Sunday, April 30, 2017

Road Trip Hike #1 - Bear Creek Lake State Park, VA

I hads me a good night sleep on my BYOA (Bring Your Own Aerobed) the furst night in my cabin.
So I is usually getting saddled up in my wheelchair in a barking lot when we is getting ready to hike.
But in my cabin, I saddled up inside and rolled right out the door and ...

... down a ramp ...
... and on to a hiking trail! So furry, furry pawsome!
It do be all nice and sunny after all of the icky rains from our drive in.
Here I is at the lake.  Let the hike begin!
So the trail be going uphill away from the lake and ...
... Oh. My. Dog.  How is I efur getting ofur that log with spikies sticking out all ofur?
Mom sayed no way is we trying to get ofur that because it be too dangerous fur me so we headed back to go to Plan B.
We had seen a wide grassy path going to the road and on the map mom could see where just maybe we could cut ofur from the road back to the trail.
Here I is hiking up the road a bit but I cannot get ofur that big hill so we was hoping fur an opening to get through.
Yay!  Found a good spot to go through the woods ...
Yay!  Found the trail again having missed the spikey downed tree.
There was more downed trees from the rain storms but they was pretty easy peasy fur mom to help me ofur.
There be lots of signs on the trail so we do not get lost.
Did you notice I be wearing my "Furginia is fur dog Lovers" bandana?
Check out how peaceful it do be hiking along the creek.

I hads to ford ofur the creek but my wheels can handle it..
Sometimes mom hads to take me out of my wheelchair and help me up steep hills.
Then I hads to wait fur her to go back and get my wheels.  Oh, my boots, they be dripping dry because I got them wet in the creek.
I seened LOTS of my turtle furrends but they was too far away fur me to smooch.
Sometimes there be nice bridges to cross ofur the creek.
I needs help on these steps but mom got me up.
Here is it at the dam with the big falling waters.
Taking me a break.
I is back on the trail again going ofur a loooooong bridge.
Then we hiked on a loooooong gravel road.
 I told you it be looooong.
Then back on the trail ...
I founds me a nice picnic spot.
I hads another beverage at the picnic spot.
Then we went on to finish up our hike.
Oops.  Look what mom found.  Somebuddy be having adult beverages on the trail and LITTERED so we taked the can with us fur recycling.
This be our trail...
... to our cabin.
Going in fur lunch ...
... and a nap.  Can you believe this old geezer dog hiked 7.5 miles? 
Later in the day...  Hey, who goes there?
OMD OMD OMD!  It be Yoda the Dog's mom who works fur Furginia State Parks.  Remember Yoda the Dog?  He has not posted on his blog in a long, long time.  His mom came to visit us!  Her and my mom had dinner in the cabin and yakked and yakked and yakked...
Check out what Yoda's mom bringed me - a pink flamingo and CHICKEN JERKY!!!  I hads me some of that jerky right away.
Then I puts myself to bed.  Oops, I left chicken jerky crumbs on my towel napkin, BOL.
Stay tuned.  More adventures to come.


  1. You are so amazing! I can hardly hike across my own backyard without getting lost. (But I'm blind so I guess that's OK) BOL Love your turtle friends!

  2. Looks like you had a perfect day!

  3. HKR - DOG, you never cease to amaze us with your hiking prowess!!! We wish we could go hiking with you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. That looks like a lovely place to hike and we are very impressed with the 7.5 miles. We don't think our Mommy and Fenris could do it. We bet Tuiren could though.

  5. Oh.My.Dog! That is a beautiful place for a hike! I wish I could go hiking with you...I love being in the woods. You did fabulous and so did your mom. And *ahem* I see your mom brings the same type of "hiking equipment" as my Ma (beer). BOL

  6. So glad you are still hiking! This is Merlin's mom, who REALLY misses her hiking partner. :)