Monday, October 2, 2017


Hi all.  Let me explain why you are seeing another new dog on the block.  What happened to Rocky?  Well, you see, Rocky was putting the bitey on people without warning and after being all happy, happy, happy.  He sent a vet tech to the hospital, almost bitied the boy and he did bitey the mom but not seriously.  So the V-E-T and the mom decided when Rocky's 10 day bitey hold was up that he was too dangerous and they sent him to heaven so he can come back as a better dog next time.  The mom thinks his peoples who put him in the shelter jail did know about this problem but tried to pass it off on somebody else to deal with.  Grrrr on them.
My mugshot from when I was at the shelter jail.
So the mom's friend is like a boss at the shelter jail where I was.  Some nice peoples found me running loose in Jersey City and brought me to the shelter jail.  The mom's friend told her she should check me out, that she could just see me being a hiking dog.  The mom named me Brodie, I am about 3-4 years old and I promise not to put the bitey on anybody.  What do you think?  Do I look like a good hiking dog?
Not the big mean city street but I think I can dig this.
What does a dog do with this?
A bear!  I saw a real live BEAR!
I think I'm liking this hiking business.
Hike #2
Starting to look like I belong here, no?
Meet the new hiking dog.


  1. Well, we are sorry to hear about Rocky, but sometimes those things happen. Shame on the first owners not being honest. Welcome, Brodie. We are happy to meet you and are sure you are going to love hiking with your special Mom.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. So sorry to hear of your Rocky problems. I can only imagine the pain in making your decision. We welcome Brodie and wish you many trails of adventures!

  3. We're so sorry to hear about Rocky and the difficult decision you were forced to make. We have our paws crossed that Brodie has a long and successful career as a hiking dog with you.

  4. Hey there Brodie!!! So very happy to meet woo:) Play bows,

    NukNuk & Timber

  5. Welcome Brodie! I love the nose shot! Sorry to hear about Rocky, we know you did your best. I have a bitey problem too and Mama's biggest fear is that I will send someone to the hospital too. I bit Mama twice before I learned that was a NEVER. I haven't bit the vet (yet). I have tried to put the bitey on people I saw on walks and especially people on bikes. Mama has had to work very very hard with me for two years to teach me that when I get scared enough to bite I can walk as far away from the scary thing as I need as fast as I need to, no questions asked. This works with people I see walking in town, but not with bikes or on trails so Mama recently bought me a "happy face" (basket muzzle) to wear on hikes when there isn't enough room to give myself safe space. We're hoping that will let us start hiking again, but first I have to learn how to get the treats I've earned when I'm wearing the happy face. --Zorro

  6. Welcome Brodie, we think you are going to make a terrific hiking dog. How very sad about Rocky for all concerned.

  7. What a bummer about Rocky. Mom’s friend had a bitey dog like that. They had to make tough decisions about him. Welcome to the woods and scenicks, Brody. We predict you will have a hiking good time with your new forever mama.

    Love and licks,