Saturday, April 29, 2017

Road Trip!

So do you all think this 16-year-old old geezer be up fur a hiking road trip?  Heck yeah!  I just got back from hiking in my fave place, FURGINIA!  I cannot hike the mountains in Furginia any more but there be easier places where I can still hike and I shows them to you.

All the way there in the car it rained and rained and rained.
You knows, us old geezers cannot hold it furry long and I was telling me I hads to go NOW so when the rain stopped fur a minute, mom stopped the car fur a potty break.
What?  A potty break right by a hiking trail?
Yes, we was in Fredericksburg, Furginia in the battlefield park and we hiked to  Lee's Hill.
This be a furry short hike so I can do it without my wheelchair.
This would be the seenik but the rain made it all foggy.
As we was going back to the car, mom said she be showing me where she lived as a young pup.  Mom lived here?
No, Mom lived HERE, around the corner from Lee's Hill.  That be her pawrents house where she lived.
And this be where she worked when she was in obedience high school a furry, furry furry long time ago.
OK, enough of that.  Let's get back on the road and to our cabin.
Here we is and check it out - I has a handicapped ramp to my cabin.  So pawsome.
You knows I has to check out the rawking chairs right away.
So come on in, I gibs you a tour.  The kitchen and living rooms.
This be where me and mom be sleeping.
This room be fur if you has young pups but we do not has any.
Here be the bathroom.
We ♥ Virginia State Park cabins!
Mom hads to bring all of my rugs so I would not go splat on the floor with my wonky legs.
Moving in our stuffs.
Mom did bring me an Aerobed fur my comforts - you know, the old bones and joints and stuff.
I gibs you a sneak peak of our hiking trail...
... right outside my cabin door.
And it be taking me straight to my lake.  OK, that be enuff for today.  Stay tooned fur more adventures in Furginia!


  1. WOW...You is lookin' good and you looks like you's feelin' good too. Furginia is a great place to visit. Me and Max spent a couple days there when we went on a va-k-shun a few years ago. Love you cabin too.


  2. Shawnee, you are incredible! I'm so happy for you that you get to go hiking. Your mom has thought of everything for you to keep you happy and comfortable, what a great mom. I can't wait to see more of your hike!

  3. Wowzers, Shawnee you are pretty amazing. I hope I'm still hiking like you when I am as old and wise as you! I has just turned 9. That's a cool cabin and your mom surely does think of everything when you go away! Have a great trip.

  4. Mommy would like to go there. She wishes there were more places around here she could take Fenris & Tuiren.

  5. Oh wow, S. That is a beautiful adventure, foggy sceniks and all! The cabin is a beauty and I love how your mom made it Shawnee-friendly so you could relax and enjoy. It must've been fun seeing her parents' house and her old job. Plus - chicken! Just sayin'. I hope you got some....

    Love and licks,