Thursday, August 1, 2013

Still Here!

So sorry efurrybuddy that I has been slacking so badly on my bloggie.  I has been so bizzy at the B&B this summer.  We is turning dogs away efurry day coz we is so booked.  So by the time I gets done entertaining the guests and mom gets done doing the B&B bloggie so their peeps can see that their dogs is hasing a better vacay then they is hasing (neener, neener) we is just all bloggied out.

I has still been hiking but between that Arthur-Itis and the hawt, hoomid wevvers we was hasing, it was hard to hike fur me. The heat gets to me more now and I has been furry gimpy with my Arthur-Itis leg.  That means I follow behind mom so I is not in any pictures to show you.  But yesterday we hiked, it was cooler, I taked some Rimadyl, and I was hasing more fun so I is in the pictures!  I show you.

See, here I is, leading the way like old times.
Gather your peeps around so they can all SQUEEEEEEEE ofur the baby.  (Mom did, sigh.)
You coming, mom?
Did you efur feel like somebuddy be watching you?
OMD, anudder one.  You can just call me the Deer Whisperer.
Here we come to a seenik ....
Wot kind of seenik do this be?
OMD, it do be a quarry, like...
But I did find us some falling waters and the water noise made the quarry noise go away.
Ahhh, nice and peaceful and quiet here.
Oh.  Hai!
Almost finished. 
While mom was bizzy with the bugs,
I rested in the grass.
Here do be a couple of videos of me entertaining the B&B guests.


  1. OMD...Shawnee, I's missed you soooooo much. Gweat seein you again! Is you sure you was still on Planet Earth? Me didn't nose there was such a beautiful place on Earth. Loved all da seeniks, da deer furiends, and da falling waters (as long as dey don't fall on me)


  2. Miss Shawnee! You is the hostess with the mostesst!! Your furiend Pepper looks like he could be part rottie - he is quiet handsome. Me and Ruby both have the Arthur-Itis, too. It's been a little cooler here, so I gotted to go to the ponds yesterday. Thank goodness for Rimadyl and also for the Adequan - it's a shot that mom gives us every 4 days for a while and then once a month. It makes a HOOGE difference! Nice to see yous!


  3. So very nice to see you and your hiking ways again! I'm glad you were feeling well enough to lead your momma through those hikes. I'm sure she gets lost when you follow behind her!

  4. Yeah! Glad the cooler weathers helped you get out in front and show your mom the way!

  5. We bet you and Mom are doing a fantastic job with your B & B, but we have missed you. So good to see all the pics from your hikes. Mom did go all squee-y over that baby deer.

    We don't think you know this, but we are now a pack of three. We very suddenly and sadly lost our sweet boy Thunder on July 1 to the evil "C". He was only 7 and we are all still reeling from the loss. But watching you have fun on the trails brought smiles to our faces.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Yay! You are back! I know how you feel that arthritis in bad. I rarely walk ahead of Mommy anymore. Sounds like you have been very busy being a good hostess tho.

  7. The sister what lived with my hoomans before me had the arthur. I heared she didn't like the heat much too. I know it slows me down when I'm outside. I likes to stretch out on the floor in the hooman house in front of my wind blowy machine. Happy to hear your baroof again!

  8. So glad to see you've been out hiking again... boo hiss to the Arthur-itis.
    I don't walk so far in the heat either, we do most of our big walks when its cooler.

  9. Oh Shawnee, we have missed you so much! I'm really glad to see that you're still having your hiking adventures. You're one of my biggest inspirations!


  10. Howdy Shawnee. It is gooooood to see ya. We've missed our hikes together and might have put on a few kilos hehe. Sorry about Arthur Itis visiting you. He's a right pain. Mum says he visits her too. Your parks looked to green and cool. Where we are, in summer, everything is sorta brown and yellow and dry. Keep cool sweetie pie. We love ya heaps.
    NO worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. We be slakhking here on khommenting and reading and reading and khommenting -

    It is sooo khool woo are SO booked at your B&B -

    Too bad Khamp Khyra isn't khloser fur your guests to visit!

    Thanks fur sharing the furry pawesome walk!

    Mom used to work at a place with a big big khwarry - so she especially snikhkered at the Fred graphikh!

  12. Ello for you my good to see yoo agane....i ope you is hazzin a good summer and the gren papers from the BnB is byin up all the noms....

  13. We've missed you, Shawnee, but so glad you're back! Darn ol' Arthur-itis anyway. Loved your bumblebee picture--I posted one today too!

  14. You have the prettiest hikes! What was the little yellow square with the umbrella on the one tree?