many of them and have such a great time!

    I love your coat, Shawnee! You're very styling!


  7. Our mom squeeee's when she sees hawls and stuff. Oh and quail. She loves quail. We have never seen a blak eagle. That is way cool!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. Yikes....thems big burds will haz a terrier likes me in their spaghetti masheen in a jiffy....

  9. Oh, WOW! Those were some cool pictures! Did you and your mom think you might see eagles on this hike or were they a complete surprise?

    That's a snazzy coat you're wearing, too. Hope it kept your belly warm!

  10. Lovely photos what great shots!

    Pawesome jacket too, I bet that keeps you warm


  11. I can't believe how many eagles you saw. That's so pawsome. I'm jealous. I've never seen one even though some live 10 minutes from our house. You'd think they'd come fly over our way, but nooooooooooooooo.

  12. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, looking gorgeous in red darling! What a fun walkie with so many cool birdies. Love those eagles. I sometimes see them too, but not that many! WOW
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. OH MY DOG! OH MY DOG! I can NOT believes ya'll gits da opportunity to sees real live Bald Eagles. We has only seen them in books and stuffs! Dat was worth da hike in da SNOW!
    I promise, I won't tells your mom what they is really eatin'...Lo Mein Noodles.


  14. We see a bald eagle or two every now and then, but never so close to get such wonderful pictures! Even if you were all 'la di da di da', Shawnee. :)

    Love your red coat...mine is purple, but the camera thinks it's blue. Crazy, huh?

  15. All we can say is WOW WOW WOW! Our mom has never seen a bald eagle up close and personal in da wild likes dat. Her is full of da jellyness fur sure. What a most amazing hike dis one wuz Shawnee!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and MAx

    PeeS Thanks oodles and doodles fur comin' to my pawty today!

  16. Hi Shawnee,
    Bow-WOW! Yet ANOTHER Amazing hike, it all looks so beautiful with the snow and the blue sky!
    Great photos of wildlife as ALWAYS, really love the photo of that Crow "sharing spaghetti" with that gorgeous Eagle!
    Speaking og GORGEOUS you look wonderful in your RED COAT nice and warm and easy for your Mom to see you!!
    No swimming on this hike, I bet the water was freeezing!!
    Love, Licks and hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxx