Sunday, August 25, 2013

Catching Up

Hey efurrybuddy!  I is hoping that after Laboring Day things quiet down a little here coz I needs a break from this B&B laboring!  OK I did has a day off the udder day and I will tells you bout that in a minit but I want to show you my hike furst with my boarding buddy, "he ain't nuttin but a coonhound" Bruno.  You knows, before he came to stay with us (this be his second stay) he was kicked out of 3 B&B's in ONE WEEK fur being naughty, BOL.  But my mom, she do be rilly bossy, so he lissens to her.  I told him to trust me, easier to do wot she says then she shuts up.  Plus mom say if'n we keeps him tired, he be a good boy so I has to take him hiking.  So anyways, here do be my hike with Bruno.

Did you see how I had to SHOW him how to get his furs wet?  It do be an outrage that he knows nuttin about that.  Well, now he do.

So then on Furiday I had to go to the V-E-T fur mom to LEAVE ME THERE!  NOOOOOOOOO!  Well, I do get the speshul treatments becoz mom is furrends with my V-E-T so she stays with me until I goes to sleep then the V-E-T calls mom to come get me when I is waking up coz I gets rilly freaked out being left at the V-E-T.  But you would not beleef wot mom did while I woz getting my toofers cleaned and my bum leg x-rayed.  Well, see fur youselfs.

This woz the look on my face when mom walkied in telling the V-E-T how much funs she had.
Not amused.
Keep in mind my mom has not been on a bike in ofur 30 years.  She could has brokened her neck and nefur come back to get me!  Do she be crazy?  So anyways, I has clean toofers now but the V-E-T stole two of them.  She say it be furry strange coz it be the same toof on either side of my mouf and they both had the same hole straight thru them.  I is not telling how that happened, BOL.  Now, my bum leg...  The V-E-T say that long ago I had a partial cruciate ligament tear but it didn't make enuff owies for me to let mom know about it.  But it made a great home for that Arthur Itis to move in and he has quite a mansion going in my knee.  We do want to do the Adequan needles (Thanks Otto, Ruby and Bart ofur there at the Rottrovers fur telling me how good the Adequan werks!) but they is not making the Adequan now.  They say they going gib it back to the V-E-T end of August.  So we is waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  The good news do be that I is under the V-E-T's orders to keep on hiking.  Yay!  We just has to keep it shorter than wot we used to do but it gibs us a chance to visit all the smaller parks that was not big enuff fur me before.

Oh, and I almost furgotted, I has to answer a question fur Sam.  He do be asking from my last hike
What was the little yellow square with the umbrella on the one tree?
That do be a trail marker, Sam.  It woz a picture of a tree on the yellow square.  That do be so the peeps can find their way and not get lost.  We just use our snooters to find the way but peeps doesn't has good snooters like us so they need markers to follow. 


  1. OMD Shawnee WE are SOOOOO happy to see you and hear from you. You have been missed somethingy FIERCE.
    You REALLY showed that guy how to HIKE and Get Wet and Behave himself so he no be thrown outta your B & B.
    OMD the VET Stole TWO of your teefs? And found Arthur in your knee? We are so sorry about Both of those thingys... Butt at least you have other teefs and you wil STILL be able to take some Shawnee Hikes.
    Hurry Back girrrrl.

  2. I's so Hap-PEE to sees you! I nose you keep your boardin buddy in line! And..holee smokey...Mommy rode dat 2 wheeler when you wasn't dere to keep an eye on her??? Oh dear. I wonder if da dogter got a visit from da toof fairy fur keeping your toofs under his pillow???

    Hap-Pee Sun-Day!

  3. Ah Shawnee, It is nice to get online and see you again.

  4. Glad the vet gave you the go ahead to hike. Can you believe Tuiren doesn't like getting wet and won't go in the water at the beach. I go wading now, the water cools your paws right off. ~Fenris

  5. Morgan and Küster are so glad you taught him about getting in the water!

    I am so glad to read about your adventures again! What a wise vet you have to prescribe hiking.


  6. Looked like you had a good hike and I am happy you showed Bruno how to get his furs wet. I am a little jealous too because we moved to a new house so I can't get my fur wet everyday. I think mom has to take me on a hike, we don't even get to go to the Brown cabin this year where I could swim cause of the move. Oh we'll.

    Strange about your teeth. Mom says her dentist was impressed that she got cracks in the same teeth on both sides and they had teeny roots so they had to come out. She has this thing she wears to make up for the missing teeth but us dogs don't need weird stuff like that.

    And because we moved I had to go to the V-E-T an extra time. It was okay though - no needles and he said I was doing good.

  7. It has been forever since I've seen you, Shawnee! I was laughing about Bruno being kicked out of 3 B&Bs in one week. The lady thinks his peeps probably didn't think it was funny, but your mom must be super bossy to keep him in line. Good thing hikes tire him out. That was so cool that he learned the joy of wet furs from you. He sure was unsure at first.

    Sorry about the teeth and the knee but thank goodness you can still hike! I hope you're doing well and your mom too!

  8. Great to see you, Shawnee, and pal along on your hikes with Bruno. We love watching you dip your body down in the water to cool your tummy:) And Mom says that a tired dog is a good dog - exercise works wonders:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Howdy Shawnee. So good to see ya sweetie pie. Now first off, we are sooo glad you and your mum cared for Bruno (he ain't nuttin but a coonhound, cryin all the time... ooops mum's glazed over, thinking of a young and handsome Elvis hehe). Anyhoo, it looks like Bruno learnt a lot from you and your mum. Sorry about the Vet visit and stoopid old Arthur taking over your knee. We hope your hikes squash him to bits and pieces! Take care and see ya soon! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. So happy to see you again!

    Stop on by for a visit

  11. Hi Shawnee - We wur rilly glad to see you be postin'!
    Yur a grate tour guide and swimmin teacher! I wish we had a grate B & B ofer here in Cally-for-nee-ya!
    I nose what you mean about teefs; when my Mom rescooed me I had a mouth full of rotten teefs; the V-E-T stole all of them but 4!
    You have a grate "Not amused" face; I'll have to add that to my re-per-a-twar, BOL!
    Wugs from the udder side of the U S of A,
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  12. Ello for you my good seein you agane of corse but I ope it do not be naggin from Claptun wot made yoo do a blog....

  13. Shame on your mom for having fun and not sitting at home worrying about you while you had teeth pulled! I like how Bruno shook off after only getting his legs wet. What happened to his tail?

  14. Mom says to tell you she knows how it is to be so busy. That little Popstar keeps us hoppin'! But I think it's pawsome that your Mom got Bruno all tired out. And what's his problem about getting his furs wet? I'm glad you helped him overcome that little issue. I can't imagine....

    Shawnee, I sure hope that new medicine helps your arthur itis. I'm just glad you get to go on lots more hikes!

  15. Thank you for answering our question! I've never seen one of those before - they must not mind if we get lost here in AZ. Or, maybe we just don't have trees to get lost in? Hmmm.... more puzzles!