Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Hikes in Two Days

I rilly thought I would has a break from the B&B but it only lasted a short time before we filled up again.  I did manage to get in some hiking fur my Furginia trip training so I will tells you bout that now.  Furstly, we hiked in Noo York on Furiday.
So follow me and off we goes.
We has to climb up this mountain to a seenik.  We doesn't has a bike or skis so we is good.  Paws is allowed.
Not there yet.
How nice that the trail maintainer peeps cut out this step just fur me!  I used to sail ofur these logs like a gazelle but I cannot do it so much any more.
But I can still beat mom to the top so I has to wait on her pokey self.
Wah lah!  The seenik.  We climbed so high that we is above the clouds, BOL!
That be a lake unner that cloud and it just be a cloud of fog ofur the lake.  We is not rilly above the clouds.
We is heading down to that lake now and I hopes that cloud of fog be gone by the time I gets there.
That fog prolly will be gone coz I had to wait like an hour fur mom to take pictures of this spidey.
Unner werks better than ofur fur me.
Hey, a dog could get lost in here!
I see the lake down there!
Yay, the lake!  Now to find a spot where I can get in to get my furs wet.
"Come on in Shawnee!  The water feels nice!"
Thanks fishies, your home do be pawsome!
When we was leaving the lake, I got chased by a SNEK!  Fur real!  Mom yelled (she can yell rilly loud) and the snake ran fur hims life in the udder direction!
That was a nice lake!
So then the next day, on Caturday, mom had to go help with the produce co-op (BLECH!) down by the shore so I went along and waited while mom was bizzy, then we stopped by a park on the Raritan Bay fur a short hike.
It do be like a big litter box fur the kittehs here.
We got on the boardwalk, butt....
... it do still be brokened from when Sandy nommed it last year.
We hads to walk in the litter box where there was good sniffs but I was not allowed to get my furs wet becoz ...
... there be lead pawlootion.  Yikes.
I is gessing that peep cannot read signs or sniff pee mail coz he be out there in the pawlootion with his little two-leggers.
See, I keeped mom on the walking string so she would not go out in the pawlootion and glow in the dark and stuffs.
I did take mom out on the pier ...
... fur some seeniks.


  1. Two hikes in one weekend? Shawnee, you live the life! I am pretty sure that I would not like being chased by a snake, but I could easily outrun him, as long as Mom didn't hold me back!


  2. Hi Shawnee!
    Do you like working in your B&B and is it nice to have a bit of a break from all the guests even though it only lasted a short time?
    Oh your Furginia trip sounds wonderful, I'm glad that you are getting in some training!
    I love the photos of you going over the step made in the fallen tree and under the tree branches!
    Your seeniks always looks amazing, the photo of you sitting is just adorable!!!
    That Spider looks really scary, I'm not a fan of them myself and my Mum and Dad are really scared of them!
    I like that you swam with da fishies, not in a mobster way though! BOL!
    Cant believe that you almost got nommed on by a Sneak!!! Good job that your Mum yelled and he slithered away!
    I really love the photos of you on the beach in the big Kitteh litter box! I love all your hikes and adventures! I'm off on my Dog Holiday on 5th October so not long to wait at all!!I'm very excited!
    Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Shawnee!! Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You look like you had fun swimming!! tee hee!
    *snuggles* miss ya! - @zackrabbit

  4. Yeah! I'm SO happy to see you post about hikes again. Those looked like two nice ones, too! And I'm glad your mom didn't get into those pollutions -- good job of keeping her safe!


  5. That looked like a really nice place to go hiking. The lake looked lovely. We had trouble with the word verification, so sometimes we read your post but don't leave a comment.

  6. I'm sad that you can't soar like a gazelle anymore but at least you still beat your pokey mom. That's the important thing. I'm glad you were able to get your furs wet on that first hike. That park on your second hike sure is pretty but good job keeping your mom from glowing in the dark (growing a second head). I must say I'm intrigued with the giant litter box!

    Guess what? The crazy peeps are moving back to PA (same area, Bucks County) and I'm going too.


    p.s. I hope your pain isn't bad.

  7. Good to see you hiking again. Don't work too hard in that b&b.Finn

  8. Good to see you hiking again. Don't work too hard in that b&b.Finn

  9. Howdy Shawnee, another wonderful hike. We love hikin' with ya. We loved the step cut into the big tree and the scenics of course. Glad your mum used her scary voice to shoo the snake away. It's funny he was heading towards you and not sliding away from you isn't it! We're glad too your mum didn't let you turn into a glow dog by keeping you out of the pollution, phew. Although that would have made walking at night a lot easier hehe. Take care sweetie pie. See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. Hi There Shawnee - two hikes in one post; yeah! You are the perfect hiking buddy. Me, not so much cuz of my nees. I walk slow; I tell Mom it's cuz I have to stop and smell the roses, er I mean peemail. If'n she wants to go faster than a snell she puts me in my dog stroller and off we goes.
    We love yur Mom's pickshurs and yur co-men-terry.
    Can't wait to read 'bout yur adventshurs in Furginia!

  11. Ello for yoo my pal. Ow did mum kno that was not juss a plain old Hikin Snake? Hims mite ave like to come on yore walks....

  12. Those were two great hikes. That snake was just a garter snake. I chase them all the time. Maybe he had heard about dog chase games and misunderstood. Good to keep your human on her leash and out of the polluted water so you both don't get sick.