Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Still My Birthday

You see furrends, one of the perks of being adopted do be that you gets almost a whole birfMONTH coz you dussn't know what DAY your birfDAY be.  So I hads some breaking news to tell yous about but that will has to wait coz I has more exciting news.
It do be in the 70 degreeses today so mom played hooky taked a day off werk to take me hiking AGAIN.  Twice this week!
This hike has lots of seenics and mom thought it might be too hard fur me now even tho I has done this hike in 2010 and 2011 but she decided I should do it at least one more time while I still can.  I is not getting any younger, BOL.
See, I mades it to the top just fine
I hate these pictures but mom did bring me here so I has to humor her.
OK, enuff now!
So here I was all hiking and stuffs and I hads no idea that ofur at my house the Go Postal Man be leaving me a...
... box!  Not just any box, it be a ...
Bark Box fur my Birfday from my cuzzin Sebastian!
Oh. My. Dog.  A box of goodiness!
And noms.
I bitey the pretzel but it not be fur real noms so I saves it fur later.
I see a Noo York theme here.  Pawstrami?  Yo! Bring it on.
No Grainers, wowser.  That Al had better watch it or I be doing snarly face at him.  This be MY birfday Bark Box.
But I dids share with Al when it be his turn.
I shared with my udder B&B guest Gimi, too.
So delish.
This Big Apple Chew we has to save fur later coz it do not be the sharing kind so I gets it all to myself anudder time.
This do all be so furry pawsome.
Thank you Cuzzin Sebby fur the bestest birfday prezzie efur.  You is the bestest cuzzin!  And thank all of YOU in Blogville fur my birfday wishes when I bloggied about my birfday hike with my Cuzzin Sebby.  You is the bestest, too!
And I will tells you all about my BREAKing news soon.


  1. Looks like someone broke right into your garage!

    Happy Birth-month! Looks like you had a great day and how nice you shared your Barkbox goodies with pals!

  2. Happy day Shawnee, we wish you love and peace and health,

    Nuk & Family

  3. OMD OMD OMD SHAWNEE... that is a Fabulous Hike fur your Birfday Month Celebrations...
    AND a BARK BOX??? with PAWstrami??? and a Soft Pretzel??? OMD OMD you deserve it ALL...


  4. That sure looks like a great Bark Box. We bet you enjoyed that pastrami. So what't he breaking news - we can't wait to hear!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Wow! A whole birthday month! That's awesome and you definitely deserve it, Shawnee. The weather was so nice today. How nice that you got to spend it with your mom on another hike.

    What a fabulous birthday gift. You're a lucky gal to have such a sweet cousin and you're very nice to share your treats.

    Um, what on earth happened with the breaking news??

  6. I'm so glad you've had such a happy birthday! Wow, Sebby is really cool!!

  7. BARK BOX!!! Woo-HOO!! Happy Birfday, Shawnee!!

    Your pal,


  8. The hike looked pawesome and the barkbox was outstanding. Happy Barkday Shawnee.

  9. Wow a bark box loaded full of goodies!! Lucky you!

    I love all the photos of your hike!

  10. A hike and then a box of goodies!! When is it MY birthday, Mama? Oh and it looks like you got squirrels in your attic for your birthday too! I want those too! --Zorro

  11. Hi Shawnee - You are amazing! Have you been drinking frum the fountain of woof, I mean youth? Your cuzzin sure sent you a pawsome present. You still have 2 weeks to go in your birfday month!
    Wugs, Lexi da Shih Tzu