Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Progress Repawt

Things is going furry well here udder than Sydney hurled on the new office rug, oh yes she did.  I has had no more poop eggs-ploshuns so Sydney had to be the furst to christen the new rug.  Sisters!

It was a bootiful day yesterday so mom put a baby gate on the deck steps (fur my safety so I does not go flying down on my head) and put a bed on the deck so I could get some fresh airs in comforts.
Sydney! MOVE!
I is coming through.
So nice outside.
I ordered me some chikun jerky.
I share with my sis even though she swipes my bed.
Sydney order her fave Buddy Biscuits and she did share with me.
All aired out and feeling pritty good!
So I has a video from last week when I was rilly wonky but I did not want to show it to yous coz it be pritty upsetting to see.  Howefur, now that I has made so much progress, I shows you today's video of me walking up the block and back before the wonky video so you can see how far I has come in one week.

Here be today's walkie to the end of the block and back:

Here be the video from last Fursday, two days after I went all wonky and six days ago.


  1. Oh Deary ME.....Is you fur certain dat you didn't get into Ruby's margaritas or Puddles' Kool Aid?

    You doin purrrty good now....fur a drunken sailor...BWHahahaha

    (Seriously, glad you's feelin' better)


  2. Wow. Fresh air, comfy bed on the deck, treats galore...not bad!

    We did not like the day 2 video but we're thankful for day 8. So glad to see you doing so much better!

  3. Hi Shawnee! Waving from Furginia.

    Mom showed me your videos. That wobbly one is skeery. But it's amazing how far you've come. You gonna be hikin the seeniks before you know it.

    The one good thing I see is no cone of shame!

    Tell Sydney to be a good sister and not be stealing your bed. BOL That cracked me up.

    Feel better my friend. I'm sending lots of butt sniffs and face licks your way. My mom says to tell you to keep healing. I wanna be an old dog some day. You be my hero!

  4. You and Sydney truly did have a nice time on the Sunny Deck... with DECK SERVICE fur the Snacks no less... THAT is pretty spiffy if you ask us.

    OMD you had made HUGE imPAWvment since the Furst video... That is super...
    If you keep up at this rate by the next time we see you we won't even be able to tell you had a problem at all.
    Bravo to you Shawnee.. Now you and Sydney should go have a nap... That is what WE are gonna do.

  5. outside bed look comfy and the gingerbread cookie looks extra nommy. Glad you hearing better! Important to know when the snacky bag is being opened up after all MOL. Sorry you had to cancel but you be back on dos trails soon!

  6. OMGoodness, S. You really HAVE come an amazing long way since last week. Great progress! Whew! You need to stay off the bourbon from now on....

    Love and licks,

  7. That's good that you are feeling better mate, was very scarey!


  8. YOU is looking' SO much better, Miss Shawnee! I'm pretty wonky, too, sometimes, butt right now, I'm great!! Keep up the good work!


  9. Shawnee, we are so glad you are doing so much better than that last video. That vestibular thingie needs to get booted right out of here so you can get to visit your Grandma. We hope you just keep getting better and better. If it makes you feel any better, Phantom walks a lot like that when he first gets up in the morning and needs some time to get his legs working. Tough to get old.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Hi Shawnee - Yoo wur smart to show Day 8 video befur Day 2. It still made us a little sad to see yoo doing the side step!
    Yoo and Sydney sure haf yur Mom trained rilly good; setting up comfy outside beds and bringin' on da treats.
    Meybe Sydney was jus' warming da bed up fur yoo BOL!
    Keep on yur good road to recovery!
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  11. Shawnee, I'm so glad you are doing better!!

    Sorry Sydney threw up on the new rug but isn't that suppose to happen that way? New rug=sick dog, right?

    Love, Cupcake

  12. I am so relieved that you're doing so much better! Keep enjoying that fresh air and you'll be as good as new in no time!


  13. O man u iz wibbly wobbly alritey! hangs in der u old doggy pal o mines!

  14. You look so much better, and you head is less tilty too!

  15. Awww sweetie - you are walking so much better. We hope you keep getting better and better each day. You still has a lot of hiking to do with mom. I'm purring for you.

  16. ahem....fink I haz sum leef dust blown in my peepers and makin em leeky my pal....glad yoo is improvin but we shure is opin it be effun better when we nest seein yoo in da furs....

  17. You's so brave Shawnee It's so good to see you getting better. Those hiking paws will soon be hitting the trail again.
    Licks and tail wags from Finn.

  18. Lovely photos. I like the ones where they're biting in the treats.

  19. We are so glad you have improved so much, Shawnee!

    Monty and Harlow

  20. Holy Comolly, Shawnee. That was some dream!! It's always nice when they come true...even if it's only for a bit. I'm so glad you got out for a hike!