Friday, January 11, 2013

The Maiden Hike of the Hikemobile II

So on Tuesday mom put my blankie in the Hikemobile II and we went fur a test spin so I could try it out.
My lounging space.
Careful mom, no running into nuttin backing up out of the driveway!
I gibs it my approvals.
So on Wednesday we was off to a park in Phillydelphia.
This be a furry rugged park in the city of Phillydelphia.  We hiked a different pawt of it on Oct 26, just a few days afore that Hurrycane Sandy blowed through.
There is lots of old bridges and historical stuffs in these woods.
Here we is at the water but I was not pawmitted to get my furs wet coz mom say the water be furry pawlooted.  I think it be an excuse not to get my wet furs in the new hikemobile.
These is some big mossy rawks.
I has to take an alternate route coz that bridge do not feel good on my paws.
I tried to find an alternate route around that thing up there but there be nuttin.  Wait until you see wot is in there!

I survived the tunnel of horrors.
Here be some HurryCane Sandy casualties.
I dunno wot this is out in the woods but it sure do feel good on my paws.
Wowser, a big bridge!
There be a furry old wall.  Back in the olden says there was mills and stuff here.
We went to this old timey village.
I put my paw prints by some old letters in a rawk.
Some pritty falling waters.
I worked furry hard to collect some of the trail to bring back to the Hikemobile II but what did mom do?  She wiped it off of me!
My paw prints did not even  make it on the Hikemobile.
But my furs, they do show up so furry nicely on the black carpet, no?

So I is happy to repawt that the Hikemobile II did a furry good job getting us to our hike and back and waited furry nicely fur us in the pawking lot.  The pooter in the Hikemobile telled us we was getting 39 miles per gallon on the turnpike - wowser!  Think of the pawsibilities - we can go rilly far now!


  1. Yay for the new Hikemobile!


  2. Hi Shawnee!
    OMD the Hikemobile II is excellent and full of good technology!
    I loved your work in Phillydelphia Park, I loved to see you walk amid all that historical buildings, rawks and bridges in those woods!
    These is some big mossy rawks.
    You were VERY brave to cross that brige, I know that you tried to take an alternate route but you did VERY well to cross it, not only was is scary to look down but it looked like you were having a lot of trouble on your poor paws.
    I loved the video of you crossing the bridge REALLY slowly, you can see how it was affecting you, you can see that you were struggling to walk on the metal grids - what was down there? Frogs???
    I loved the photo of the pretty falling waters, its all very beautiful there! The most beautiful photo is YOU by the green moss covered rawks!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing another wonderful adventure, my new years resolution is to find new places to take my Mum on to hike and walk!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  3. Hi Shawnee, I am so glad to see the hikemobile worked out for you. And I bet your human feels much safer and not worried it will stop somewhere and not start.

    Love the park hike today, sorry you didn't get to be wet, but I am sure you will find good water to play in soon.

    see yaBert

  4. Shawnee! It's nice to see you again! It's tough work breaking in a new vehicle. You must leave a satisfactory layer of hairs, slobbers, nose prints and dirt for it to really get comfy. We are still working on mamma's car.


  5. Oooo that looks like such mystical hiking trails. How fun that you get to be so noble and off leash! I wish I had that kind of restraint. I like the pic by the cool rivery stream. yay for Hikemobiles! Tell Laura to get one. I want to enjoy to places!

  6. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, what a perfect initiation for the new Ru! Looks like it got you there in style. Great pix and as you crossed that bridge I wanted to say ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch with every step. Very brave to cross that. Congrats again on the sweet ride!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. Oh Shawnee! We think you are the bravest gurl effur to cross that bridge!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. Girl, you always be makin' has da giggles. I is so happy you was theres to guide your mom's drivin'.
    But I so be very much impressed dat you went through dat horrific tunnel...dat is some braveries fur sure. I not thinks even I would has done dat.
    But ummmm, where is your jerky, did your mom furgets it dis trip?


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  10. I'm glad that Sandy didn't knock down any of the historical stuff and the cool bridges! Too bad Sandy couldn't have helped with the tunnel of horrors, though...

  11. Hikemobile II sounds like it's working out just fine.

    I can't believe you were brave enough to go thru that tunnel of horrors. Even my mom couldn't go thru that tunnel. She doesn't like see thru floors. They make her dizzy.

  12. Boy Howdy Shawnee you are back in bidness NOW. The Hikemobile is superb. OH the RAWKS and Falling Waters... HOW I HAVE MISSED THEM. THANKS Girrrrrl.

    BUTT I would have insisted on being CARRIED across that scary bridge.

  13. We think the HikemobileII is super. It is beautiful for sure. And we enjoyed seeing that park in Philadelphia. Thanks.

    Have a great weekend.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  14. Woohoo - congratulations on the new hikemobile. I know it will get a good workout in your family. he he - you even got to go on another great hike. We always love seeing the bootiful pictures.

  15. Very cool hikemobile! We'd have that white interior marked with mud immediately too...Your seat-saver saved the day!
    BabyRD & Hootie

  16. Shawnee, you are, by far, the most awesome girl! You were so good walking on that crazy bridge! That is a great park you guys found in Philly. Glad to hear the Hikemobile II is doing such a great job. That Old Timey Village is so neat and glad to see you had more falling waters. Love that bridge above it.

  17. You did furry well wiv dat bridge my pal....i would haz refused dat and insisted on some carrying....the Hikesmobile looks will be better wiv some Snout Smears at da back

  18. You need to work on your mommy letting you dogify the Hikemobile II. Oh, and Mommy would have been stopped short by that bridge made of grating. When she has to walk on grating she looks a lot like you did in the movie, and a stretch that long, no way she'd have made it!

  19. Howdy Shawnee, ahhh we;re so glad you took us hiking again. Your new hikemobile looks like it will get a good workout. We think you are the bravest girl ever to go through the very scarey tunnel. We loved the rock wall cause we have the same near where we live! You have the best park and places to hike Shawnee. They are filled with interesting things you lucky girl.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. That looks like a lovely place to hike.

  21. Wow! 39mpg! Holey Hikemobiles!

    Shawnee you are one very brave girl crossin that scarey bridge :O

    Great hike to break in the Zoobaroo with! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  22. Oh Dang! I furgot to mention... I'm flyin a 'group' of gals to the V-Day Dance. Ya wanna come with me/us? Leer Jet is gettin a bit cramped butt we'll make room for YOU :)

    Waggin at ya,

  23. Hey Shawnee! Long time no see! Looks like a great hike - and yeah, Roo is right you are super brave to cross that bridge.

    Your pal, Pip

  24. WE loves the new hikemobile, looks very comfy for you :)


  25. Hi Shawnee - This doesn't have anything to do with a hike, but pass the word about the dangers of our hoomans' medicines. I got too curious yesterday and it was a skeery thing! Here's the number for the animal poison control peeples.

    P.S. Love the new hikemobile!