Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Fall Foliage Hiking

Still practicing finding fall foliage fur my upcoming Furginia trip and did we efur hit the jackpot yesterday!  The bestest is it be just me and mom and no B&B guests. 
So... watcha think so far?  Come along, there be more to show you.
Oh wait, some chicken jerky furst fur energies.
A seenik!
This hawk was chasing a vulture and mom got all bossy with them and told them to knock it off and be furrends.  Mebbe they was just funning with one anudder coz no burds was harmed.  I doubt they lissened to my crazy mom.
Hiding in my break spot while mom is being bossy with the burds.
So I start walking out on this dam and mom, you know, she talks so quiet here lately and I cannot hear her.  Mom needs to speak up!  I turns around to see if'n mom be behind me and she be at the udder side jumping up and down and waving her arms like a crazy mom.
Speak up mom.  You is losing your voice.  Nuttin wrong with my hearing.  Right?
I hads to try it one more time to test my theory.
Mom speaks nice and loudly when I is close to her.
Time fur a break.
Check out what this water company dude has on his truck...
I is not allowed in this water coz it belong to that water company dude and even peeps is not allowed in it.
But my quest fur a water hole to wet my furs in continues...
Wah lah!


  1. Oh beautiful! Shawnee, you almost disappear in those pretty orange leaves!

    Monty and harlow

  2. Shawnee, thank you for showing us your fall colors. They are soooo beautiful, and not at all anything like what we have here. Mom loves the last photo of your foot print. Ruby likes that you said your mom has a soft voice! BOL!!


  3. Oh, I love all that beautiful scenery! I'm so glad you got out to enjoy it, and that you shared it with us. That water truck gave us a good laugh! I hope you bring us more fall color to enjoy!


  4. Yet another great hike! I'm glad I'm not the only dog who has a crazy mommy that talks to the critters on our hikes. Oh, and there must be something going around. I've noticed that the humans have started mumbling a lot too.

  5. Howdy Shawnee, wowza and yaahoo, those autumn leaves look wonderful. We're glad you had such a great walk with just you and your mum. We think you were very brave walking along the wall near the water. Funny about your mum talking quietly. Wish our mum did that. Take care sweetie pie. We love ya and we love ya hikes too! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. Wow Shawnee - another great trip. You are right - that is the mother load of fall color trips.

  7. Hi Shawnee - You always find da best sneeniks! My Mom said she wuz in "Seventh Heaven" (whatever that means:-) looking at all yur bee-yoo-tee-full fall colors! Our leefs stay green here all year and we miss the purdy colors; thanks to you and yur Mom we can see them! Do you think palm trees can change their colors ?
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  8. Hi Shawnee - LOVE all the beautiful autumn photos!! Thanks so much for sharing! *bighugs* (glads you iz not limpin dis time!!) - ZackRabbit xoxo

  9. I iz kwite worry boat mom's voice Shawnee my chum...haz she seed a human V E T bowt it?