Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 Hike

I know tomorrow be 9/11 but I wanted to do this hike today so I could show all of you wot duss not live as close about it so you can pawticipate in the memorials tomorrow on 9/11.  We went to this park wot has a 9/11 memorial and some great seeniks of New York City coz New York City be only like around 12 miles away.
So back on 9/11/2001, ten years ago, I woz just a baby puppeh at the age of 6 months. Mom put me in my crate hidey spot and left with my old geezer sisfur, Bandit, RIP, to drop her off at the booty pawlor fur a new furdo on her way to werk.  When mom got to the booty pawlor, she heared on the car radio that a plane crashed into a towah. She thought it be a small plan and woz just an axident.  The laydees in the booty pawlor thought so too.  Then when mom got back to her car, she heared anudder plane crashed in the other towah.  Mom knowed rite away, as did efurrybuddy else, that be no axident.  As mom pulled in the parking lot at her werk a man wot woz stuck in one of the towahs had called the radio stashun and woz talking on the radio.  Mom hoped he would be saved.  He woz not.  A short time later the towahs crashed down.  The boy had seened it all happen. He had taken a semester off from college and woz werking a roofing job.  From atop the roof he woz on, he seened the smoke coming out of the towahs and saw the towahs crumble to the ground.

This park be rilly close to our howse, only 20 minits away.  So we got there as the sun woz coming up and got some great shots of New York City in the morning sunbeams.
Click on this pan-o-rama two times to biggify it.
There be a long wall in front of the seenik with the names of all the peeples wot died in the towahs.  It do say where they woz from and how old they woz.
They also has a piece of the foundashun of one of the towahs. Here be sumpin we found about it online:  "Overlooking the New York City skyline, a 7,400-pound piece of steel from the World Trade Center perfectly frames the space where the Twin Towers once stood." 
The pikshure above be taken from the eggzakt same place as this one wot woz takened in 1999 when the towahs woz still there.  (You has to click on the linkie to see it.)

So we come back here later at the end of our hike.  Fur now, we has to get our hike on.  This park woz not furry big but we still hiked 8 miles.
Hark. Who goes there?
ME:  Oh. My. Dog.                    MOM:  Squeeeeeeeeeee!
Teenager deer.
This park also had tons of skwerrels and chipmonkeys and we did not see the rascally raccoon but we did see his pawprints!
That Irene pulled up lots of trees here, too but the trails woz all cleaned up eggsept fur a stray branch here and there wot I had mom move aside.  Here be a rilly big tree Irene pulled out.  Look at the big roots!
There woz refreshments, too, but mom would not let me drink. She sayed this water be polluted coz park be in the city, not in the country where we usually go.
So after hiking all through the woods and visiting with lots of udder dogs wot mom did not take pikshures of, we commed back around to the memorial place where they woz setting up fur memorial ceremonies wot be happening tomorrow.
I leave you with a few more pikshures of the memorial place.


  1. Those are great pics your mom took Shawnee. I appreciate you gong a day early so we can look at these again tomorrow. he he - love those deer, but it didn't look like they wanted you to get very close.

  2. What a wonderful post. I guess I never thought you were that close to NYC. IT must have been a very emotional walk for you and your human.

    Love the pictures


  3. Thats a luvly way to remember Shawnee, thanks you for sharing teh speshul seeniks *pawhug*

  4. Shawnee,
    Thanks to you and your mom for doing this lovely post in tribute 9/11. It's chilling to think the boy saw the towers crumble.

    Your pictures are beautiful. I love the skyline in the sunrise and the panorama shots.


  5. What a great post dear Shawnee- we all enjoyed your pictures,

    RA, Isis & nuknuk

  6. Your fotos is beootiful Shawnee. Dis was a most loverly tribute to 9/11

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Thank you Shawnee fur giving us this very PERSONAL view and memory of a day we would Like to forget.. but NEVER WILL.

  8. What a touching personal story.

    Those deer look mighty awesome, my little puppy pal!

  9. Thanks Shawnee! This was a lovely and moving post. The views of that famous skyline are beautiful. The deer are pretty cute, too.

    Thanks for your advice about the drop trap. Poor Buddy seems to be fading fast, but I am praying he makes it. I am hopeful that he will go in a regular trap, but if he doesn't I will definitely be in touch.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Dis be a very special and heart-moving post. The fotos are amazing. And you even got to see Bambi as an added bonus!

  11. What a great post, Shawnee, and a fabulous place for you to walk! We're hoping that we'll get out for a real hike tomorrow morning, because there's a ceremony tomorrow night that Mom would like to see. I wasn't even born when the towers fell, but I've seen enough to know that it was an awful time!


  12. Such a beautiful post.

    Thanks Shawnee and Shawnee mom.

    pawhugs, Max

  13. Thank you for showing us this special hike.

    Love, Cupcake

  14. What a special memorial hike, Shawnee. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    The Road Dogs

  15. Shawnee
    The look out post and framing with the tower pieces of the skyline is incredible. Just chilling since you are only an eyesight away.

    ummm woo didn't chase those deers? Your momma would've yelled at me. I chased one once. Ahhh it was the best day ever. Momma had a heart attack cuz I was running lose after it on the city streets. I came back safe but momma's heart pounded out of her chest. I think the entire neighborhood heard my name yelled that morning.

    Furry nice tribute hike. Irene uprooted lots of trees here too. Kaboom.

  16. Dat is a bootiful piece my pal. I ope you did ave chnace for some peace yesterday when the emmories must ave been bad for effuryone. Woof.

  17. That was a very special hike, Shawnee. I'm glad you were able to go and show us the memorial.

    I like your deer! We can't get that close because I'd be wanting to chase them!!

  18. Shawnee, you always post such beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing the memorial with us. :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  19. What a beautiful memorial! Thanks for taking us. I wasn't born then...Duncan was around and so was Simon. What a sad day. :(

  20. Thank you so much for this great post. I am too young to remember 911 but mom has told me about it. She says a plane crashed here in Furginia too. That park is a great commemoration to the tragedy.

  21. Oh and I wanted to say how much we liked that panorama picture! As soon as mom does the post for our vacation you will see she is still panorama crazy. (We stayed in that cabin by the river at Shenandoah River again).

  22. Shawnee what a moving and respectful post from you. Thank you for showing us all the photo's - we hadn't seen any of those over here although we too had a countrywide silence on the 11th, the whole world was remembering I'm sure. Lottsa Licks Dex and Lou xxx

  23. Wow -- what a great memorial! Great idea for a hike, too, to share that with us right before the anniversary. Thanks, Shawnee.

  24. Hi Shawnee,

    We're doin' some catchin'up on bloggies. What a wonderful park to have so close to home. Your picshures gave Mom the leaky eyes.