Sunday, June 28, 2015


Yes, furrends, not only do I has the B&B to run, has asked if'n I would test fur them again.  You see, I used to but when I changed Innerweb Surfing Pawviders and gots a new paw-mail address, I lost touch with fur reviewing but mom still ordered my noms and stuffs from them coz we likes them lots.
So bored with no B&B guests booked this week until ....
Say what? would like fur me to review fur them again?
Bring it on!
So happy to be back at work.
I ♥ my job
On with the testing.
Day 2:  Needs to try them again to be sure my review be on target.  I takes my duties furry seriously.
Let's go test this.
Furst you needs to hold it in your paws thusly...
... then nom, nom, nom.
Day 3:  Testing again just to be sure.
It be a nice day out so I gots to nom the Natural Balance Dental Chew from the comforts of my bed with the helpie-selfie-no-bugs-allowed screen in the door and the nice breezes blowing in on my furs.  Now this be how you brush you teefs!

I would gibs it more paws but I only has 4.


  1. Shawnee, an excellent review! I will try them fur sure! They look big enough for a bigmouth like moi! Ruby can't nom stuffs like that cuz they get stuck, so I get extra - when she's not looking!!


  2. Shawnee your review of those dental chews is magnificent, you sure do look like you enjoyed them, the video of you chomping on one made me drool something fierce! I would love to try them but we can't get Mr Chewy here in the UK, he needs to come over the waters and set up a UK base so us dogs over the pond can taste the deliciousness! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  3. Your video is riveting, Shawnee. I watched every bite. I love me some treats! Treat tasting should always be taken very seriously. Great review!

    We love too. The UPS man doesn't like it when we order litter. Nice screen door by the way!

  4. THIS IS PAWSOME fur SURE.... We are glad that you are back with doing reviews and stuffs fur our FURENDS at
    OMD... YES it is REQUIRED to chew these with your moufff OPEN so you can get it to the Back Teefs .... EXCELLENT PAW WORK, too.

    GRAND to see you.... even if it isn't IN THE FURS like we did a few months ago...

  5. Well, they LOOK positively delicious. But what's more - they SOUND delicious when you nommed them on the video. Good work, buddy.

    Love and licks,

  6. we are the luckiest dogs ever to be able to enjoy our work so much with

  7. We are so glad that Chewy found you again because we always enjoy your reviews. Mom says we swallow our dental chews way too fast for them to do any good on our teeth. But it looks like you have the technique down pawfect!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Howdy Shawnee you are looking good girl. Those sticks look yummers for sure. We love your big bed too. Looks big enough to share with Rory if we ever came to visit. Take care mate. No worries and love Stella and Rory

  9. Shawnee, you are the cutest! I loved the video! It's great that you get to lay in bed and have your fresh air, and treats too!

  10. Now that's the way to do a review. Nice and comfy, laying back with a cool breeze. Glad you reconnected with Chewy.