Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food 30-Day Challenge #1

Hey furrends! asked me to try a new foodable fur a 30-day challenge and you knows me, I is always up fur that! do not be gibbing me any payments for my honest opinion, just the free bag of Dr. Tim's Dry Dog Food.
The UPS (Urgent Package fur Shawnee) truck did comes to my house with the new foodables from
Most definitely, this is nommable.
Common, mom, open it up!
Or I will use my teefs.
OK, well furst mom did has to approve the ingredients and stuffs.
It do say this foodable be appropriate fur old geezer dogs like me (except I be a matriarch, no?).  And do you see where it say it be developed from an athletic dog food and you all know I is still a hiking athlete at 15 years old so I say this be the foodable fur me.  And it be made in the USA!
Mom do always be consulting with that and they be gibbing it a 5 star rating.
The furst ingredient be CHICKUN meal, that be CHICKUN without water so that be a LOT of CHICKUN, DROOL!
OK, now that it be meeting mom's approvals, I can taste it.
Sorry, mom, did not mean to bitey your hand, BOL, but it do be quite tasty.  Mom did has to cut me off coz I wanted to nom more and more and more...
So fur the 10 days or so I has been transitioning ofur to the Dr. Tim's in the container on the right with my old foodable on the left in MY pawt of the pantry  (I gets two whole shelves just fur MY stuffs).
I is now getting 3/4 Dr. Tim's and ...
... 1/4 old foodable so I is almost transitioned ofur.
So stay tooned fur my next repawt.  I has to go eat breakfast now.  Bye.


  1. Patriarch ...bahwahahhaahahahaha. I guess I'm in that category, too, my friend. That food looks yummy can't wait to read more about it. Glad you like it.

  2. It looks like very good food. Can you be the patriarch at 6?

  3. I like the size of your bags of food you get to try!! I get to try quite a few noms but they're mostly treats and they come in little portions! I hope I am as active as you when I get to be 15!!

  4. OMD we always learn NEW thingys when you post.. WE didn't KNOW that you were a PATRIARCH ... All this time we thought you were a SHEPARD!!!

    OMD we are glad that you are almost Transitioned over to the new Foodables.. We hope that it continues to make you feel GOOD...

  5. Hi Shawnee, your sure look like you love that food!

  6. We saw another blogger pup trying that Dr. Tim foodables and Mom is very curious to see the outcome. We have had a number of Dr. Tim's treats and he sure makes good stuff. It is a bit pricey, but we are worth it, right?

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. New foods with lots of chicken sounds like a plan. Good luck, buddy. Enjoy!

    Love and licks,

  8. Those foods look mighty good! And nice big pieces tooo!!
    Wow,, you have 2 shelves all to yourself!