Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hiking the Rolling Hills of Pennsylvania

Hey furrends!  Sorry I has been away so long again.  We has been bizzy, bizzy, bizzy here.  Anyways, I has to tell you about my hike from Monday coz I seened some furry pawsome things.
This hiking trail do be going fur 30 miles around the whole lake but we did not hike all 30 miles, just 13 miles.  There is furry good sniffs all around this lake.  I is at the dam here so you cannot see the lake yet.  Just a minit...
This be the lake.  Well pawt of it coz it be furry big and I cannot fit it in one picture.
So many good sniffs.  Ahhhhhh!
Well howdy cuzzin!
Her dad whistled and she taked off like a bullit.
No wonner there be such good sniffs here - there be a skwerrel trail!
On the top of the hills was farm fields.
Snooter still in overdrive while mom was playing with the camera.
The wevver got warm so we sat in the sunbeams in a corn field atop a hill and I nommed on chickun jerky fur our break.
A belleh rub would has been nice but mom would not gib me one.  I wonner why not.
Mom always did say I need some mud flaps like those big rigs has.
This woz the seenik from our break spot.  It was nice to has a warm day to sit down and rest in a pritty place.  It has been too cold all winter until this hike.
Then we went through this old timey historical farm place.
OMD!  An old timey peeple potty!
Wowser, look wot I found!
They be Scottish Highland cattle way ofur here in the You Ess of A.
On our way back at the end of the hike ...
... we stopped at the new fangled peeple potty at the boat launch.
Shhhh.  I was nefur in here, k?
Here we is back at the dam.  It woz such a bootiful warm (and muddy!) day.
So I dunno if'n this skwerrel hitched a ride back with us from that skwerrel trail or wot but I has nefur seened a BLACK skwerrel in MY yard.  Well, he runned across my deck, went to the side of the house and grabbed an apple core (BLECH!) wot mom throw out fur the skwerrels (crazee, I know) and sat in MY front yard and nommed it!


  1. Shawnee, we always look forward to hearing about your hikes! This one looks SO interesting! Morgan and I would have been on that squirrel trail for sure. Funny, I've seen Mo and Kus both have the same issue with their fuzzy bellies!

  2. Hi Shawnee and mom, so good to see you posting about your hiking adventure. I can not go so I am glad you are sharing yours with us. I enjoy "going" with you in spirit. Awesome. You are a good tour guide.

  3. What a cool hike! If we had seen any squirrels on that squirrel run we would have chased them so they ran and ran right over that dam:) Very interesting cattle - never seen those before.

    Thanks for sharing your fun hike, Shawnee.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Shawnee Dear FUREND... we have missed your hikes. Mean ol Mr. Winter has not been as good to you as he was LAST winter.

    THIS was a fabbo Hike.. We loved the Squirrel Trail. AND then you even SAW a BLACK One at your HOUSE. He must have had QUITE a HIKE.. Himself.

    The Old Peeple Potty... We would prefer the NEW one... butt of COURSE you were NEVER in THERE.
    We are soooooo glad that you are BACK with us. We have TRULY missed your hikes.

  5. We have never seen a black squirrel anywhere, and we LOVED the hairy cow. ~Fenris & Tui

  6. That cow was REALLY hairy! And a black squirrel?! How cool! Our squirrels are gray. At Grandma's house, the squirrels are all brown.

    Did you have to have a bucket bath before you could get back in the Hikemobile 2?

  7. Hey Miss Shawnee! Thanks for sharin' your hike with us. It looks like a very purty place. Mom says she and dad saw black squirrels in Stanley Park in Vancouver. She thought they were pretty. Sheesh. Peeps!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  8. OMD...That is one FAT tree rat! We only have skinny mini tree rats here in Florida.

    And no snows up where you are??? That lake is b-u-t-ful and it doesn't look like a skating rink!

    And what's a little mud as long as you didn't get a.....baf!

  9. Another great hike, and nobody will ever know you went into the potty with your mom I'm sure!

  10. Howdy Shawnee, oh thank goodness you took us for another hike. We were starting to get a little chunky around the middle hehe. Mum laughed at the old people potty cause when she was a little girl (so long ago...) they had a house with one like that! Did ya get to play chasey with your squirrel friend? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Wow, Shawnee - I've never heard of
    Scottish Highland cattle before! I like the color of their furs! Thanks for sharing another pawsome hike with us :)

  12. OMD, Shawnee! You saw a Highland Cow? Mom and Dad went on a quest in Scotland one time to find some. They are magnificent creatures!

  13. Mom would like to try that hike with the big dogs. She is sure she could do all 30 miles in one day on Baron.