Saturday, September 7, 2013

In Training

Well furrends, now that things has quieted down at the B&B and we has found that Deramaxx helps some with Arthur Itis in my knee, I is in training coz, is you reddy fur this....  I is going hiking in Furginia again next month!  Fur real!  I gots my own pawsonal cabin reserved in the Shenandoah Furginia State Park.  I cannot do any crazy rawk climbing or 10+ mile long hikes like I used to so we is keeping the hikes shorter and a little easier fur me.  So I show you yesterday's hike where I is getting in shape fur finding seeniks.

If'n you click on the linkie, a little blue ball starts running around on our track and that be me!
Stering Forest State Park, NY - Wildcat Mountain at EveryTrail

We get to the park in Noo York and mom is all like "BRRRRRRR! COLD!"  Wot cold?  This be pawfect fur my furs.
And we is off!  Gotta get mom moving afore she gets all frozened.
Oh wait, in a minit... pee mail.
Now we I is reddy.
I is liking this moss on my paws - cushy!
I do think we be coming up on a seenik here.
Oh doggie!  Check it out!
That be the Noo York Thruway ofur there and Noo Joisey where I live!
There be nuttin better at a seenik than chickun jerky (but mom missed it with the camera),
butt skritches,
and a soft bed of grass fur my old bones.
OK, break ofur.  We is heading fur that mountain ofur there on the left.
OMD, can you beleef fall do be coming alreddy?
Sumbuddy lost their traction device ofur the winter.  I wonner how they made it out with just one?
So mom woz all SQUEEEE ofur this burd.  This do be an ovenbird and they is called that coz their hidey spots looks like Dutch ovens.
So we has arrived on that udder mountain and my snooter do be telling me a seenik be up ahead.
Yup, sure enuff.
Thank dogness these ants be bizzy hauling their breakfast home so they leave my ...
... chickun jerky alone!
And here do be my bed of grasses.
It do be a bootiful day fur seeniks.
So towards the end of our hike mom made a video of how I is walking with that Arthur Itis in my knee.  Not my normal graceful self, that be fur sure.  But we just be making the bestest of it.


  1. Awww Sweetie - it's so good to see you again. An I'm so happy to hear you are doing a little better. I not liking that limp tho, but maybe that will loosen up over time. So happy you have a big hike coming up. We've missed you.

  2. Shawnee we think Shorter and Easier is just FINE.. WE are Short and We are EASY and what more can we say.

    WOW you are going to Furginia again. WE LOVE it when you take us along with you to Furginia. We can't WAIT fur that.

    THIS was a very much BEAUTIFUL hike.
    BUTT we are thinkin about that poor WINTER HIKER who must still be out there somewhere... going around and around in a big CIRCLE Lookin fur their traction device. hehehehe

  3. I didn't realize that your knee was that bad, Shawnee. I know you're making the best of it but that makes me a little sad. I'm really happy for you that you're going to Furginia! I'm sure you wouldn't be doing that if it were too bad.

    I love that ovenbird. The lady thinks it's cute and I think it looks tasty. It sure was a beautiful day on that hike.

    I love butt skritches too!


  4. Hey Shawnee, glad to see you are not letting that Arthur it is meanie get the best of you.aint nuttin wrong with short n easy hikin. Hat is how I have. Bern doing lately with my knees stuff. You sure have some nice places you get to visit
    Ernie,Chica,Lucas,Rosie, and angel Sasha.

  5. Yup. You have a little hitch in your getalong don't you? Mommy says she should take a movie of me walking so that you won't feel so bad. Maybe next update. We REALLY like your little mapping gizmo!

  6. Howdy Shawnee, wowza you always have the best hikes we know. We can't wait to see the Furginia hike. Mum says the arthur itis can be a pain in the butt with your medications hopefully you will travel along pretty darn good. Take care sweetie pie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. We hope you and Mom have many more wonderful hikes together. Your limp makes us worry about you - we hope the meds help a lot.

    It was fun seeing the scenics and that ovenbird was so pretty. We are looking forward to having fall here because that means snow can't be too far away.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Is good to see you agane my pal....altho that giddy-oh wiv yore knee ave made typost get bit sniffly...he a doofus...yoo still lookin fine and affletic to me...opin you ave good trips to Furginia

  9. Glad your taking thing easy, those are some beautiful views though!


  10. Pawsome pics! Can't wait to see your Furrginia trip.

    I love the map thingy and they do have the app for android. I'm gonna make mom download it for my trips! (Although mine are furry short). MOL

  11. It's so awesome to see you hiking again! I'm sorry that your knee is a little stiff, though. Hopefully, it settles down. You certainly chose a great place to hike to get back in shape! What gorgeous views! Are you going to retire your back pack, or will it be back out later?

    I'm trying to teach Flattery about hiking, and it's not going too bad, but she has some things to learn!


  12. What a lovely place to hike, good luck with your training.

    We has trouble with the word verification thing so hopes this goes through.

  13. Hawwooo Shawnee! Long time no wooo BOL!! Looks like some fine hiking there mate. We are waiting for it to cool down here a little - been keeping it to short walks around the block recently. Have a marvelous fall Shawnee! Play bows,


  14. I am so excited you are coming to Furrginia again! By the way, that rock kind of reminded me of that giant rock in North Carolina from your last visit this way.

  15. Hi Shawnee - We wuz happy to see the story about yur latest hike! My Mom luvs all the seeniks you find! We never saw an Oven Bird before; wat a cutie. Mom jus' got back frum a trip to Costa Rica and she saw sum awsum birds there; she luved the 2-cans.
    I'm sure you'll haf a good time in Furginia and hope Arthur itis stays back in Noo Jersey! My wonky knees make me sway wen I walk; Mom sez I look drunk :-/
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  16. I'm a bit late catchin up with your latest adventure, Shawnee. Looks like a pawsome walk! I sure hope the meds will continue to help Mr. Arthur Itis...sounds like a fun hike coming up and you want to be in tip top shape!

  17. You are doing awesome, sweetie!


  18. I live in Furginia! Not near where you are going, but you might sniff me from there cause I was borned in that area. I'm training too. My mom is gonna walk in an 8K thingie and I goes with her on the walking string when she practices. Nice to hear from you again. Baroof!

  19. You are doing awesome, sweetie!

  20. it's so good to see you again. An I'm so happy to hear you are doing a little better. I not liking that limp tho, but maybe that will loosen up over time. So happy you have a big hike coming up. We've missed you.