Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday Hike

It has been fur furever since we has been hiking on a Sunday but the two dogs at my B&B is good being alone while we is hiking so off we went.  You can see here how good they is coz I spied on them with my Shawnee Cam.

This be wot Bob be doing home alone:

This is wot Ollie be doing home alone:

OK, so with that unner control, let's get on with my hike!
The sun do be coming up just as we gotted to the boat launch at the reservoir.  Mom wanted to go take a look at the water.  I wanted to get my furs wet.  Mom say NO, it be too chilly that early in the morning.  I say, just wait fur that winder of oppawtoonity...
Mom grabbed my magical walking string out of my collah so I could not go in.  Bummer.
Oooooo.  Let's go check out this Rocky Beach Trail.
Get mom taking pictures of the seeniks ...
Formulating my plan of action.
Not doing nuttin.
On my tippy toes ...
Hey mom, look at that bird!
We climbed up the mountain to see the seenik from up high.  You think mom would beleef me if'n I told her my furs is not wet, I is just hasing a bad fur day?
I went into this one afore mom could yell at me, BOL.
So sneaky.
By the time we hiked down this looooooong woods road ...
... it was warmer out and I had pawmission to go in.  Like it mattered, hehehe.
This do be our break spot fur nomming some chickun jerky and ...
... watching peeps in boats.  Why is they not getting their furs wet?  So strange.
Wet furs, fresh air, it do not get any better than this.
Happy Shawnee
OK, so I went to the V-E-T last week and got my furst Adequan needle as pawt of my arsenal to put the bitey on Arthur Itis - OOOOOWWWWWWIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!  I woz not a happy dog.  The V-E-T did say we would not see any improvements fur a cuppull of weeks and I has to get 2 needles efurry week fur 3 weeks.  Butt, I has to point out that I has not been jumping ofur logs recently and this do be wot happened yesterday.
Becoz my V-E-T do be like 40 minutes away, she gibbed mom the needles and mom asked a V-E-T tech furrend if'n she could hire him to gib me the needles coz she has to put me in a death grip headlock and cannot shoost the needle and do that at the same time.  (That do be all pawt of my plan to make this as hard as pawsible, BOL!)  The V-E-T tech did say he be furry good at gibbing those kinds of needles and most dogs do not feel it so much.  I will be the judge of that.  Stay tooned.


  1. Hi Shawnee!
    The photos here are all incredible, I love the clouds and mist and the sun coming up at the boat launch over the reservoir.
    I love the changing colours of the leaves, Autumn is my favorite time of year and your sceniks look so beautiful, I love the photos of you getting your paws wet and the happy shawnee photo, you have such a big smile! I think that you are gorgeous!
    I love the photo where you sneeked into the waters, you look great half submerged and the leaqves all around you with the mist on the water in the background, I love the photo when you are watching peeps in boats too, thats a great shot and even though it is taken behind you Shawnee you look beautiful!
    I'm glad that efurryone behaved being left alone at the B&B they seemed to enjoy the rest and relaxation there!
    Paws crossed about your injections, I hope that you do put the bitey on your nasty Arthur Itis! BOL! Hope to hear more soon! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxx

  2. Iz good watchin yoo doin hikin an jumpin my pal....but pawsonally I fink Ollie got da better plan....zzzzzzz

  3. The fog over the lake is SO cool in those pics! I absolutely love how sneaky you are, too. Just perfect!

    Sorry to hear that the shot was so painful, though. Let's keep hoping that the shots get you all set for hiking in Virginia soon!


  4. Those pictures of your hike are fantastic! It looks like a great day to get out and have fun. I'm sure your fur was wet because of the dew on the grass! ;)


  5. I have to wonder what Bob was doing the couple of times he wasn't in his bed but watching Ollie was funny since he was in a new position almost every time! There were some good scenics at that park! Mom went to a park you've been before - Hungry Mother - the one with Shawnee Trail - but she did not take Dad or me or my new brother Sam. I have my paws crossed that those nasty shots will help!

  6. AWWWWWWwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhh now THIS is what we been watchin fur... a SHAWNEE HIKE...IN THE BEAUTIFUL FALL COLORS... with some super Rocks.. and you BEING ABLE TO WALK AND JUMP with less owies.

    WE are soooooo glad about BOTH thingys.

  7. Oh Shawnee! What a bootiful hike! Your autumn is so gorgeous. I get MY second Adequan shot today, too!! Thanks for the reminder! My herbies are called "Body Sore". My vet had to order them. I see her on Friday and will find out where she ordered them from. I'm happy you can leap over that log. I've got MOM trained to lift me up everytime I make the slightest sound! BOL!!!!


  8. Shawnee! So glad to see you out and about hiking again! This is a particularly lovely hike - is this in NJ?? Love the mist over the water and colors are beautiful!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Mommy and I love your not doing nothin' photo. You look VERY innocent! BOL

  10. You put the bitey on that Arthur Itus and keep jumping those logs and hiking . And a hike just isn't a hike if you can't get your furs wet.