Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Tunnels of Jonas

Two posts in two days, OMD!  But I has to tell you about how we was BAMblasted by Blizzard Jonas ofur the weekend!  I has to share my horror war stories about that.  (But I is sure there be some Woos in Kansas what be green with jellyness.)
About noonish on Saturday, January 23 - 16 inches

This video do be of me going out to potty about noonish on Saturday when Jonas was not even half way through with us.

About 4 hours later in the afternoons...
Oh where, oh where do my potty patch be?
I falled and went unner the cold snot snow.
Put that camera down and LEMME IN!!!!!
When all be said and done, we gotted sumpin like 27-28 inches.  Let me put this in pawspective fur you.
The snow be deeper than ME!
In the dark night times, mom did go out and dig me a proper potty patch in the area of MY chewsing.
Now if you can just looks away a minute.  I has been holding my poo fur like furefur.
Thank you.
So now a couple days later, my sidekick Al be here fur the week and we has a whole infrastructure of tunnels.  Me and Al, we takes you on a tour.
Whew, Al made it back safely.


  1. Well, I'm so glad to see Al made it back from the tunnels of Jonas! In the first video it looked like you chose to go in the deep snow. I was surprised you didn't just stay on the shovel part. That was a doozey of a storm. I watched it off an on all day. The next day, the big guy spent a few hours digging us out. I hung out on my pink pad listening to him shovel.

  2. OMD....OMD...... we can't BELIEVE that you got Snows TALLER/DEEPER than YOU are... we have SEEN YOU ... in the Furs... and you are Very much TALL...
    OMD we are thrilled that Al made it back from the TUNNELS of GLOOM.
    STAY SAFE and WARM and DRY dear furend...

  3. Shawnee, we love SNOW, we will be right over to help you find your way through that tunnel. We bet we can even make you lots more tunnels with our zoomies. We keep hearing we "might" get a big storm next week, but we think we have a long way to go to match Jonas:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun in that crazy amount of snow!

  5. Can you imagine how bad that would be if you still had Buttons there in New Jersey?! That snow was probably 4 Buttons deep!


  6. We only had 12 inches but that was a lot for my part of Furginia. My new sister Candy refused to go out in it which I thought was strange because we had a little bit the week before and we had fun. Turns out that she didn't like to get snowed on. Once it stopped she wanted to go out and we ran around and chased each other for a long time. We don't need tunnels because our zoomies chopped up the snow pretty good. Mom was laughing so hard on the tunnel video. She said the music was pawfect!

  7. Wow that is a lot of snow. Mama says there have been snows like that here. I'm glad I haven't had to experience that much snow yet. --Zorro

  8. Wow...that was a lot of snow! Hope it is beginning to melt by now and you can find your original potty patch Shawnee.

  9. Oh boy Shawnee - That be sum creepy moosick to accompany yur tunnel travel! The closest we got to the snow was watchin' it on the wall to wall TV coverage. I don't rememmer the snow frum when we lived in Pencilvania but I'm sure I didn't like it. Mom sez she gots me sum boots and a coat and when she put me in the snow I refused to move BOL! Mom sez she misses the snow; I say she's crazee!
    Stay warm. You have a great Mom to be shoveling tunnels to yur potty patches!
    Wugs, Lexi da Shih Tzu

  10. Oh my goodness! I hope you did not get lost in the snows!
    You have a wonderful path!

  11. OMD Shawnee my pal....I haz no i-deer yoo haz it so tuff...it do luk scaree to me...a little fur like I cud haz been burryed alives......

  12. What a lot of snow Shawnee, we haven't had any here. Pleased to hear you got your potty patch dug out