Friday, May 31, 2013

Catching Up On Memorial Day Weekend Hikes

Hi furriends!  I has a minit to catch you up now.  Been bizzy, bizzy again and yesterday I had to go to the V-E-T coz I had an owie in my ear.  It do not be an ear infection down in my ear but an ulcer and inflammation right inside the opening of my ear.  Efurry time mom would try to look at it or put stuff in it (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) I would suck my ear shut, hide my head, whimper, whine, you know, the whole Drama Queen act.  So yesterday at the V-E-T I sat pawfectly still, did not make a sound, and let the V-E-T put her instruments of torture in my ear.  I taked it like a man.  Mom woz shocked.  Hehehehehe, I so like to toy with her sometimes.  Anywoo, I has to let mom put meds in my ear now (with the full whining and whimpering routine) but it be getting better now so we is hopeful this be the fix fur it.

So furstly I start you off with a video of my hike with Kacey, our B&B guest ofur the weekend.  But I must warn you:  KEEP YOUR PEEPS AWAY FROM YOUR MONITORS!  Why?  Coz they will be all SQUEEEEEEEEEE when they see Kacey.  She be a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and peeps get all gaga ofur her.  Sigh.

Then Monday we had to leave Kacey at home coz we woz doing a big 12 mile hike in the mountains and ravines and stuffs and it would have been too hard and too long fur Kacey.
Here I goes off into the woods.
These be trails fur horses but hikers is allowed too.  We did not see any horses.
It woz dark in here but the pine needles is soft on my paws.
Mom wanted me to put this in.  It had no pee mail on it so not impawtant to us.
Ah, some nice refreshing waters!
Check out the mess that Sandy made.  These trails just opened up last month after being closed coz of that Sandy.
Some pawts is still closed coz the roads is brokened.
This be a belted kingfisher and they be loud and noisy.  I would get into trouble fur woofing as much as he chatters.
Pritty forests.
Stopping fur chickun jerky reenergizations.
Cooling off my paws by the falling waters.
So we is hiking along and here do be this turkey snoozing in the middle of the trail!
That "gobble-gobble-gobble" be mom trying to talk turkey at the turkey.  SOOOO embarrassing!
In fact, when mom started gobbling at the turkey, the turkey taked off ....
... and hided way up in the tree to get away from the crazy lady!
Holy smoked chickun, check out this gargantuous uprooted tree!
There be this old timey farm we seened.
And anudder creek fur cooling of the furs.
Then we climbed up high to...
... a seenik!  We is standing in Pencilvania looking into Noo Joisey and that be the Deliware River down there.
We could spy on peeps in canoes.
And take a break in the shades.
Wowser, a whole pond to cool off in. 
Fun times!
Oh, and I has some kwestions to answer from some of my furriends and I do that now.

How do we keeps from getting lost?
We had a big hiking rule #1 - NO MAP, NO HIKE!  Sometimes it be hard to find maps but mom researches and researches and researches (one reason she always be hogging my pooter) so we has a map and a plan and that do keep us from getting lost.  Most of the time.

Do we ever get lost?
Never. (That sound be mom snickering in the background.)  Sure, we has made a wrong turn or lost the trail coz it fizzles out but we has always found our way back thanks to MY snooter.  If'n there be a trail, I can snooter it out so sometimes when mom can't see the trail coz it not be well-defined, she has learned to trust my snooter and follow me coz mom has no sense of direction wotsoefur.  Has my snooter efur been wrong?  Well, mebbe one or twice.

Do we always follow the red marked trail?
The trails can be different colors or sometimes no colors at all.  The map usually tells us wot color we wants to follow.  This last hike had no colors just posts at intersections (sometimes) so we had to watch the map closely to know when and where to turn.  But us dogs don't see colors like peeps so we has to rely on our snooters.  The colors is fur the peeps.

Do we let peeps visit our B&B?
No peeps allowed.  Only dogs is allowed, BOL.


  1. Shawnee your B&B furend is the SAME kind as our furend TOBY from the land of OZ.. Toby does Not have a blog though.. they could be

    OMD what a lovely hike you had.. we like the small falling waters and rawks fur coolin your feets.
    That TURKEY was amazing... furst sleeping then FLYING ... and hiding.

  2. Shawnee I am still laughing at you, your Momma and the Turkey, it was so funny when your Momma tried to speak to him and he flew away! BOL!
    I love your wonderful hikes, this one had EVERYTHING it had beautiful seeniks, waters for swimming, chicken jerky break, the turkey, the old farm house, the wonderful wildlife like that pretty blue flower and the burst in the tree, the peeps in the canoe,oh boy just about everything you could ask for in a really good adventure! I'm a Pugalier, which is half Pug and half King Charles Cavalier like Kacey is, She looks exactly like my birth Mum! My Mum did get all squeee with the video but always squeeeing over you, she thinks you are so beautiful and amazing and says that she would love to give mye a GSD brother or Sister one day!
    I like your question and answer session, very cool, I also like your B&B blog, I've checked it out a few times now and its great! I love thTat the Pawrents can see what their fur babies are doing while they are away! I've just been on holiday with my Mum, Dad and our friends we had a great time! I went for lots of walks on different beaches!
    I'm sorry to hear about your poor ear Shawnee, I hope you are better soon!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  3. Howdy Shawnee, hope your ear is feeling better. We loved your hikes and you were right. Mum did squeeeee when she saw little Kacey. She looked like a great hiking companion. We love going hiking with you and are glad you always follow the maps or your nose cause sometimes it looks like you are in middle of woop woop (that's a term mum uses for the middle of no where hehe). Have a great weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. We didn't know your mum spoke turkey!

  4. Ear goobers? I'm sure glad your Mom and the V-E-T got that all sorted out. And that little Kacey--well, Mom did the SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE thing. I hope you don't mind....

    Actually, I was more interested in those places where you found water. It is so important for our well-being, don'tcha think?

  5. First of all, let's get to that ear - do let Mom put the meds in there so it will be all better soon.

    Super hike with Kacey - you are right, the Momster is squeeing - how do you keep her so white and that tail so nicely groomed? She is very sweet.

    Great big hike for you and Mom - fun seeing the turkeys and the great conversation b/w Tom Turkey and Mom:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Wow... we loved the video and we loved the hike. I wish we lived closer so we could go on a hike with you, but HH doesn't let us outdoors,... so it might be a problems

    Anyway, have a great weekend.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  7. A pawsome hikes my pal as per.....SQuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeee ....oops, sorry...he he

  8. Loved the movie!

    The Lady and I laughed about the turkey! MOL! You wanted to give it smooches but all that turkey talk drove it away. The Lady says she knew it was PA by looking at your pictures before reading the location because PA is always so very green and just filled with trees. If we move back (well, it wouldn't be back for me), she wants to go to that place for sure. That kingfisher sure would make great snack.

    Hope your ear is getting better!

    p.s. If we ever meet up some day, maybe just maybe you'll share some of your chicken jerky. :)

  9. I so wish we could go hiking with you one day. It is so pretty!


  10. Shawnee - I loved the video of your hike with Kacey!!!

  11. Shawnee our peeps will be crushed you have the best B&B ever. We really like your water bowl, Mommy is thinking of getting me and Tuiren one, we get HOT on our beach walks and lots of times the water fountain things don't work. Kacey did elicit a squee from the Mom, so did the belted kingfisher for that matter.

    Mom & Dad get lost when they go hiking, that's what they get for not taking their dogs with them.
    Your pal, Fenris

  12. Hi Bizzy Shawnee - I'm sorry about your ear owie and hope that the medisins do make it better. I went to the Dogtor fur a check up Friday and I wuz not happy! He poked and prodded and squeezed me and then stuck a ther-mo-meter in my bottom and skwerted something in my noz! I wanted to use my ears to fly off the table! Then he gibbed me a humongus needle -OMD, I wuz glad to get outta there!
    As use-u-well we enjoyed yur co-men-tury and pikshurs of the hike. You are so smart to be able to identify all the birds and to snooter out seeniks. My Mom wants to know what kind of camera yur Mom uses. She is looking for a small camera that takes good pikshurs and haz a zoom(ie) lens. Have a nice week,
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  13. More fun hikes and with a new doggie friend too! You are lucky.

  14. Wowzer, I really really wish we could come on walks with you, they're just like what I like best. We does big walks and mum has got the maps on her iBone so there is a dot on the map showing us where we are. Sometimes that doesn't help much BOL.
    I loves your video too - mum is wishing she knew how to do clever stuff like that on the Mac.
    x Teagan x

  15. What a fun hike. Me and the boss takes lots of hike too. You never know what you'll run into...:)Have fun,
    Baron the GSD

  16. Kaycey may be a cutie barktootie, but Shawnee, you the booteeeful one. GSDs like us are regal and gots the best posture and stuff. That blue iris is bark worthy. Tell mom that was a pretty snappy snap. You gots my mom looking at trails in our area. She bes walking real good now that her knees are new and stuff. Hoomans and their knees. Good to read you again! I need to snitch mom's laptop and do some doggie bloggin soon.

    P.S. I went to the V-E-T yesterday just to pick up flea juice, and I got to go in and say hi and have the gals go gaga over me for a little bit. It didn't hurt at all but it sure smelled like a million bazillion dogs.