Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back to Hiking

So I is lucky that this last surgicals was only on my eye and I could not hike fur only one week (versus 2 weeks with stitches in the body or 4 weeks with that vestibular disease) coz the V-E-T did not want branches and stuffs poking my eye stitches and I hads to recofur from the anetheticals.  In celebrashuns, mom taked my to my fave Catskill Mountains in Noo York yesterday.  Well, I cannot do the high peaks any more but we went to the western Catskills where the trails be a little more senior old geezer dog appawpriate.  And I gots not only one hike.  No, furrends, I gots TWO hikes!  I did hike total ofur 9 miles.  Not bad fur a old geezer dog that be 85 in peep years!

Furst up, Trout Pond and Mud Pond.
But before the ponds, we had to find the falling waters.  If'n you see that Frankie Furter and Ernie when they is done packing up their toys and moving, tells them I bringed them back some falling waters, k?

Then on to...
Trout Pond fur some fur wettings.
Snack time!  And you can see my left eye where I had my surgicals.  No more lumpy bumpy making my eye cranky.
And I gots clean toofers fur all the better to nom my chikun jerky with.
OK, now up and ofur the mountain to...
Mud Pond to rewet the furs.
Then back to the hikemobile.
Fur lunch!  (My eye just be a little off looking their coz the V-E-T shaved my eye furs.)
Then we drived through pretty seeniks to...
Hike #2.  It do be starting out on an easy peasy old rail bed.
But then we hads to climb the mountain...
... fur more seeniks.
Then back down to the easy peasy rail bed.
And on the drive home I could see my my Catskill High Peaks that I hiked when I was a younger old geezer.
Me and mom hads a pawsome time in the Catskills.


  1. TWO hikes - that is just pawesome, Shawnee!!! We are so glad you can still go on some great adventures with your Mom. Those waterfalls were so nice to see. Mom finds the sounds of the falling waters very calming.

    Bet that jerky was tasty.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Shawnee, I'm so happy to see you hiking again!! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  3. What a lovely place to hike. We thinks you do great Shawnee. We (except for Socks and he probably could keep up with you) aren't nearly that old and we don't think we could keep up.

  4. OMGoodness, S. You and your mom look great! And your eye looks beautiful! Those were a couple of awesome hikes to celebrate your successful surgicals. Yippee! You are Batman!

    Love and licks,

  5. TWO hikes and TWO times getting your furs wet and TWO snack sessions?! What a great day for you! That's a wonderful pic of you and mom, too.


  6. Shawnee.. I think you are so beautiful and look so strong,
    And I think your vet did a wonderful job of fixing your eye!
    I love your hiking trails,, and your world., and I am so glad you get to go on walkies,, and swim in the waters too!
    I am glad you are getting better.

  7. Two great hikes! Even your easy old geezer hikes have great views. You sure are lucky!

  8. Hi Shawnee - You are lookin' great and happy on yur hikes! The pikshurs are bee-yoo-ti-full too. My Mom iz reading a book about hikin' the Appa-lay-chi-yun trail and she sez that's what yur pikshurs remind her of. The only hikes I go on now are ones where Mom can push me in my stroller BOL.
    Glad yur eye is all better.
    Wugs, Lexi da Shih Tzu

  9. Two hikes! What an awesome day! Your eye looks great!

    Monty and Harlow

  10. Yoo iz like da six gazillion dollar dog my pal...