Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hiking with Daisy

Well furrends, I has been out of hiking commission fur a couple of weeks.  By order of my chiropractor.  My right back leg has been all gimpy after hiking and mom could tell I was not hasing much fun towards the end of the hikes coz of my leg.  So I rested.  I was bored.  I entertained Frankie Furter and Ernie's great-great-great-great-great-great gramma last week.  Well, she could be.  See fur yourself.
This do be Annie.  She stayed at my B&B.  She be 16 years old and do be blind and deaf.  We rested togedder. 
So I went back to my chiropractor yesterday and he did say I can start hiking again.  Mom has been emailing with my V-E-T and they has decided that I should take Rimadyl only on hiking days coz I rilly do not need it efurry day yet.  My V-E-T has been saying fur years that I has Arthur-I-Tis in my knee and he might be gibbing me troubles now but because of Arthur-I-Tis, I needs to keep hiking to keep my muscles in shape.  I has been taking the Glue-Co-Za-Mean and stuffs fur years.  I is 12 years old and mom do take the Advils so she can hike.  Only fair, no?

So yesterday I did a little short hike, not even 3 miles, with my furrend Daisy who be staying at my B&B this week.  Daisy be a 4-year-old Malti-Poo.  She would only hike if'n I was leading the way.  If'n I wanted to hike behind mom, Daisy would not hike.  So I had to be the leader the whole time.  OK, so here do be the video of our hike.  The YouTubes did mess up the beginning but it get's better in a sec.


  1. You haz da best Kwality guests at yer B&B Shawnee...I am sorry to be readin bout Mr Arthur-I-Tis tho...that must be ard fur you....keeps up da good werk tho my pal and stay strong an elffy

  2. Oh be such a cutie pie! Brudder Max is panting! You gonna be a good hiker like Shawnee....well cept for maybe da water pawt. Looks like you don't care fur wadin in da water...

    Shawnee...take care of dat knee of yours. You need it fur hiking 'n stuffs!

  3. Shawnee! You turned Miss Daisy into an agility dog!! We loved watching her figure out how to cross the stream! Great hike! I has the arthritis in my HELLbow. I has been resting, too. Dr. Sarah says I should take my rimadyl before I hike, so I'm gonna try that. Nice to sees you!!


  4. Hehe her little feets just go go go to keep up with you! I do hope your leg is feeling better. Those pain meds are good for that type of stuff. We always have some on hand for those days when I do a bit too much and my back starts giving me ouchies.

  5. Great video Shawnee. I think your new friend is so cute, and she seemed to enjoy the hike too. Love the music, video, pictures, and of course seeing you hiking.

  6. You had a perfect companion for when you had to stay at home and rest. And another for that pawsome hike! I'm really glad you're feeling better again, Shawnee. This getting old business is for the birds...not us!

  7. That was a very nice 3 mile hike. I wish my short hikes were that cool. Daisy was silly not to go in and get herself all wet and muddy.

  8. OMD Daisy made a MIGHTY LEAP across that RAGING TORRENT!!

    Hey Annie just MIGHT be our grrrreat grandma.. Poor girrrl deaf and blind... YOU were so good to her. She must have LOVED that.
    AND you gave us our daily fix of RAWKS and Falling waters.... GIRRRL you had it all today.
    NOW, we are very much sorry to that your hip is giving your troubles and not wanting to go for LONG walks. Ernie and I have our Paws Crossed that it will be all better soon.

  9. I'm sorry about your arthritis, Shawnee. Daisy sure is a cute and such a trooper to get over those tree logs and cross that creek when she clearly didn't want to. She's definitely a hiker in the making.

    My heart goes out to Annie. She made me think of Lucy. What a sweet, dear girl and you were sweet, Shawnee, to just rest with her. You're the best. You really are.

  10. Look at that sweet Annie - 16!!! Amazing. And you look like you were protecting her so nicely, Shawnee. We are so sorry Mr. Arthur-i-tis is bothering you, but we hope the Rimadyl will help. You and Daisy had a great hike - she sure is a cutie.

    Hope you can get in a nice hike this weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. What a pawsome hike. You always go the prettiest places.

    I'm surprised that Daisy didn't get dirty and kept her furs so nice and clean.

  12. What a wonderful video and hike. You are a terrific leader Shawnee. Daisy seemed to really enjoy it too.

    Have a great weekend.

    Hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  13. Morgan and I have been drooling to see more of your hiking adventures! I'm so glad you're back at it. We've missed you!


  14. We are glad you are feeling better and back to hiking!


  15. Hi Shawnee - It's me Lexi da Shih Tzu. I'm eleben years old and got me sum bad knees. I have Arthur T Itis there because I have sumthin' called Paw-tell-her luk-say-shun which is just a fancy name to say my kneecaps are out of da sockets. I do be takin pills and Missin' Link and that helps. I hope yur feeling back to hikin condishun soon.

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  17. I have two arthritic shepherds that hike every day in Harriman or one of the nearby parks. They are thirteen and twelve but they still love their hikes. I guess you just have to take it easy -- but that's not so easy to do, especially since Harriman is so beautiful. My oldest shepherd spent five years in the shelter, until he was nine, so I feel like every day is a Big Freedom DAy for him, and I want to make up for all those bad days!

    But I was glad to see your doctor recommended more hiking for arthritis. I've always wondered if I was doing them a disservice by getting out on the trail every day, but here they are at their advanced age, doing pretty good!

    Good for you, Shawnee!

  18. It is good news that you can get back to hiking! New medicines are never fun but they are necessary. Thank you for sharing.

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