Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BREAKing News

OK so I tolds you all I hads some BREAKing news.  It be OLD news now but I tells you about it now.

So one day I is minding my own bizziness, taking a nap in my mom's bedroom, when she comes running in saying "STOP DIGGING!"  Say WAH?!?!?!  I did NOT be digging in my bed (that time) I be snoozing.  But then I heard the digging, too, and my hearing do not be what it used to be.  We went to make investigations.
OMD, we has had a BREAK-in of the skwerrel kind.  She did nom right into my house and set up housekeeping in my attic.
Mom called the Skwerrel Buster peeps and they taked our house apawt, took out the skwerrel nest she be setting up (there be no babies or nuttin in it yet) and put in a skwerrel trap.
The next day - skwerrel trap: FAIL
The skwerrel was like, cool, nice insulations fur my nest!
Meanwhile, Al be practicing hims skwerrel bitey skills with a stuffie skwerrel.
So the sqwerrel buster peeps did come back and the squirrel be out shopping fur more nesting materials so they closed efurrything up and put new house pawts up.
Then we heared the skwerrel screaming werds not fit fur puppy ears.
She not be liking that the sqwerrel buster peeps locked her OUT of MY house.
A furry unhappy skwerrel cursing ME out from my chimney.
I be showing that skwerrel what I think of THAT.
Be skeered skwerrel, be furry skeered.
Oh noes.
The skwerrel be calling me out but mom went and had a stern talking to with her.  That skwerrel did not even run away until...
... me and Al took matters into our own paws.
You show that skwerrel you mean bizziness, Al!
Well, the skwerrel did try to break in again but the skwerrel buster peeps put wire mesh that the skwerrel could not bitey through.
My new vent.  It do smell like skwerrel.
Skwerrel teefs did this but they cannot bitey through the wire so the skwerrel finally did move to anudder place.
My job (and Al's) be done here. And that be my BREAKing news.


  1. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, those tree rats are determined little buggers! BOL. Gosh, I had a chipmunk in my basement once for about 15 minutes, but never had a tree rat move IN. Holy moley. I think you and Al put the fear into it with your bitey skills and that wire mesh was the final straw. That's a cool BREAKing news post fur sure.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  2. Whoa...a squirrel broke into your house?!? That is just plain crazy! Don't those pesky critters know how we dogs do NOT like them one bit?!? I am glad the squirrel busters were able to keep that critter out of your house!

  3. Those darn squirrels get cheekier and cheekier all the time. Breaking in to your home is just over the top. We are glad you, Mom, and those buster peeps were finally able to evict that intruder for good.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. We are PROUD of YOU and Al... fur Ridding your home of the EVILNESS.

    OMD Shawnee... we can't Believe that a Squirrel would even DARE to TRY to get into your home ONCE... Let alone TWICE...
    OMD the evil one... Shredded and Deaded the plastic vent... LOOK at those Terrible Teefs Marks... HORRID and HIDEOUS...
    Thank Dawg the Squirrel Remover guys were able to put that Wire up.. and caused the Vicious and Vile one to... MOVE ON.

  5. Wow Shawnee! That's one crazy little squirrel, glad woo ran him off, hopefully he finds another nice home BOL! Have a great day mate!


  6. We had a skwerrel in the attic in my old house. It was a weird part of the attic that humans could not get in so to get rid of the skwerrel (he was chewing through the floor of the attic which meant the ceiling of my room) we had to get the man to come and make a people entrance to the attic. The only thing that made me feel better was that skwerrel was living in that pink insulation stuff which is really scratchy and I would see him out the window scratching like crazy.

    Mom says those skwerrels be bad in her parks too. One park put up real nice signs telling people what kind of trees there were and then someone came and messed all the signs up. The park people thought we had bad humans doing it until they caught one of the skwerrels chewing on the sign. I wish I still had the pictures.

  7. What an exciting story, S. Wow! That squirrel had a one track mind! Thank goodness for the smarts of the squirrel busters. And you and Al, too! Those evil teeth marks say it all.

    Love and licks,

  8. Oh my goodness, Shawnee! Good job to both you and Al! That squirrel sure is persistent!

  9. Wow - that squirrel did some damage. It's a good think you and your Mom were on top of things to get it handled before it was worse.

    Keep up the good work.

    Abby the Lab and her family in Chicago