Saturday, February 2, 2013

Too Cold to Hike Today ...

... and snow tomorrow so I prolly won't get to go tomorrow either.  Mom say it be too cold fur my old bones out there.  She rilly means it be too cold fur HER old bones but I humor her.  I did get a consolation prize, tho.  Mom left a while ago to meet some peeples who wanted to know if'n she would come feed their kittehs while they is away but they wanted to meet mom furst to be sure she likes animals and is not a weirdo and stuffs.  (Apparently, they has not seen my bloggie, BOL.)  So they met at the Golden Arches.  Drool.  I was not invited.  Bummer.  I so think I can pass as a Seeing Eye Dog and be allowed in.  But anyways...
Do not toy with me mom.  That wozn't no stinkin' coffee I smelled when you walked in the door.
OMD OMD OMD, I cannot believe my snooter.  Can it rilly be?

WOWZER!  DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERS!!!!  SIX OF THEM!!!  The laydee sent them home with mom fur us.  Do a scratch-n-sniff on your monitors - DROOL!

The laydee told mom to give us all of them fur dinner but mom only gived us one each coz she said we was snarfing them down too fast.  But that be how you is supposed to eat cheeseburgers, no? 


  1. Almost worth missing a walk. ALMOST. Do stay warm my friend. We finally made it through our sub freezing weather adn this week has been marvelous.
    See ya on the next go round

  2. SIX HAMBURGERS!!!!!!!!! OMD!!!
    You looked like you were going to wag yourself in half when your mom let you put your snoot in the bag. But boy were you giving poor Sydney the stink eye for coming to see what was in it.

  3. WE can NOT believe you got ALL those CHEESEBURGERS... just fur you and not fur your mom or any other two legger.

    Of course she prolly just keeped them from you and made up that silly rool about not noming too fast... belcaws she was all green with Jellyness over NOT getting 87 Cheeseburgers fur HERSELF. THAT do be how wimmen peeps are.

  4. Oh my dog, I am speechless ...SIX CHEESEBURGERS!!! No words necessary ...this is the most wonderful post ever!

    Your drooling pal, Pip

  5. Oh, my dogness, Shawnee. You scored!!

  6. That laydee rocks sending home six cheeseburgers for you two! Your mom, being a typical mom, kind of is a bummer not letting you eat them all. I can't believe how good Sydney is while you have your snooter in that bag.

    Simba is so skinny that we always tell him, "Eat a cheeseburger." I think Mama needs to make a McDonald's run.


  7. OMC herz tried to gib u coffee! MOL


    WOW when u guys stays in u stays in! I likes dat.

  8. HOLY TOLEDO! You and Sydney got SIX double cheeseburgers?! My mom's never let me have a singe one! Maybe you should repossess me...

  9. Does mom know that Hardee's sausage biskies are the bestest ever too? Dad brings me one sometimes and I gets to be in nom nom nom doggie heaven. I'm getting all drooly just thinkin about it!

  10. Six cheeseburgers?!? Fur real?!?
    Wow - you lucky dogs!
    p.s. no fries??? :)

  11. Too cold? we didn't think that was possible

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. Oh MY DOG Shawneeeeeeeee!
    You are soooooo lucky, I'm filled with Jellyness!
    I need a bigger monitor to scratch-n-sniff it!
    I get a Whopper Burger from Burger King once a year on my annual Dog Holiday, you may have seen me nomming on one last October! I just love burgers, the gooey cheese, the meaty goodness and oh the wonderful smell that just takes over my nose and fills my mind with pleasure! There is NOTHING like a burger!!!
    I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, all of you! You are indeed one lucky dog indeed!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  13. Thanks for sharing. We like your blog a lot.