Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekend Sickies Update

Here I is repawting from my sickie bed with sis Sydney.
Well furrends, my big road trip has been CANCELLED.   Mom say I has not improved as much as she had hoped so we will try to go in the springtime to visit gramma and by then I should be back to hiking (we hopes!).   I is getting better, just furry slowly.  Mom has now removed the wee wee pads that be pawtecting the new rug because we has put a stopper in the poop shooter gone wild, as Frankie Furter and Ernie so eloquently puts it.  This do be sumpin you should always has on paw coz it do werk miracles and calms that poop shooter right down.
Diarsanyl - Fur Poop Shooters Gone Wild
It do has good fur you stuff in it (you puts it in your mouf, not your poop shooter) and you do not needs the V-E-T to gets it.  Mom always do has this in the house and it fixes me up fast!
I is nomming just fine now and my meals is all back to normal.
Two times today we had a visitor at the front door and both times I commed wobbling from the back of the house to see who be there.  Mom was so shocked.  Not so much because I made it without assistance, but because I could HEAR that visitors be in the house.  I could not hear that before so mebbe this vestibular thing be actually improving my hearing, BOL.
I do get up sometimes but if Sydney trips and stumbles into me with her Arthur Itis, we both fall down togedder and mom is like, OMG, which one do I pick up first?!?!?!?  We is driving her nuts like that, BOL.
I would likes to go outside fur some sun beams.
Ahhh, nice.
OK, enuff of that, back to my sickie bed with my most favorite stuffies.
Chickun jerky?  OMD!!!!!
So nommilicious!
I is all tuckered out now and it be time fur a nap.  Later furrends!


  1. Although we were excited about getting to visit with you... here in Ohio... we REALLY want you to be feeling Fine as Frog Hair... so we will just have a nice SPRING VISIT to look Forward to. Getting you back to Health is the mostest imPAWtant thingy of all.
    We have never seen that poop shooter medicine before...butt are SURELY glad that your mom had it... and that it did do the job fur you.
    We are SO glad that you are better and we want that to CONTINUE.
    SPRINGTIME has better smells anyway... so do not be disappointed... just be BETTER and BETTER AND BETTER.

  2. Hi Shawnee - I is happy dat yoo are gettin' bedder each day. It iz best to wait until yur back to feelin' more like yurself before goin' on a long trip. Plus, like you sed, you'll be back in hikin' mode by the Spring (Paws crossed). It's good to see you up and around evin if you and yur Sis look like yur bowling pins (jus' kidding BOL)
    That's sum fierce chikkun jerky face; yoo really look like the old Shawnee! I know you'll keep improving :-)
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  3. Shawnee and Sydney, the lady and I both love you. It's good to see you doing better, Shawnee, and that you're eating. We cracked up over poop shooters gone wild, MOL. Sorry your trip had to be canceled but it will be something to look forward to.


  4. Shawnee, glad to hear that you are getting better. I hope sweet Sydney doesn't accidentally bump into you anymore. Thanks to your mom for all the updates.

    Love, Cupcake

  5. Shawnee, you just take as much time as you need to get better. That poop medicine is something we have not seen before but we sure are glad it helped you so much. All paws crossed for continued improvement.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Sorry you aren't going to get to go on your big road trip, but you need to rest up with quiet time, not get all excited about being on vacation. Your mom is making the right decision.

  7. Is furry good news dat yoo continyoo to improov Shawnee my pal...i fink cansslin da vizzit is sensibull even if it meen we haz to wait to see yoo wiv Frankie an Ernie....keep up da heelin

  8. You two are both so sweet! It looks like you are improving - we are so happy!

    Monty and Harlow

  9. Shawnee, I'm so happy to hear you're improving. I'm sorry your trip has to be postponed until spring. *hugs*

  10. Howdy Shawnee, so glad you are feeling a bit better and we know you will enjoy your trip much better when you are up and running, or even walking fast :-)
    Mum says she wishes she had known about the pooper shooter medicine when Rory had his embolism cause his pooper was shooting, inside, on the carpet, and it was not pretty. Bwahahaha, we can laugh about it now though. Well WE can but mum still gets a glazed look in her eye when she thinks about it! Anyhoo, take care gorgeous girl. We love ya heaps and your Sydney too! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Bummer about your road trip, but we think your mom is hilarious - she's buying rugs and laying out wee-wee pads and putting medicine in the exactly right end of you, and still has to wonder which falling-down doggie gets picked up first. OMG!

    Love and licks,

  12. Shawnee, I'm so glad that you're on the mend, even though it's going slower than you hoped. Paws crossed that you will have a fantastic time in the spring when you come to visit your granny and will have LOTS of hiking adventures!


  13. Bad luck about the road trip but you will enjoy it much more when your hiking paws is working again. Just you keep on getting better and spring will soon be here.
    Licks and tail wags from Finn.

  14. Well, the spring will be better anyway, new stuffs to sniffs and hopefully no cold weathers to bother you!

    It will be okay mom, it will just take a bit, but Shawnee that's great that you're up and getting around! That does be good for you to learn to compensate for your equilibriums to be all messed up...that's what Duncan does say.

    Hugs and licks!

  15. I knows all abouts poop shooters gone wild! I haz dem pads all ovah da house to my pal. Glad to hears ur doin betterer (me too). *HUGS*

  16. I'm playing a bit of catch-up here. Poop shooters???? You and Sidney have a really wonderful Mom. :) It seems this downtime gives you lots of time for additional trip planning!