Friday, September 18, 2015

Perma-Booger Removal

BOL, BOL, BOL - Nanuk called my eyeball lumpy bumpy a perma-booger and me and mom BOL'd and LOL'd ofur that.  Mom told my V-E-T and it grossed her out.  She do gets the heebie jeebies ofur eye boogers.  Way to go mom.  Did you not know this before setting me up fur the surgicals?
So here I do be this morning at the V-E-T.
But after I got on the scale for my pounds (66 and holding) they put us in the swanky room.
Still no way to escape.
Mebbe I can hides in the corner.
Yikes!  The V-E-T!  She came in and stealed some of my bloods.
So we was hanging out waiting to see if'n I passed my blood test and I did!
Why did that nurse stick me in the behind with a needle and turn the lights out?
Whoa.... my werld be spinning and spinning and spinning and....

Here I is after the surgicals.
Mom do be hanging out with me while I still be snoozing.
But the V-E-T commed in and rudely awakened me but I kept going back to sleep so mom cleaned my ears and wowza, that got me awake.
OK. OK. I is up.  Let's bust this joint.
At last, back in my own house.  I hads to wear my hiking vest so mom can help me coz I be all wobbly.
So I is just going to hang here and snooze it off.  Thank you all fur your purrs and woofs and good thoughts (and from some noo furriends I hasn't met yet!).  It helped so furry much! 


  1. Shawnee, we are SO glad you gotted your perma-booger removed and now you're home with nurse Little Al to oversee your rehab!! Pawsome!

    -Ruby and Otto

  2. Oh sweetie, what a time you had. YOu have such a good mom to be right there with you. Our vet doesn't allow humans in the hospital part, I don't think anyway. We are so happy you had that old booger removed. Get well soon sweetie so you can get back to doing what you love - hiking.

  3. You are very lucky your mom got to be with you so much. We don't get to have that happen (although the vet is a good friend of lady's so she trusts him). Keep sleeping it off, you will feel better soon!

  4. Shawnee, we are so happy to hear the the surgery is done and you are home. Let's hope a good night's sleep would chase away all the wobblies. Have a good weekend and rest well.

    Hugs and Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom

  5. I'm so happy that all went well and you are home. Your mom is the best! I'm sending big kisses to you, Shawnee!!

  6. This is great news that all went well, Shawnee! Milk the mom for lots of attention & treats!!

    Hi Al!

    p.s. Your vet office looks nice (for a vet).

  7. glad dat be over with! And also very hap-pee dat all is A-OK!


  8. I told you everything would be ok. *hugs* Glad to see you up and about, even if you're still a little wonky.

  9. Howdy Darling Girl. We are so glad your surgery went well. Hope you are feeling less wobbly now and your mum can relax too. When you are recovered we hope you get to hike a little. Take care.
    No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  10. My goodness, S. I have missed seeing you around and following your hiking adventures. Somehow that eye thing blog post got past me, so I'm happy I have caught up with you in time to see how GREAT you did at the vet on Friday. Good job. And good job by your mom as well. My mom's head almost exploded just thinking about this happening to you, so we can just imagine how freaked out your mom must've been. We will say prayers for you and your family and your vet to be brave and smart and strong through your healing. xoxoxo

    Love and licks,

  11. Hi Shawnee - We're so glad yur surgicals went good! You be a strong gurl and haz a Mom that luffs you furry much! When Mom read yur comment about the perma booger she laffed and said that's what we could call my bump in my nose. Humph!
    Hope yur healing continues to go well!
    Wugs, Lexi da Shih Tzu

  12. Oh Shawnee, we are late learning about your surgicals but we are sending healing purrs and comforting paws. We hopes you aren't having to wear a cone, those things are a pain.

  13. Shawnee,,, I am here checking on you? How are you feeling? I am glad you got the booger gone... I hope you feels better.
    I send you POTP good thoughts,, and healing magic bubbles.

  14. Glad it do bee goin well my pal.....i haz gib my typist an eye op dis summer...he whine like a tinee pup...not likes yoo