Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Test Results

Furstly I want to thank you all for POTP and your purrs and woofs and good wishes coz even though it not be all good news, it be good enuff fur me and you all HELPED!  Thank YOU!

So the results do come back from the biopsy of my lumpy bumpies. I has to draw you a picture.
So the lumpy bumpy on my chest what we knows be a mast cell tumor be like this AND the lumpy bumpy on my belleh what we thought was nuttin be one of these too!  (The lumpy bumpy on my thigh what we thought was bad was nuttin.)  So the V-E-T cut the lumpy bumpies out and sent them to the labradoratory to be biggified and this be what they look like biggified.  The margin be the line where the V-E-T cutted the lumpy bumpy out and the Big C is supposed to stay inside the margin and it did not, it escaped.  So that means the Big C still be inside me.  If'n it had stayed inside the margin, then I would be cured.  But now I is not.  Howefur, the labradoratory peeps sayed the Big C be the slow spreading kind so they guestimates I can live anudder 70 months.  I would be 19 years old, BOL.  But seriously, the V-E-T say I should live my natural lifespan without the Big C doing me in.  The only problem do be more lumpy bumpies popping up.  We does not want to keep making me go unner the knife so we might do medicines if'n that happens.  But no chemo or radiations, NO NO NO!  I would not like that.  At all.  The V-E-T do be speaking to an oncologist about it.

The big bummer do be that today be the most bootious day with cool airs from Canada and lots of sunbeams and I could not go hiking :( :( :(.  And I told mom she better not sneak out without me coz I would know!  She did not coz I keeped my eyes on her and I made her do yard werks instead.
Catching some sunbeams - it be OK coz I not let the sunbeams see my nekkid spots or I get red and burned.
"I is watching you mom.  No sneaking out."
I commed inside to nap and left Sydney in charge of watching mom.
Taking her job furry seriously.
Back to werking on recofurry.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Pee Ess - this soft not-fur-swimming collah do make a comfy pillow :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your cancer, but if it is so slow growing that is good.

  2. Howdy Shawnee. Wowza, sorry we're late reading your news. Bloomin' lumpy bumps. We're glad your surgery is over and sorry about your cone of shame but it looks like a good pillow. Sounds like your Vet and your mum have a good plan for you and we will keep all paws crossed you feel good and can continue to go for hikes even if they aren't as long as usual. Sending you and your mum, hugs and LOVE. Take care sweetie pie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. If your mum goes on a hike without you and posts about it we will let you know ok? Peeps can be tricky at times ya know.

  3. I am sorry to hear that the you still have some Big C stuff in you insides...that is no good, though is you have to still have it it's good to hear that it's slow moving. Crossing my paws that you heal up real good real fast so you can do back on hikes with you Mom, even if they are littler ones. Better littler hikes then no hikes at all!

  4. Dear Miss Shawnee - we HATE that Bic C. We're glad it's the slow kind, but stills. We continue t keep you in our thoughts and send you a daily dose of POTP. Enjoy those sunbeams!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  5. OMD Shawnee..... we are so sorry to hear this news.
    Guess you and I are both on the Slightly Disabled List. It wasn't a good week fur us, was it?

    BUTT, We are Fighters and We WILL overcome this !!!

  6. Hi Shawnee,

    Dumb, stupid Big C. Sorry that's floating around in you but so happy to hear it is the slow stuff. I know your Mom is taking very good care of you. I'm sending Shepherd tail wags to you!!

    Love, Cupcake

  7. Shawnee,
    I'm so sorry. We've been away and we didn't know about what you've been going through. I was so relieved to hear that it's slow growing.

    I was happy to see both you and Sydney keeping an eye on your mom so she'd stay home and do the yard work. (I love how Sydney seems to smile in all her pictures.) I hope you heal quickly and go hiking again soon.

    Please, please take good care of yourself. I have no doubt your mom is taking great care of you.

    Gentle hugs,
    Annie (and Vicki)

    p.s. I'll keep an eye out for you from my tree.

  8. Me and da pack be sendin you lots of POTP and hopes that ya lives to be at least 100! Mommy's sayin some extra prayers too.

  9. Oh…pffft…not shurr if this be good noos or not my pal…I heggspect yoo to be liven to 100 years old wiv all dat elffy hikin…but if da vet say yoo life da nachrull lifespan then I gess we take dat as pozzitiv…i pawscribe snaks to go wiv all da meddysin

  10. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I'm so sorry about your big c sickies! I hate that c stuff. Well, the good news is that once you are recovered and done with the cone of shame you'll have your normal long life to enjoy! YEAH!
    BTW: That is the most fashionable cone of shame I've ever seen! BOL A comfy cone you can nap with...AMAZING! Rest easy, my furiend and I'm sending over my healing vibes to get you back hiking in no time.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  11. Oh Shawnee, I'm so sorry about your big C, but at least it's gonna let you live to be an old old lady dog. My fursibs and I will keep on purraying for you that things go as smoothly as they possible can. We all love you furry much.

  12. We just hopped over from seeing Sarge and saw you were not feeling too well. We are so very sorry to read this news. We hate to hear of furends being under the weather. We will keep our paws crossed that the Big C doesn't cause you any problems.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  13. Hi Shawnee - I'm shur that bad old C will be a real slow poke and you'll be healed and hikin' in no time. Get lots of rest; healin' and keepin' yur eye on a No Sneekin' Out Mom is hard werk! It's good you haf Sydney to help yoo out wif that BOL.
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  14. Abbey Road asked me, her mom, to drop you a note and tell you she's thinking about you except when there's a shiny object and she has to go chase it instead. Her sister, the formerly wonderful GSD named Lindsey, had those lumpy bumpy things, but they were inside. Sounds like your outside lumpy bumpy things will make for a much better experience! Can't wait to hear more about hikes and things. Abbey Road says "barooo!" and to puppy on. She's almost two and doesn't know about growing up like you yet. Love the collar. Proud of your and your mom's braves.

  15. Stoopid c-monster, trying to get my Shawnee furiend, hope woo get back to hiking real soon:)


  16. O...M...G. I about passed out when I read all this. But I is so happy it seems to all be okay! Whew! Duncan has tons of lumpy bumpies too and he's ancient. Feel better my friend! I think you've inspired me to blog again! :)

  17. I am so relieved! I've been a bit behind in my blog reading, so I'm just now catching up on all of it. Blueberry had something similar to you with her neurofibrosarcoma. She had it when she was ten and it never came back before she died because of osteo, so hopefully you will be good to go! Although I'd like to see you live past nineteen!


  18. Hi There,
    Just wanted to come back to say we read some of your past posts since we've missed so much. We saw that both you and Sydney have bad arthritis too. :( Just wanted you to know we're thinking of you and hope all is going well this weekend.

  19. I'm just getting back to 'normal' and sure didn't want to read this, Shawnee. I know MAST cells are no good but it sounds like you'll be back on the trail soon! I do like that collar, though. Very chic!

  20. Sweet Shawnee! so sorry to hear about your condition. I hope that you are not in pain and that all the nekkid spots heal as best they can. We keep our paws crossed that you can be doing hikes again soon!
    Sending LOTS of LOVE to you!! xoxo - zackrabbit

  21. Sorry we's late catching your news. Nasty big C and Arthur Itis. You keep working on your recoffury and get yourself fit for some more of your fabulous hikes. Sending lots of licks and tail wags across the water to you.